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News: Talk about how to cope with chronic illness, disability, and other health issues in the academic workplace.
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 on: Today at 12:11:56 am 
Started by bane9026 - Last post by bane9026

In her presentation she will give a personal count of the healing power of natural medicine from a patient's perspective. In addition, plans to discuss how she came to naturopathic medicine after a decade of failed symptom support from allopathic medicine for debilitating pain and fatigue of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and how she triumphed over infertility, including five miscarriages in six years, to naturally conceiving two healthy and beautiful daughters. And she'll also provide some insight on the necessity of speading support to naturopathic doctors, as well as the benefits of a public who takes control of their own health in preventative ways.

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 on: Today at 12:01:23 am 
Started by kaysixteen - Last post by southerntransplant
All of the adjectives Cruz has been using to describe Trump register with the public as Cruz projecting  his own character traits onto the competition.

Given that his presidential bid is now over, I hope he gets drummed out of his Senate seat when his term is up.

All that needs to happen is for Texans to be reminded exactly how much Ted Cruz has done for them - which is nothing. Cruz gambled that he would put a happy face on his do-nothing obstructionist Senate term by conveniently becoming president. Now that that's nowhere, that strategy is kaput. John Cornyn is not a long-time Texas senator because he forgot them who voted him in.

Anyone running against Cruz will have lots of ammunition on exactly how popular Cruz is in the Senate.

 on: Yesterday at 11:41:25 pm 
Started by rowan1 - Last post by leobloom
Isn't lying for the purpose of unfairly boosting one's grade a violation of the honor code? Confer with the other instructor and file a honor code violation report.

 on: Yesterday at 11:37:19 pm 
Started by _touchedbyanoodle_ - Last post by canyonwren3
Way to go, ohnoes! 

Scampster - I'm a great believer in speed walking uphills.  Why not use your down and up as warmup and cool down? 
My runs all start with a similar (down)hill and I'm pretty careful going down it, often not really running till it flattens out a little.  And I count the quarter mile at the end going up at a brisk walk, as all forward motion counts.  Uh, for me, at least.

 on: Yesterday at 11:26:22 pm 
Started by britmom - Last post by alto_stratus
Try not to get hung up because things didn't go as planned.  You did the best you could, and other people rarely notice any lack as we do. Skipped quizzes are a gift for most people. Congratulate yourself on getting back into things and try to take it easy on yourself during the adjustment.

 on: Yesterday at 11:20:40 pm 
Started by fizmath - Last post by alleyoxenfree
How many times must it be said round here that, for many if not most PhDs outside of most STEM fields and a few professional ones, there are really very few serious professional-salary earning options outside of the field for which they have directly trained, and many employers outside of academia also shy away from hiring PhDs at all, viewing them as overqualified, a problem which has certainly gotten vastly worse since 2008.

And this does not even begin to take into account the psychic shock difficulties most PhDs will have in considering whether to leave academic life, which has also been pointed out many a time around here.

No. There are many many options for employment and entrepreneurship.  Discussed on these forums and innumerable websites.

At some point you decide to get over the "trauma" and move on.  Or not.

With all due respect, as one who has made the move, there are some options and it is a lot of work to find and secure them. It should not be trivialized. Perhaps one day it will be a smoother transition but at the moment, it is not, particularly if one is not 25.

Even when you make the move, there is a long - and perhaps permanent - transition process that may never be complete. The loss of a career and identity is no more or less traumatic in academia than in any profession. It's real and people's feelings and difficulties shouldn't be trivialized either.

There are even many who would leave the coasts but for the fact that job alternatives are difficult for everyone to find - especially past 25 or 30 these days. It can take years, if it is feasible at all. Costs of living are high on the coasts because there are jobs there and everyone is clamoring to get them. Costs of living are very low in some of the towns where I've worked, because there was no work there at all except the college and the colleges were going under (hence, why they're in my rear view mirror).

 on: Yesterday at 11:17:20 pm 
Started by geoteo - Last post by amlithist
Citizens of Earth, please stop beginning sentences with the phrase "since the dawn of time" (or the nearly-as-silly "throughout history").  I can't take it anymore.

Since the dawn of time, critics have tried to understand what Hamlet means.

Throughout history, plays have grappled with whether or not revenge is advisable. 


I had a history teacher in high school that actually taught us that the best way to start essays is "throughout history..." 
I'm sorry we are all taking your class.

Give me that person's name and address, so I can go have a little talk with him/her.....

 on: Yesterday at 11:16:54 pm 
Started by see_wolf - Last post by tardis52
balance beam

 on: Yesterday at 11:12:23 pm 
Started by drsyn - Last post by vkw10
I submitted the ninth revision of the budget proposal.

 on: Yesterday at 11:08:24 pm 
Started by mountainguy - Last post by yeastie
If you're going to sit on the curriculum committee, maybe spend a bit of time to understand how curriculum  development works.

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