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 on: Today at 01:01:13 pm 
Started by obligatoryusername - Last post by kunsthistorikerin
Yeah, I'm guessing there's a lot the OP isn't saying for reasons of confidentiality that would complicate this picture quite a bit.  I mean, there's a difference between taking a job in Berlin vs. Singapore vs. Lima, and who knows what the particular mismatch may have been.  I didn't mean to say in my post above that certain foreign countries are "wrong" in how they approach faculty recruiting, just that a relatively standoffish university culture would have compounded my misgivings if it was a place that was already unfamiliar to me. 

There are certain countries where I would not hesitate to take a job (hello, Switzerland!), and others where it would take a whole lot of love from prospective colleagues to make me even consider it -- in large part because they are truly foreign to me, as opposed to places where I have been a frequent guest and could see my research fitting in pretty well with various local resources.  I mean, I'm sure Dubai is fascinating...but I'm not sure I really need my daughters growing up there, either. 

 on: Today at 01:00:35 pm 
Started by categorical - Last post by protoplasm
It seems that details come out as they are applied to the argument made at the time.


Adjuncts are not a monolithic group.  As someone in a position to observe many types of adjuncts, I point out various, equally true things during an ongoing discussion.

Yes, we've had adjuncts who decide they'd rather have a full-time job somewhere else than the part-time job we can offer.  We wish those adjuncts well, even when the resignation comes during the term and we must replace them midstream.

Yes, we've had adjuncts who have been offered full-time faculty jobs turn us down and keep their part-time jobs with us because they prefer to be part-time doing the parts of the jobs they like instead of having to do the full faculty job, even with more pay.  We have then hired other people who wanted to be full-time faculty doing the job we have to offer.

Yes, we've had adjuncts who teach for free (donated their salary back to the college) because they just love to teach.

Yes, we have adjuncts who are professional fellows for us who teach term after term as either retired professionals who want to teach a course or two or current professionals who are happy to teach as part of their income.  Generally, these folks have special contracts well above the base pay because their expertise is hard for us to acquire otherwise.  Some of those folks are active participants in their departments (attending meetings and such) while others are happy to come to social gatherings and be updated in writing about changes in the curriculum/assessment that affect how they teach.  It depends on the contract they negotiated and whether they want the full faculty experience or mostly the interacting-with-students part.

Yes, we have non-tenure-track full-time folks who have negotiated contracts that compensate them for service as well as teaching.

Yes, we have people who have multiple advertised-originally-as-part-time jobs with us to come up to a full-time benefitted position that includes teaching, but does not have full-time faculty requirements.

Yes, we have people who were hired into a full-time staff or administrator position who also teach a class or two as an adjunct for extra money.

Yes, we even have a few fly-ins who were hired to teach something we couldn't otherwise cover who are working for the base pay.  Those are the people who tend to leave us midterm if something better comes up.  They are a tiny minority of the people who are working for us in the category of "adjunct".

I have similar stories about full-time faculty: some of whom sweat blood for the school, some of whom are clearly doing the absolute minimum to not get fired on the spot, and some of whom are in the middle.  When we only have about 60 instructors of any kind at the school for any given term, knowing everyone's story is much easier.

If you are somehow conveying to part time adjunct faculty that, in your view, they aren't doing enough work for the college, when they are in fact doing every bit of the piecework identified in the contract, then that would explain why some are refusing to work for you.

 on: Today at 12:59:18 pm 
Started by t_r_b - Last post by pareadocs
Well we should all stop and smell the pizza every so often.

 on: Today at 12:56:43 pm 
Started by prytania3 - Last post by pareadocs
Good morning, all!  I was supposed to drive back to GradU today but I'm postponing it until tomorrow.  It's kind of dumb but I really want to finish the rental house clean-up so I can finally get that off my list.  As Dad is still recovering from spinal surgery he's relying on me to do most of the clean-up so I'd rather finish it today instead of this weekend.

Rental clean-up
Email profs re. meeting
Email C re. course registration

This week
Pay rent - Tuesday!
Pay bills
Schedule dentist appt

Dino:  finish edits,  send to ex-advisor...
Astro: data analysis
Wilma: title, abstract, discussion, tables/figures (3?)
Casper: data analysis

 on: Today at 12:52:38 pm 
Started by prytania3 - Last post by octoprof
Good morning, woolfiac, phillygirl, and paddington!

Back to the grindstone for 11 days or so.

Rode the spin bike for an hour.

Review the other thing
To dos from the big list of little to dos
Ship the recipe and bottles to D
Ship the S to LA
learn new gate code
print the syllabus thingie
scan document for Mama
email Spring 303 students (want book now?)
email 303 students about final
email 201 students about final
P committee at 2pm (moved to Wednesday at 1)
303 final to testing center (print, send, key)
201 final to testing center (print, send, key)
Mail stone key

  • Swim; Bike; Walk; MFP; LYN; language; knit; habitica; bblog; tblog
  • Call Mama; Call Bob; Call Franz; Call E; Call C
  • 201: Post connect grades to BBL; Grade P4; key for final
  • 303: Something about the case?); BBL grades up to date (drop low quiz?); key for final
  • 603: Intro video; More on chapter 3
  • Prioritize the R&Rs
    • Maximilian R&R (Can this be saved?)
  • And other projects
    • Forrest: figure out what is next
    • Marcellus (look up all the journals); Conference deadline 12/1; Install Stata
    • Co-author's problems: Oscar, Levi
    • Under review: Nigel, Carlos
  • Ms 73 (cite/ref check, stupid pagination problem, then final copy edit, send to author);  MS 111 (print; ref/cite check; first pass then do list to authors); Ms 127 (wait on final copy from authors); prod reviewers; check on Ms 128 on 10/9 (reviews in?), MS 130 (needs initial copy edit); Ms 131 remind reviewers on 10/19
  • F committee: Wednesday; review for journal J
  • Review for journal J overdue

 on: Today at 12:47:06 pm 
Started by octoprof - Last post by cc_alan
Who fires a coach after a 9-3 season?


I'm sorry, what was the question?

 on: Today at 12:41:31 pm 
Started by prytania3 - Last post by prytania3
I got antsy and ordered a router before I got all of your responses.
Wow, that's twitchy; I posted less than 90 minutes after your first post! - DvF

I know. It's so easy to order things off that Amazon App with 1-click.

 on: Today at 12:37:46 pm 
Started by octoprof - Last post by octoprof
Who fires a coach after a 9-3 season?

 on: Today at 12:37:41 pm 
Started by usukprof - Last post by mr_spicoli
Is the student in the front barefoot?

(asking the important questions)

 on: Today at 12:33:05 pm 
Started by prytania3 - Last post by phillygirl
Good morning Paddington, Octo, and woolfiac!

I'm beginning to get a bit of travel anxiety (I know this because I am back to dreaming about trying to leave the country and realizing I have lost my passport), but have a few research deadlines that must be met before I leave for Sunny Conference Location later this week. As a bit of good news, pretty much everything work-related on the to-do list until I'm in SCL is research-related!

Conference proposals:
BCE: edit J's contribution to proposal, download available data, run some preliminary analysis, write up what I find, get out to Minions on the project.
APCE: edit W's contribution to the proposal, run some quick preliminary analyses, write up what I find, get out to Minions on the project.
CC paper--respond to email

Email response to that conversation on that service obligation (one non-research list dreg from after break)

House stuff:
Pick up dry cleaning
Go to TJs (including something for dinner tonight)
Daily house stuff

Work out (maybe just yoga)
Daily personal stuff

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