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 on: Today at 11:21:21 am 
Started by kaysixteen - Last post by germaneriposte

The Economist, usually a fairly conservative, knee-jerk pro-business paper, endorsed its first D - Obama - in 2008.  They have already trashed Trump and will probably endorse Clinton in 2016.

The Economist endorsed Kerry in 2004 and Clinton in 1992. It also declined to endorse Reagan in 1984 and Bush in 1988. None of that detracts from your point—which is interesting—but let's not be inaccurate. Also interesting is that The Economist has shown a tendency toward anti-incumbency and Obama is the only president they endorsed for a second term (out of only four opportunities, but still), largely due to Romney's pandering to the far right. (And that doesn't sound familiar at all...)

I was thinking this morning about how this will be the first election to have a sitting lame duck president campaign on behalf of the party since 1988. I wonder if that will make much difference, or if the increased partisan divide will negate any effect.

 on: Today at 11:20:09 am 
Started by ineedabreak - Last post by ineedabreak
Thank you, everyone who has responded! It's OP here. Got an update this morning. Evidently the chair was out on leave and even though the file was submitted last week, it didn't reach HR until early this week. Guess my wait will be even longer now depending on how long the background check takes to come back!

 on: Today at 11:12:43 am 
Started by rodentmind - Last post by titian
I dreamt that my thesis was not really done. My Ph.D. advisor came to where I work, and dumped off a graduate student. Told me that I had to train her. And then the grad student ran away from me on campus, and threatened to kill herself. I was sprinting through hallways and parking lots, trying to catch her. I finally found her squeezed between two dumpsters, and then I woke up in a cold sweat.

ETA: maybe it is partly seasonal, cmeagher7. Even if you are prepped, your brain is correlating day length with "now is the time to have back to school nightmares".

 on: Today at 11:09:03 am 
Started by vardahilwen - Last post by economizer
Not so much venting as ranting paranoia.

As I lain in bed, listening to NPR around the start of "convention" coverage on Monday, I experienced a strange sensation in my chest.  A movement of heat, almost a burn.  Having never experienced this before, I wondered, "Am I feeling the burn?" Yes, the one attributed to remarks by Bernie Sanders!   Is this campaign treachery by use of fiber optic leads or something?

I think that I understand Senator Franken's remarks, Monday's eve, about women [paraphrase] "shouldn't stay at home with their families and should be out campaigning".  He was being sarcastic!  This is going to be a rough campaign with all kinds of harsh new bothers being generated by operatives of BOTH Republican and Democratic campaigns.  He really thinks women should stay at home and look after their children and allow those more hardy, with less responsibilities, to rustle up votes for their favorite (or rather that is what I think now).

Already (I am admitting that most of my work days are spent at various middle and high schools), I've experienced trying moments with minority students and students of as yet undetermined ethnicities as they applied pressures related to what they think are my political inclinations for the upcoming General Election.  Where is this coming from?  Are they being instructed as to tactics to employ against others.  The kids don't know my politics, they don't know anything about politics, do not recognize the concept of secret ballot, so, I am probably rougher than usual as I shoo them away from me (if I can at all).
I never mention or instruct anything about partisan issues in a partisan manner (never have and never will), when teaching!  Note please that these difficulties seem to occur at moments when I am vulnerable to abuse.  

OK, that's off my chest, but I fear it is a micro-harbinger of things to come.  So, beware.  As for me, if the election get rough and tough in the slightest, we, the public, ought to throw both parties candidates out and.. well, I don't really know what the heck we can do!

 on: Today at 11:03:49 am 
Started by rodentmind - Last post by cmeagher7
Twice this month I have had the bizarre "OMG it's the first day of class and I overslept and don't have any copies of my handouts" and while rushing to class had some sort of snag that made me even later. In both dreams I woke up while trying to get to class before it ended and my students would have left and probably dropped, thinking it was cancelled.

What is odd is... I'm all prepped for Fall. All classes I have taught before, transferred quite seamlessly to our new LMS. I will put in some work the next few weeks to update my case studies but that's no biggie.

So... now what?

 on: Today at 10:56:46 am 
Started by kaysixteen - Last post by cmeagher7
The Economist, usually a fairly conservative, knee-jerk pro-business paper, endorsed its first D - Obama - in 2008.  They have already trashed Trump and will probably endorse Clinton in 2016.

Is the WSJ going the same way? Their op-eds have pretty much trashed Trump, even though the reader comments seem to think he's the greatest.

Now, this article - a rather clear-eyed, black-and-white view of which industries will be affected by which party platforms. Unlike past years, It's not all doom and gloom if a D is elected.


If it's behind the paywall, here are some quotes:

"The rule of thumb that Republicans are better for investors and big business needs more nuance now."

"In many areas such as bank regulation, the minimum wage and the environment, Republicans are still the kindlier party, but the differences are subtler. And on trade and immigration, the Democrats under Hillary Clinton have become the more business-friendly party."

"For companies that rely on imports, and for exporters that could face retaliatory tariffs, the Democrats’ position on trade may now be the friendlier one."

"For companies that have come to rely on both low- and high-skill immigrant workers, the Democrats’ view could have advantages."

Is the WSJ slowly but surely setting themselves up for a Clinton endorsement, or at least a "no endorsement" position for the election.

Watch out for falling pig****.

 on: Today at 10:47:53 am 
Started by rodentmind - Last post by ursula
My signal stress dream is a single tooth coming loose and falling out. It's a seriously distressing dream that occurs once every 2 years and sends me an unmistakable message.  Last night, in the most stressful week of a consistently stressful month, I dreamt first that my far left lower molar fell out. I was extremely dismayed and calling dentists to learn how it could be repaired, when the entire lower left quadrant of teeth loosened and fell out.

I used to have the dreams about losing teeth during periods of high stress, too.

Recently I've been having dreams about an old friend from undergrad, and living/rental arrangements.  In one of them I was renting the front part of a big divided house, and she came to rent the back.  In another I arrived in a big city with a lot of luggage and went to an apartment she had, but instead of staying I went to my own apartment in the same building.

 on: Today at 10:14:05 am 
Started by _touchedbyanoodle_ - Last post by pink_
A month away from my next half.

I found a great 2+ mile loop that is mostly shaded, has one steep incline and one very gradual decline (or gradual incline/steep decline, depending on my mood), in a patrolled park with plenty of parking, AND has lots of clean restrooms.

This is going to be so awesome for ultra training.

I am in love.

I am curious how you will use it. Repeat the loop as many times as you need?

That's what I would do with a cooler in the car for water. Maybe not all the time, but it is great to have the option. I have a loop not too far from me that I sometimes use for longer runs (or part of them). It has bathrooms and a water fountain. No sidewalks, but lots of shade, and it's residential, so the cars are mostly not maniacs.

 on: Today at 09:55:37 am 
Started by quasihumanist - Last post by flyingbison
Do both (former and current) plans allow for consolidation?   I have one 403 account with a former employer that does not allow me to roll over any of the employer contributions to that account.

 on: Today at 09:09:12 am 
Started by rodentmind - Last post by DonnaNn
I always have these weird apocalyptic dreams. Not every night of course, but maybe once a month. They seem pretty realistic though.

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