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 on: Today at 09:55:38 pm 
Started by spicoli - Last post by untenured
You wouldn't have been able to be promoted without their support, would you?

If your concern is a lack of congratulations, that may because people are busy. Life is movie, and each one of us is a star in our own script. Don't take it too personally.

 on: Today at 09:54:37 pm 
Started by voxprincipalis - Last post by cc_alan

Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!

Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!

Pay attention to me! Pay attention to me!


 on: Today at 09:52:53 pm 
Started by suomynona - Last post by johnr
I suck at negotiating.  I did the same thing as you did and, to a certain extent, I'm still paying for it.  There ARE things that you can do to help yourself without directly asking for more money.   Work like crazy and go up for tenure and promotion early.  Later go up for full and promotion as soon as possible.  If you're in a field where grants are possible, make sure that, through your grants, you are fully funded every summer. 

 on: Today at 09:51:02 pm 
Started by azv105 - Last post by azv105
Thanks for all your comments.

Johnr, yes we are applying to NSF for funding. If the project goes through, it won't be a problem. However the success rate has been low. Other than NSF, it would be helpful if you mention some funding sources.

indium: Thanks for sharing your experience. That is helpful.

 on: Today at 09:36:33 pm 
Started by wolfpack - Last post by horatio
I wonder if this is a result of some egregiously bad apples having gotten someone's attention. The dean prior to our current one wanted to start inserting a "work on campus during business hours" clause in new faculty hire letters in part because of a couple of fairly spectacular violations of sensible norms on the part of two senior faculty members. (Somehow the appropriate text just never got drafted by the department chair and sent to the upper administrative reaches for vetting and approval.) If that's the case, then it might be worth having a quiet word with the relevant policymaker about addressing the problem children rather than punishing the whole class.

I'm sure that this has something to do with it.   Others upthread have mentioned that the corporate world is replete with examples of employees working successfully and profitably from home.  But the corporate word also has more rigorous  and concrete ways to hold employees accountable for their work, or lack thereof.  The same is not true for the tenured professor.  While I complete agree that the policy presented to us by the OP (not the OP's policy by the way) is untenable, I also believe that more than a few associate and full professors have abused the privilege of tenure and the freedom from accountability it allows.  

I just read an article not too long ago about this, and it said that in the corporate world many places are actually scaling back on their work from home permissions.  It said that managers are starting to see it is a scam, with which people just take days off and aren't available for phone calls, consultations, etc. and are seemingly producing little when at home and distracted.

 on: Today at 09:29:10 pm 
Started by bubi2222 - Last post by bubi2222
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 on: Today at 09:20:35 pm 
Started by history_grrrl - Last post by eigen
The big benefit with Chrome is the sandboxed use of Flash.

It means I can keep Flash uninstalled on my computer as a whole, and use Chrome if something I need requires it.

Avoids a lot of security issues and the constant, constant stream of flash updates.

 on: Today at 09:19:21 pm 
Started by weather2013 - Last post by k_guy
Not a Dean or a.  Chair, but....I was once required to meet with the then vice-provost of the university with the idea that they might be a good extra reader for my dissertation.

I always got titles of such folks' pubs and tried to read something they wrote before meeting with them. I searched the various likely spots, but couldn't find any. I started checking out their CV lines. Turned out they'd  never finished their MA at the foreign (well, British) uni noted and had no doctorate, either.

The only items the university library had listed for them as "publications" were two medieval MSs they'd donated to the Econ department on their arrival (on the coattails of the Provost from the schol they had both been at before.)

I showed them photos of my original sources (13th c. liturgical / musicological MS folios) and explained the narrative line my research seemed to be developing along.

After pointng out that an unexpected archival find made it possible to pin down the events I'd been studying to within a decade of the production of my primary MS source, thus setting up an interesting and potentially significant context for the event itself, this individual sniffed, smiled, and said, "Well, it's very interesting, but your documentation rests on very slender legs..."

Given the shredded state of their own background, I didn't dare comment, left, and wiggled around diplomatically enough to keep them off the committee and get a more qualified reader instead.

But their condescending attitude didn't impress me except by its self-protective shielding, and I made a point of telling the archival librarian that they might want to verify the status of the donor ID for the two books listing this person as "author."

Sounds like a typical reviewer for peer review journals I submit too.

 on: Today at 09:15:07 pm 
Started by history_grrrl - Last post by francie_
History Grrl, whatever colors you end up choosing, you should consult a painter or someone at a paint store.  Color chips can be very deceptive, and final effect outdoors might be vastly different depending on how much sun or shade your home gets.  Case in point, your friend's now garish yellow house.  Eek!

I think a wine-red accent against creams and yellow is nice.  Your door, if painted, could be in the burnt siena range, a nice warm brown.

 on: Today at 09:13:34 pm 
Started by tithonos - Last post by tithonos
Thanks for all the responses. I can't do the service learning route (though I wish I could); the class isn't of that nature. It's a standard literature class, so that kind of limits me in a lot of ways (regarding some of the ideas). Projects make sense, though I'd have to think carefully about how to go about doing that. Discussion circles are something I will do. But the problem lies mostly in the reading (and the current trend of students to NOT do that so much), as I've a lot to cover and at least in larger groups, I've better percentages. Though I'm still thinking ....

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