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 on: Today at 09:26:51 am 
Started by ellaminnowphd - Last post by paultuttle
Congratulations, ST and family!

Just paid off two more credit cards today. On the flip side of that coin, the car has begun to make some expensive sounds during this multi-day heat "dome," so it may be that we're taking two steps forward, one step back. But at least we feel a sense of accomplishment right now. <grin>

 on: Today at 09:12:30 am 
Started by testingthewaters - Last post by macattack2
Hi all. So as a newby to TTC I have to express the utmost respect for your perseverance and promise not to gripe until I'm much further in.  But I do have a question, and my guess is as academics you have probably read and researched more than the average TTC-er about such things. Here's my situation: My (oral) BBT is all over the place. I have huge dips and spikes throughout the few cycles I've been tracking.  I've read that many things can effect BBT (e.g. waking up in the middle of the night, sleeping with mouth open, etc.), but these are .5 or so degree jumps (last several days: 97.1, 97.1, 97.5,97.3, 97.1 97.3, 96.8, 97.4).  I seem to get three to four dips/spikes with no sustained higher temps. So my question then is would you be concerned about this fluctuation? Or do some people just have quirky BBTs? Other signs are more consistent for me, but all the tracking apps put so much stock in BBT.

 on: Today at 09:04:30 am 
Started by protoplasm - Last post by egjwho
Most students are enrolled in large state institutions, unlike polly's school.

Mine for example is extremely popular. The students are packed in like sardines. We attract many wealthy students, a bit of a party school in a resort-like small city on the water. We are a state with a surplus, and yet our adjuncts are paid under 2500 per course. Our regular faculty are also underpaid. The shortage of resources is completely intentional. Under "market forces" we would be able to charge whatever the market would bear for our degrees-- the state legislature has 100% control over our tuition -- and provides less that 10% of our funding. Our finances have nothing to do with any "market".

 on: Today at 08:35:49 am 
Started by tortugaphd - Last post by baphd1996
I will be going up for Full Prof this Fall.  I work at a "teaching institution" that actually puts service above scholarship, in which case I might have some problems.  I regularly teach 3-4 overload courses per semester to make ends meet for a large family, and after squeezing out time for scholarship--just edited a collection of essays for a major academic press--I simply do not have time for institutional service beyond the minimal one committee per year.

Wish me luck!

Maybe we should switch jobs.  I have tons of service but little "scholarship" (I'm an editor, but that doesn't count).

 on: Today at 08:26:08 am 
Started by rowan1 - Last post by egilson
Guys, guys, guys...

Am I to understand that when I was an undergraduate, and I added a class late, and I just assumed that I would have to work double time for a short while to catch myself up on the material I missed, going in the meantime to office hours a couple times to make sure I was on the right track, and then after this frenzied period I would be caught up and could rest easy knowing I had mastered the material...

...was I wrong all along, and I could have -- in my snottiest voice evarr -- demanded amnesty from whatever material I had missed?

Darn it. That would have saved me mad time.

No, you don't understand correctly, but have fun with your snark.

 on: Today at 08:23:11 am 
Started by rowan1 - Last post by ergative
Well, it was flawed for me to assume in undergrad that you should go to ALL the classes you're thinking about taking from day 1, and then STOP going to the ones you WON'T take.

 on: Today at 08:17:40 am 
Started by Untenured - Last post by voxprincipalis
I was saying some time ago that I was looking forward to Cyan Worlds' release of Obduction, their new game. That's happening in August. System requirements? An Intel quad-core built within the past two years and 4 GB of video RAM. Guess I'm going to enjoy watching Let's Plays on YouTube, assuming that anyone does one.


Wow, those are super-prohibitive requirements. I'm sorry, Egilson! I was also looking forward to it, but I evidently won't be able to play either.


 on: Today at 08:00:29 am 
Started by see_wolf - Last post by DonnaNn
Queen Elizabeth

 on: Today at 07:59:39 am 
Started by see_wolf - Last post by DonnaNn
corporate governance

 on: Today at 07:58:46 am 
Started by pollinate - Last post by DonnaNn

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