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News: Talk about how to cope with chronic illness, disability, and other health issues in the academic workplace.
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 on: Today at 06:55:22 pm 
Started by therehello - Last post by yellowtractor
1) Follow 50-95% of the suggestions/instructions offered by the press editor and/or external reviewers.

2) See #1.

Otherwise we'd have to know a little more about the project, or at least the discipline.

 on: Today at 06:46:20 pm 
Started by therehello - Last post by therehello
What are some strategies I can use to revise my manuscript more efficiently before the deadline to deliver my book revisions to the press? I am feeling the pressure very intensely even though I have two months left.

This summer I have had an an archival fellowship and my summer teaching has been hugely demanding, so I haven't been as productive as I'd hoped. My life is also fairly demanding, and the usual time for me to work is after my kids go to bed, but I'm so exhausted right now. It takes forever to get work done! Any help or tips you've used to get revisions done would be appreciated.

 on: Today at 06:37:34 pm 
Started by suomynona - Last post by therehello
My contract is for 105,000 words. A friend had one for 90,000.

A colleague turned in a 250,000 word manuscript and was told to cut (a LOT of it was eventually cut).

I feel like it is better to have to cut than add (for example, your reader decides that you need to add a chapter on a topic you don't really know much about vs you have too much and need to cut a weak chapter).

Are your footnotes fairly rich?

 on: Today at 04:37:29 pm 
Started by amador - Last post by puget
There are people who are exempt from reporting, who students can speak to confidentially. This generally includes campus mental health professionals and often chaplains/clergy, but check your individual institutional regulations. It is certainly important that students know up front what you would need to report, and are offered the option of having you help connect them to one of the people they can speak with confidentially if they prefer.

All the above applies only to adults 18 and over-- for minors, state reporting laws still apply, and in many states would require reporting even from those except from Title IX reporting.

 on: Today at 03:51:48 pm 
Started by thrillcheese - Last post by spork
Wanted to give an update. After identifying the Cisco modem/router as the source of the dropped wifi connections, I bought a Netgear AC 1600 (C6250) model. No dropped connections and the signal is strong enough throughout the house that I've unplugged the Amped wireless repeater.

 on: Today at 02:53:11 pm 
Started by figee - Last post by mountainguy
Q: Why are my car keys and fuzzy dice on your desk?

A: Next week, they're gonna party like it's 1992.

 on: Today at 02:25:49 pm 
Started by moderator - Last post by king8594
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 on: Today at 12:13:18 pm 
Started by spork - Last post by janewales

 How will training change anything?  I guess with better training he could have shot the autistic man holding a toy. Gosh, you're right! That would have been so much better.   More, better training is crap. We need different policies.

Police in some other countries do receive specific training on how to deal with the mentally ill, and in general on how to de-escalate and defuse tensions. Remember the account of the 4 Swedish tourists, who happened to be police officers, calming down a fight on a NY subway? Training would have to take local contexts into account, of course, but surely there must be room for training on how to de-escalate, and how to deal with a mentally ill or intoxicated subject.

 on: Today at 12:02:38 pm 
Started by economizer - Last post by economizer
Maybe lawmakers ought to shift part of the blame for gun violence to gun owners whether individual, dealers, or corporate?  Is there not presently technology which would allow easily recordable marking or etching means?  The gun owners must be responsible for keeping and knowing the whereabouts and possessors of their firearms!  

If a, say, rifle is not marked it should be confiscated immediately.  If a, say, scanned rifle is not in the possession of someone approved by the owner it should be impounded to a police or allied agency property management office.  Would a large bureaucracy need to be created to mark and keep immediately available records?  Yes (a plus factor for some).  Would differing nomenclature of firearms be subject to additional marking or scrutiny?  That would make for a lively debate!

Of course, there are still billion of weapons in the hands of the public which would need to be defended against (Clubs, knives, foils, bows, sprays, now legal "stun" appraratus [easily misused], etc.).   And, guns are still, for the general population, the best deterrent to all sorts of weapons and threats to person or property.   As a fellow student once remarked many years ago during a current events class in explaining the value of guns in keeping danger at a distance, "..it barks over here and bites over there".  

horatio, my words above are my sentiment.  Actual owners and possessors of guns must be regulated.  At least a partial liability must be due an owner not controlling access to his dangerous property when it is misused.  If there is a means to accomplish immediately available registration and possession information re firearms, legal processes and tests for that should be no more troubling than "carry" or "concealed weapon" laws.

 on: Today at 11:56:17 am 
Started by prytania3 - Last post by king8594
Welcome! I hope you find this post is easily and  helpful for you.

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