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 on: Today at 01:15:28 am 
Started by octoprof - Last post by gennimom
*sigh* We let them get too big a jump on us in the first half. D*** it.

Here is the results of this week's bloodbath.

CFB Selection Committee Ranking               
Rank   Team   Record   LW      
1.   Clemson   11-0   1   South Carolina   37-32
2.   Alabama   10-1   2   Auburn   29-13
3.   Oklahoma   10-1   7   (11) Oklahoma St.   58-23
4.   Iowa   11-0   5   Nebraska   28-20
5.   Michigan St.   10-1   9   Penn St.   55-16
6.   Notre Dame   10-1   4   (9) Stanford   36-38
7.   Baylor   9-1   10   (19) TCU   21-28
8.   Ohio St.   10-1   3   (10) Michigan   42-13
9.   Stanford   9-2   11   (6) Notre Dame   38-36
10.   Michigan   9-2   12   (8) Ohio St   13-42
11.   Oklahoma St.   10-1   6   (3) Oklahoma   23-58
12.   Florida   10-1   8   (13) Florida St.   2-27
13.   Florida St.   9-2   14   (12) Florida     27-2
14.   N. Carolina   10-1   17   NC State   45-34
15.   Navy   9-1   16   Houston   31-52
16.   Northwestern   9-2   20   Illinois   24-14
17.   Oregon   8-3   23   Oregon St   52-42
18.   Mississippi   8-3   22   (21) Mississippi St.   38-27
19.   TCU   9-2   18   (7) Baylor   28-21
20.   Washington St.   8-3   NR   Washington   10-45
21.   Mississippi St.   8-3   NR   (18) Mississippi   27-38
22.   UCLA   8-3   NR   USC   21-40
23.   Utah   8-3   NR   Colorado   20-14
24.   Toledo   9-1   NR   W Michigan   30-35
25.   Temple   9-2   NR   Connecticut   27-3

 on: Today at 01:13:09 am 
Started by prytania3 - Last post by prytania3
My wifi is getting old and is not as reliable as it used to be,  and I think I need a new one.  I want something zippy and high speed that's easy to set up. I don't mind paying $100-200 if it really makes a difference in performance.

Looking for suggestions. Thanks in advance.

 on: Today at 12:53:33 am 
Started by jeremygeitz - Last post by kunsthistorikerin
PS on side projects: This is dependent on your field, your sub-field, your institution, and your personal situation.  I have a certain standard of "how much value added to my CV vs. how much time subtracted from my book" that I constantly measure against what is expected from me for tenure.  Ideally, when I go up for tenure I should have about X number of articles and Y amount of demonstrated research beyond the dissertation/first book -- I know that from talking to mentors and looking at the CVs of people who have recently come up for tenure in my department, as well as those of the people I consider my "role models" nationally.  I do have to work on things other than the book -- but each publication has to be "worth it" and I have to be selective.  Figuring out which projects are "worth it" for you will depend on what expectations are placed upon you, and what your bigger timeline looks like.

 on: Today at 12:50:36 am 
Started by alleyoxenfree - Last post by cmeagher7
In the business world, mergers are generally overrated.

First, there are not as many economies of scale as assumed. For example, 2 payroll departments handling 2x employees, combined, still need about the same number of payroll staff to keep going. Ditto purchasing, IT, HR, etc.

Second, there are dis-economies of scale. Now you are twice the size - this means a new super-payroll manager to keep after all the new staff, new risks and complexities of this larger group. All the jobs in the organization need a lot more horsepower and this often means a new management layer to keep after all the old supervisors

Third, the merger costs are often underestimated. Layoffs require settlements, lawsuits, outplacement. Combining systems means additional accounting and IT personnel.

Fourth, are there synergies to target new customers/students, or are you just cannibalizing existing ones? And, during the confusion, are competitors using the opportunity to get in front of the customer/student with a clear message?

Finally, as discussed above - you can take two wounded ducks and staple them together... they still won't fly.

 on: Today at 12:44:27 am 
Started by see_wolf - Last post by dr_know
line dance

 on: Today at 12:39:53 am 
Started by jeremygeitz - Last post by kunsthistorikerin
I keep my writing files very neat on my laptop, and I keep a special doc in a prominent location.  I open this doc in the evenings (not during my scheduled writing time, which is during the day, but during "hangout time" when we're just watching tv or a movie, usually after 10pm).

Here's how the doc is organized:

Page 1 - detailed table of contents for the book, with nice titles for chapters and sub-headings.  I look at this and just sort of think about the book as a whole, and think about what I want it to be like.  I use it to remind myself of the bigger picture, and of the fact that I really do like my topic, even after all these years.  The table of contents gets edited a lot, especially the word counts for each section.  (In my field we're generally told that about 100,000 words is fine for a first draft, so I think a lot about how I want the chapters to add up.)

Page 2 - detailed timeline of writing deadlines, arranged by date.  I look at this to keep up my own internal sense of urgency.  I have some sort of deadline every two weeks or so...some of those deadlines are just "produce a first draft of..." or "revise draft of..." -- ie, these are not final deadlines; they are milestones that I am trying to hit.  The timeline is color-coded; things that are upcoming are reddish, things in the past are in soothing shades of blue, and things in the present (exciting accomplishments) are in happy shades of green.  I spend a lot of time updating this timeline to keep it realistic and positive (it can't become a litany of "what I should have gotten done..." -- it needs to make me feel motivated, not anxious.)

Page 3 - detailed timeline of other deadlines, mostly grant proposals and teaching stuff.  It's important to account for this time, but it's also VERY important to keep page 3 separate from page 2.  I'm at an R1 and need to publish a fair bit for tenure, so I have to be able to focus on page 2 and remember to prioritize it over page 3.  This might change after tenure, or at least after my first book is done and there's somewhat less pressure to write every single day.

I find this document extremely helpful -- along with my financial spreadsheet, it's what keeps me sane and reassures me that my book MS really will get DONE in 2016.  

 on: Today at 12:38:43 am 
Started by see_wolf - Last post by dr_know
Travel Channel

 on: Today at 12:10:54 am 
Started by john123456789f - Last post by emil5152
If you're affiliated with an academic department now, you might want to ask around: some schools have discounted Camtasia licenses, or someone in the department might just loan you their copy.

But yeah, I'd ask for clarification if they want a canned lecture, classroom video or something in-between

 on: Yesterday at 11:54:01 pm 
Started by prytania3 - Last post by octoprof
My main team lost today but was at least competitive. My second team won today (yippee!). Husband's team won. A couple other teams we like won and a couple did not. Whatever. I'm over football now until August.

We have loaded the bikes in the car. We managed to get all three (I bought Mr. W. a new bike this week) inside the Honda. Pretty amazing, really.

Tomorrow we drive all day home. Bleah.

 on: Yesterday at 11:00:50 pm 
Started by prytania3 - Last post by pareadocs
The negative: my football team had a horrible loss today.  It was painful.  The positives: ParaPup is now down about 10% of her body weight (this is good, she needs to lose it as it will help her hip issues), Thanksgiving #2 was delicious (although, as the cook I'm biased) and I just came back from seeing Mockingjay part 2 with Dad.

Now to write for a bit before bed.  Maybe I can figure out how to write the  remaining section of my lit review.

ParaPup - vet
Check out SummerJob

Cook Thanksgiving #2
Movies with Dad?

Dino:  finish edits,  send to ex-advisor...
Astro: data analysis
Wilma: title, abstract, lit review, discussion, tables/figures (3?)
Casper: data analysis

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