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So she asked you "lecture or exam" and your answer was "no"?

E-mail from Student A:

"dr. mended_drum,

hey, do you know where my book is?"

My response:  "No.  Should I?"

Student A:  "no i guess not.  it was just a hopeless idea."

Quote from: ptarmigan on March 19, 2013,  3:26:11 PM

So she asked you "lecture or exam" and your answer was "no"?

Ahh. You are right. I was answering the no exam part. I amneck deep in the final revisions for submitting my book ms (due today at 5) and obviously not thinking clearly. sigh

In its entirety:

hey so for my field experiance i went to one of the _______ meetings for service learning. so for the project that goes along with that is all i have to do is just like a paper about what we talked about and what i got out of it? Looking at the assignment sheet it looks like it falls under the second option so should i follow those guidlines?

The guidelines include a section on proper grammar and punctuation. I hope this student follows those.

God, they've all gone loopy, haven't they?

Here's my contribution, from a sophomore who's taken her required comp courses already:

hello mrs. alcott i spoke with you last week about the paper and the issues i was having i did take your advice and bought me a planner but im still working on the paper for [other class] just now starting the one for your class but dont think it will be done by tomorrow is it possible to  have a extra day or i might will have it tomorrow by before midnight if not thursday i really appreciate your help please let me know thank you and God bless!!!

Eight minutes later, from the same student:

hello mrs. alcott i spoke with you last week about my essay issue well i still been working on and havent been able to start mine for your class until today is there a way you can give me and extra day to get it done i can probably have it to you by midnight but i have a late class tonight so i might need an extra day if thats ok please let me know and i really appreciate your kindness and help with everything God bless you thank you!


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