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 on: Today at 12:15:20 am 
Started by ysupenguin1984 - Last post by cc_alan
The Illuminati built the Denver International Airport.

I believe the baggage system was designed by engineering students from Miskatonic University.

 on: Today at 12:08:49 am 
Started by voxprincipalis - Last post by voxprincipalis

You are batsh*t insane.


 on: Today at 12:05:37 am 
Started by fiona - Last post by sprout
We just discussed this in a meeting today!  Official word here is:  yes to service animals on campus, no to comfort animals.

 on: Today at 12:03:55 am 
Started by totoro - Last post by quirkius
I wasn't there, but my grad adviser told me about a job talk where a candidate who did work in Russian or Soviet studies was asked a question about a paper/book he'd referred to during the talk. The candidate answered the question in Russian. The question had been asked in English. No one else in the room spoke Russian. Did not get the job.

 on: Yesterday at 11:48:06 pm 
Started by ysupenguin1984 - Last post by drbrt
The Illuminati built the Denver International Airport.

 on: Yesterday at 11:41:14 pm 
Started by zoelouise - Last post by drbrt
While stuck in traffic tonight, I worked out an argument that answers one of the research questions in an ongoing study. It's not the one with the next deadline, but,hey-progress!

 on: Yesterday at 11:40:11 pm 
Started by rubygirl - Last post by drbrt
Sweet Baby Jesus, Drbrt. I need a Xanax just from reading about your adventures.
Drunk people are not fun, and I am with you on being over dealing with that kind of nonsense.
Kudos to you for not running away screaming from the party. That would have been my response.
Thank you for validating that I wasn't insane for being miserable. The only thing that got me through the party was finding a knot of other introverts who had been dragged there by their friends who also hated saxophone jazz. The rest of Team Introvert left at 8:00 though. At some point between 8 and 10 was when we left I switched from wine to vodka, I think, but the details besides the awfulness are a blur. I will say that this tale of introvert misadventures is the clearest introvert/extrovert test I've ever had. All the introverts want to crawl under a table after hearing it. The extroverts think that my grad school buddy leads an awesome spontaneous life of adventure. Upon rereading, I think I forgot to mention that my actual conference presentation was from 8-9 am after this nightmare night on the town. I haven't been that hung over since, I think, Mardi Gras in New Orleans as an undergrad.

 on: Yesterday at 11:36:40 pm 
Started by spork - Last post by alleyoxenfree
I'm surprised it hasn't been tried. It seems like a relatively cheap and easy way to attract caring students.
As a faculty member, I'd rather deal with a kid with a therapy cat than one whose medication seems a constant problem or one who needs accommodations for anxiety that I realistically can't provide (for instance, there is actually no way for me to schedule a "quiet room" for a test at our university, so if I get a student with that diagnosis, I have to change the entire course structure and give no tests, or take-home tests).

Personally, I think animals improve work environments and would love to work at a campus with them around. It wouldn't be for everyone, of course.

I also believe students should garden and cook their own meals. It would get their noses out of their phones, give them real-world skills, foster community based on something other than sorority and fraternity garbage, and probably cut down on the freshman 15.

 on: Yesterday at 11:32:47 pm 
Started by history_grrrl - Last post by latico
Hi everyone,

Since we're posting about triggers, I thought I would post mine in case they help anyone identify a trigger they've previously not noticed!  I've had migraines for thirty years. 

Weather--low pressure systems; sunny and snowy days; a certain grey quality of light characteristic of the Midwest (when I lived there I got more migraines than anywhere else I've lived).

Food/drink--red wine, balsamic vinegar, soy

Light--*anything*--and I do mean anything--that flickers.  I blow out the candles on restaurant tabletops. No candles ever in my house.  Disco balls on TV.  Cartoons with lots of quick cuts, indeed any TV program with lots of fast cuts/edits. Bright direct light of any kind--uncovered lightbulb, flashlight, etc. I even get migraines from any sharp color contrast:  a black and white checked shirt with tiny checks--the kind that create an optical illusion of movement--gives me a migraine, as does a huge expanse of black and white checked flooring.  Sewing a dark thread onto a white background:  migraine.  Anything that creates a contrast between light and dark at which I have to look for an extended period means I get a migraine with aura.

Many of these took me years and years to figure out, so I thought that some of you younger people out there might like to know about them, in case you are (for example) embroidering with red floss on a white background and being frustrated by migraines (something that has happened to me).  Or you have a student who loves to wear his checked T-shirt every Wednesday, and every Wednesday you come home with a migraine.  Or every time you visit a stately home in England, you get a migraine (checked floor)!

Keep on keeping on, ladies (I get the impression we are all ladies)--let's hope for a medical breakthrough one of these days!

 on: Yesterday at 11:30:53 pm 
Started by spork - Last post by familydoc
     I need to go call Comcast this week as our cable bill has gone up. I think out contract expired. I am truly dreading it because they are so horrible to deal with in terms of giving you the runaround and generally acting clueless.

This was a short piece on Marketplace yesterday suggesting one way to deal with Comcast:

There's an app for that

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