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Author Topic: How find and then transfer eMac bookmarks to iMac?  (Read 2844 times)
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« on: September 01, 2010, 9:27:28 pm »

I've just discovered that with Firewire I can mount my dead eMac's harddrive onto the desktop of my iMac.  If possible, I'd like to transfer the bookmarks from the eMac to the iMac.  Where are the bookmarks?  And can I transfer them to the iMac without erasing the new bookmarks I've made? 

I use the Firefox browser, and I have a Bookmark Toolbar--it differs slightly from the toolbar on my eMac; if I transfer the eMac's bookmarks, will I transfer the BT, too?  And, if so, will the old BT replace the new one, or simply be added to it--duplicate names and all?

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