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News: Talk about how to cope with chronic illness, disability, and other health issues in the academic workplace.
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 on: Today at 11:49:48 am 
Started by LaPlage - Last post by ruralguy
Everyone understands what a work in progress is. I'd list it in the CV simply because some people make cuts based on the CV.
Of course, the cover letter can get into the details.

I think there's a high chance it will be published eventually. If it isn't, you simply will remove it from your CV.
You will likely not have to explain much since so few people will even know you once worked on the book.

 on: Today at 11:31:33 am 
Started by protoplasm - Last post by neutralname
Some colleges are quite like big families: members don't see each other more than once every few years and don't like it when they do.  It could be quite a good analogy, but of course, they way that those who use the "family" motif use it, it is sentimental and has a tone of manipulation. Next time the president uses the phrase, say you will be around on the weekend to use their pool.

 on: Today at 11:08:10 am 
Started by testingthewaters - Last post by krisanthe
Welcome, Macattack2!

Hmmm.  Which app are you using to track your temps?  Are you using fertility friend?  If so, has it ever given you cross-hairs (indicating that you've ovulated)?  Do you track ovulation with any other signs (like ovulation kits), or are you just going off BBT for now?

Also, do you have regular cycles? 

 on: Today at 11:04:18 am 
Started by protoplasm - Last post by aandsdean
Are they trying too hard to be sincere, or is it the right approach? Are people touched by it, or just read on and ignore it?

Is a college a family, or something close to it?


My take on this--despite my regular disagreements with you which will probably make you not believe it--is that colleges refer to themselves as families when they want something from you, and as businesses when you want something from them.

There are times--when a student dies, or a campus building burns down, or when you win the national championship--that the family analogy is quite effective. But using it routinely is abusive and problematic.

 on: Today at 11:04:00 am 
Started by kaysixteen - Last post by catherder
This AM the CBC news site ran an editorial about why Canadians don't appreciate oratory by politicians as much as Americans do.  The main argument was that we don't allow individual politicians, even Prime Ministers, so much power.

I had actually been watching the DNC and enjoying the speeches (albeit with some cynicism) precisely because we don't get such eloquence and style much here.

I was therefore really shocked at the on-line comments following the CBC coverage of HC's speech. Note that now CBC requires commenters to give their real names --an effort at at stopping trolls.  The hatred for HC and the support for Trump were appalling. Some commentators were openly US voters, but there is also apparently a solid group of alienated Canadians who are rooting for Trump.

 on: Today at 10:57:11 am 
Started by larryc - Last post by poresp
Thanks, larryc! I've been boycotting what a few of us started calling "Fast and Furious 42 - bay-splosions in space!" but a few people have mentioned this one is a little better. Since I've learned to trust your judgment, I may just give the flick a try :)

 on: Today at 10:53:57 am 
Started by kaysixteen - Last post by cmeagher7
A few thoughts, all cobbled together...

Not quite following you here. I'm a Rust Belt girl myself and remember very well the collapse of organized labor in the 80s. There was a lot of rage about the disappearance of family wages, but the accusing fingers often got pointed toward affirmative action rather than the concerted campaign to undercut and destroy unions and to outsource manufacturing jobs.

Yes, my recollection as well. Race baiting again, as well as the evil Japanese manipulating the trade system to flood the American market with their (better-made, fuel-efficient) cars. Now it's about criminal illegals dealing drugs and the Chinese manipulating their currency.

To fknm_: Or is Putin trying to be sure his debtor can pay him back, while Trump's hoping to be able to crater him first?

Calling on Putin is Trump's way of doing business. He plays people off one another, so now he's saying "Ha, I got one on you Clinton - see what cards my buddy Putin has!"

Problem is, DJT doesn't understand that Putin is everyone's enemy. Well, except his... What's that they say? If you owe the bank a little money, you're in trouble. If you owe the bank a lot of money, the bank's in trouble.

I was just looking for a way to say that the anger behind Trump voters is about more than just lost jobs and income.

The problem is that D messages are all about "the government will provide for you" in terms of universal health care, Social Security, etc. But these voters don't want to be dependent on the government. They want to take care of themselves. Focus, like HRC did, on jobs that build tangible things like roads and bridges so they can earn their own wages and health care and believe they are saving for their own retirement.

 on: Today at 10:53:44 am 
Started by tortugaphd - Last post by poresp
Good luck, revolver1966!

 on: Today at 10:49:47 am 
Started by mountainguy - Last post by archaeo42

But I can't say that since I'm the only one on the team that can do what's needed and has access to the software.

 on: Today at 10:46:39 am 
Started by kaysixteen - Last post by leobloom
Today I will be showing the 1927 Solvay conference picture featuring Marie Curie as the sole female physicist there. Also, I will be making a side commentary on Emmy Noether on the way to Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. I hope I can keep my job after that.

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