Crush on a professor... is this inappropriate/dangerous ?

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I am a student but I hope you won't mind me asking this question here. I just want to get some perspective on it. A few years ago I had the most awesome professor for my honours "skydiving" course, I liked how he explained things and he was very encouraging and absolutely fascinating. He just had this twinkle in his eyes and looked very smart. I had signed up to take a course with him the next semester and when he didn't come to the first class I asked the TA where the prof was. Apparently right after I had him for my class he got made department chair. Most of my friends thought my crush on my prof was cute and I think he enjoyed being liked and he was so polite and caring towards me that I felt very good and basically I've been struggling the past few years and having someone that I feel connected to, and who I feel really wants me to learn has somewhat kept me in what has been a challenging major that I really wanted to study but my parents don't approve of. Somehow he makes me feel very loved because he thinks I deserve to have this knowledge and I can do the subject that I really love which is something I don't get from many other people.

It's almost four years later and I still think this prof is the most fascinating person. I find most of the other profs in my dept pretty fascinating but not quite as fascinating as him. Lately though I am wondering if this is an dangerous or inappropriate situation. I think that prof may have some feelings towards me too which kind of scares me. I don't think that any sort of inappropriate relationship would ever happen between us. Prof has never hit on me in a way that felt creepy and basically he always stands way across the room when talking to me, but I am aware of how much I look up to him and I feel vulnerable. Should I try to get rid of my feelings ? Right now how I feel seems to be working out fairly well. I feel supported and he feels flattered or liked. I mean I'm not even sure that I like him more than just as a person. Is this a dangerous situation ? I am aware that I am probably a bit influenced in my feelings because he was my prof and I looked up to him/look up to him.

It would be great to hear people's thoughts on this.

Everyone gets a crush on a professor.  Just enjoy your crush from afar and never act on it.

Once you graduate, you'll have great memories without any embarrassment.  Those crushes as pleasant fantasies are far better than the realities.  Enjoy your fantasy.

People's thoughts on this can be found here:,65491.0.html,71691.0.html,48869.0.html,68578.0.html,63492.0.html,37035.0.html

We need not spend another 10-page thread on it. I'll summarize:

Fora: Don't act on it.
OP: But THIS is different.
<Lawnchairs, popcorn>
Drama, extraneous capitalization, over-use of bolded words
Accusations of socks and trolling
Counter accusations of cliques
GCF and/or we all get distracted once the spring semester starts

I don't like it when a student has crush on me. It's kind of boring and predictable. I am sure that's what your prof thinks as well.

Too soon for lawnchair? 

Popcorn anyone?

I do hope this trainwreck turns out nicely...


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