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News: Talk about how to cope with chronic illness, disability, and other health issues in the academic workplace.
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 on: Today at 03:42:54 am 
Started by bradley_headstone - Last post by leobloom
There's still hope.

A student of mine in his second semester of college, was really struggling earlier this semester with the fact that he may not end up keeping his unblemished 4.0. Whiny e-mails in preparation for the toughest test of the semester ensued. Yet he aced it. Later, he put less effort on the remaining tests and it was clear as we were entering the week of finals that it's mathematically impossible for him to get an A. His reaction? As he was getting out of the final, he offered me a donut, which I gladly accepted.

 on: Today at 03:19:33 am 
Started by neutralname - Last post by leobloom
I agree that higher education is higher, but that isn't saying much.

 on: Today at 02:25:22 am 
Started by fa312620 - Last post by fa312620
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 on: Today at 01:45:05 am 
Started by bbqb6591 - Last post by daniel_von_flanagan
I am in STEM. Blind or double blind review is not common.
Single blind review is not common in your field?

I prefer people to keep my papers confidential during the review process.
We're still not sure s/he didn't. - DvF

 on: Today at 01:31:42 am 
Started by patt1141 - Last post by patt1141
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 on: Today at 01:02:10 am 
Started by taben - Last post by protoplasm

Do your adjuncts have offices?

In my experience, offices aren't really connected to all the other stuff. Mostly it just has to do with how overcrowded the campus is.

Kind of.  And kind of not. A tenured professor can be on sabbatical and the office unused for the entire semester while adjunct faculty either share a smaller office in the vicinity or even have none. Or an office arrangement can be made less pleasant and workable in order to motivate certain faculty to quit the job. Office space can be a signifier of how the chair regards faculty members and this plays out in a handful of ways. Tenured faculty always get preferential allotment of workspace on campus even if they hardly ever use it or use it mostly for storage.

 on: Today at 12:36:43 am 
Started by clean - Last post by clean
Prices have been rising!

$1.84 to 1.98 or so now

whats goin on in your world?

 on: Yesterday at 11:50:11 pm 
Started by sweatshirt - Last post by sweatshirt
Ravioli,  thanks for commiserating.  So.very.tired.  No daycare I can find seems to offer much help for the time range of my evening class, but I am looking at daycare for shorter/office hour days and working on baby’s extreme carseat rage – baby is just turning 2 now.  Just signed up for care.com trial.

Egjwho, I love Montessori but none of it seems to correspond to any work schedules nor my budget…Spouse works a little, but not really enough to contribute.  Sort of a limbo situation.  Thanks for the reminder to not try to be too perfect on the job – I feel so anxious about performing up to par…

Quietly, I appreciate your point to carefully (re)consider the local options.  Will do.  

Hegemony, thanks for the tip.  My challenge is living in a public transit area but working in a mostly driving/car area.  It’s weirdly perplexing to figure out daycare plus commuting outside of my city region or work region.  Your point about light at the end of the tunnel is so appreciated.  I’ve also been trying to remind myself I only really *need* childcare help.  The rest I can technically do myself, although I sometime wish for more help.  

Lurkergirl, I feel so unexpectedly paranoid about spouse/anyone with baby because I really just want to care for baby myself all the time and yet still be a prof.  But I have no indication spouse is anything but stressed yet caring.  Baby adores spouse.  The self care tip is a good one, trying to encourage spouse on that too.

Baleful_regards, right there with you on the marriage ambivalence, over-planned pregnancy, and therapy!  We actually discussed couples therapy at spouse’s suggestion – hoping that will help.

Reneer06, I can relate to wanting to be alone!

Fishbrains, I think spouse is generally very kind to the baby.  I *do* feel badly for spouse often, and then I also start to feel hopeless about my capacity to support such a difficult situation with a baby.  I like the summer visits with grandma idea a lot, thanks – wish we had more of a local village.

Antiphon1, great perspectives…I think the odd yet lucky part to sort is that I have a lot of online/blended teaching so I end up thinking I can get away with sort of relay-race style care/work week with spouse.  Spouse isn’t keen on daycare, but I’m not sure current situation will work indefinitely….have to figure out the best plan for all.

Taben, good idea.  So far, campus daycare director not receptive - still no slots.  Apparently their day also ends before evening classes I teach and they do not offer the combination of days I would need.  Not ideal, but I may be able to move my future classes a bit off the “grid” of timeslots and maybe move to different days.  Here’s hoping.

Obprof, this is wise.  So far, I’ve sent spouse to the gym twice – it’s a start.

 on: Yesterday at 11:48:21 pm 
Started by _touchedbyanoodle_ - Last post by vhagar
I picked up a nice pair of Brooks today. Dropped way more than I usually spend on shoes, but damn, they honestly feel like they are making  love to my feet. I ran yesterday in my old shoes and was scared that I was developing shin splints on top of the foot problem. Test drove the new ones for five miles tonight and my legs and foot feel better now than they did yesterday.

I love Brooks. Every pair feels like it was specially made just for me. I'm convinced that my picture and measurements are posted somewhere their design studio. 

 on: Yesterday at 11:46:03 pm 
Started by zoelouise - Last post by mystictechgal
I am glad that you found a place to live, MTG!

When we were trying to deal with my grandfather's house after he moved into assisted living with only a small portion of his belongings, my mom discovered that there are services out there who specialize in helping to deal with houses full of stuff -- they will organize "estate sales," arrange for pickup of donated items by charities after the sales, and otherwise engage in the necessary tasks for emptying a house. We did not end up using one, but apparently they just take a cut of the profits from the sale portion of things as their payment. I can ask her what the services were called so you can search for them if you would find that useful.

Sure, thanks! May help.

Carpet was being laid today, it will get cleaned tomorrow afternoon so I can take possession on Wednesday. Theoretically, 2Men and a Truck could move me on Thursday, but I seriously doubt I'll be ready for them then; we'll see how things go tomorrow. I haven't heard back from my friend about using his truck (and maybe a trailer) to get the bird cages and my futon moved on Wednesday so we can sleep there that night (and I can get the cats moved in) but maybe he'll call tomorrow. It'll cost me $475 to drill out my gun safe lock and get a new one installed. I have the key, but someone spun the tumbler so I really need to find the combination, which I do not remember. I don't keep anything in it loaded; magazines are all removed, but I still don't want to move it with the guns inside--and, even if I did, I'd have to move it on my own; there's no way any commercial mover is going to transport it with weapons inside. Friends have offered to buy my pier glass with the understanding that if I ever want to buy it back, or if I can sell it for more than they are offering, I can do so. Meanwhile, I can always visit it at their house. While packing up my photo albums I found a first edition copy of Tarzan of the Apes on the shelves. I'd forgotten about it. Picking which books I'm going to keep is going to be painful. I think I can find shelf space for that one, though.

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