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News: Talk about how to cope with chronic illness, disability, and other health issues in the academic workplace.
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 on: Today at 10:40:43 pm 
Started by prytania3 - Last post by woolfiac
I wanted to get to 100% of grading, but I'm so sleepy that it wouldn't be fair to that last 20 percent. I suppose that's what my office hours are for, since no one is showing up to them yet. Good night, all!

Library work.
Get to at least 80% of papers graded.
Coffee with friend.
Class prep.

 on: Today at 10:39:13 pm 
Started by mountainguy - Last post by cmeagher7
Dear NSF:

Screw you for going along with the reviewer who said my project had no broader impact because "according to Wikipedia the study site is 94% White." That's not even true about that place. But hey, it saves you the trouble of looking at the percentage of kids on free/reduced lunch (in the proposal), or looking at the demographics of the second population to be serviced (in the proposal). Here's an idea: Try reading the proposals instead of Wikipedia.

Also, stop telling us this process is a pure meritocracy. It's not an actual meritocracy. Screw you.
Love and giggles,
Old Scratch

I mean, I would say this, but no one would care.

Argh. I had something rejected because "Basic skills education is not an issue of social justice/equity in education." Because even though the vast majority of students with basic skills needs are low-income students of color, there are a few rich white/Asian in basic skills classes. Thus my study was irrelevant.

 on: Today at 10:35:45 pm 
Started by sikora - Last post by nezahualcoyotl
I wouldn't say I'm a fan, either - much as I loved The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Good Omens was OK but nothing more and Neverwhere was extremely entertaining but doesn't really go beyond that. In all fairness, Bitter Grounds has grown on me - when I read it I didn't even know the original zombies of Haitian folklore were essentially slaves without a will of their own, nor that a combination of suggestion and toxins resulting in delirium and temporary paralysis (convincing the victim of having died and turned into a zombie) had once been seriously argued by Western scholars to be the origin of the myth (though now entirely discredited, it seems).

 on: Today at 10:33:25 pm 
Started by voxprincipalis - Last post by cmeagher7

Official color of colon cancer is dark blue. Clearly a missed opportunity.
cgfunmathguy, your mom gets teal, September, and an inadequate marketing budget.

I thought teal was for food allergies?

 on: Today at 10:30:57 pm 
Started by totoro - Last post by poresp

Candidate B: This sentence was used: "Using the volunteer sample of n = 8, a t-test showed significant results..."

Amazing how many things are wrong in such a short sentence.

It's technically possible, though.

Wow ... I'm in Humanities and still could tell this was off ...

As for worst job talks, I remember one from back in grad school. The applicant for a TT position got lost half way through his topic, told us about it, took a minute to shuffle his papers around, and ended up not finishing his talk. During Q&A one of the audience members (a specialist in that particular field ... academic field, not losing-your-s&!t-in-front-of-the-committee "field") spent several minutes correction every mistake the candidate made, at length and with specifics. I don't know where he ended up getting hired, but if I saw his picture on a faculty list I would not apply there.

Another was an adjunct,  internal candidate here (our department is infamous for not hiring internal candidates, but they still try) whose talk revolved around a few private conversations she had overheard between faculty and how they related to her "research." She thought it was funny. The Full Professors to whom she referred didn't. 

 on: Today at 10:20:51 pm 
Started by vardahilwen - Last post by bunnicula
Achoo. Sniff.

Same here. Feel better soon, TZ.

 on: Today at 10:10:55 pm 
Started by prytania3 - Last post by pareadocs
Like others, I'm going to work on data analysis/writing for a bit but I'm resetting the rest of the list.

Drive back to GradU

Dino: finish lit review, finish analysis, discussion, study 2 results
Astro: data analysis
Wilma: data analysis
Casper: data analysis

 on: Today at 10:08:59 pm 
Started by ialsoeatfood - Last post by ialsoeatfood
Thanks again fora members for your helpful comments and advice on this. My friend learned this afternoon from her dept chair that her contract will be renewed. Some concerns regarding her teaching and research were noted but nothing that would seemingly prevent her from earning tenure.

The senior professor was also on her contract renewal committee. It seems that she really did need to relax. Thanks for helping her STFU and preventing her from self-sabotaging.

 on: Today at 09:50:02 pm 
Started by voxprincipalis - Last post by craftyprof
I keep yearning for Colon Cancer Awareness, with brown gimmicks to wear.

This pink/breast stuff is nauseating.  See Barbara Ehrenreich's BRIGHT SIDED for an excellent dissection.

The Fiona

It already exists as "love your butt".  I don't think I've seen brown gimmicky stuff though.

Official color of colon cancer is dark blue. Clearly a missed opportunity.
cgfunmathguy, your mom gets teal, September, and an inadequate marketing budget.

 on: Today at 09:42:00 pm 
Started by sinenomine - Last post by craftyprof
I'm just curious whether there are periods when this student thinks castration was a normal activity!

Clearly you don't watch enough Game of Thrones.

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