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 on: Today at 10:24:37 pm 
Started by fishbrains - Last post by onthefringe
This stuff (kids sports /activities these days) drives me crazy. I have colleagues whose son has been playing (expensive!) travel team hockey since he was eight. At the time, I couldn't understand why they felt the team needed to pay teams from other states, since they were still assigning positions based on "who can actually skate backwards". Now, at age sixteen, and much $$$ later, the kid is way too small to get a hockey scholarship, which I gather was the point all along?

My daughter  dances, and spends a lot of time at it, and is quite good, but has no plan to do it professionally. But several girls her age are now being home schooled, and spending two months this summer at expensive, out of town, "intensives" in the hope of a 'lucrative' five to ten year career as a professional dancer.

My biggest issue is it feels like kids need to pick and specialize starting from about age six, because if they change their minds at age 10, there's no way to catch up with kids who have been doing whatever for four years.

So no, zuzu, you are not crazy.

 on: Today at 10:22:39 pm 
Started by atalanta - Last post by San_Joaquin
Wow.  Reminds me rather too much of the aromatic homeless person who accosted me at the courthouse this morning demanding where to find the Judge, because he wanted to become a judge, too.

Yeah, it's been an interesting day.

 on: Today at 10:13:06 pm 
Started by britmom - Last post by pgher
Meal delivery service isn't an option here. We should probably simplify, but one of our problems is just getting the whole family to agree on a set of meals that is acceptable. I would be happy to have something simple every night, or to make a casserole on Sunday and eat on it most of the week, but others in my family are not. It doesn't help that my daughter is vegetarian now.

I appreciate the sentiment, but really, the meals and the housework and the yardwork and that sort of thing are just symptoms. Until recently, I thought that if I could just fix the logistics of my life, I would feel better, but that's not happening.

I wasn't able to get an appointment with my doctor for a couple weeks. I have in the past gone to a counselor, which helped a little but not a whole lot. Have others had any luck with counseling? I'm thinking particularly of people like bms2000 who started down the path to depression because of grief or other trauma. I think I could get back in to see my counselor any time I want, but I don't know if it would do any good.

 on: Today at 10:00:07 pm 
Started by atalanta - Last post by snarks_r_us
Only a few words changed.

"Hello Professor Us,

It's me [delusional student]. I know you are teaching Advanced Electronic Computer Assisted Basket-weaving 5 next semester. I haven't taken ECAB 1-4 and I know I am not currently prepared for it but I'm not doing anything else during the summer and I want to learn ECAB so that I can enroll in the class.

Can I join the fall class if I learn the ropes and what was covered in the previous four ECAB classes?

What soft ware are you guys using?

What did you learn in the previous classes in general?

Maybe you can send me like the syllabi for the previous classes and I can just get my answers from that and learn whatever those classes taught.

Thanks Professor Us.

I really want to be in ECAB 5 because i like ECAB a lot. I want to learn it over the summer. i also need a permission number so I can register for ECAB 5 in the fall.

[delusional student]"

 on: Today at 09:58:35 pm 
Started by vardahilwen - Last post by vkw10
I loathe The Grid that HR requires us to use for scoring applicants. Six hours, 143 applications, and and I've identified seven candidates to interview.

 on: Today at 09:58:09 pm 
Started by prytania3 - Last post by octoprof

Today: ride the bike, take Mama to Hobby Lobby, visit credit union, out to lunch or supper, Giro math, answer those emails

 on: Today at 09:56:35 pm 
Started by mountainguy - Last post by mystictechgal
You foolish, shortsighted, heartless monster. The geckos are in the building to keep other, worse pests away. I quite liked the one in my office, but I hadn't seen it in weeks...because you've laid glue traps everywhere on your mission of gecko genocide. I much prefer the geckos to the things they eat.

Glue traps?! Oh, HELL no. I'd be removing those things just as fast as I could find them.

 on: Today at 09:38:30 pm 
Started by fishbrains - Last post by baleful_regards
I just try hard not to feel bad about saying no to some things or making choices that I find reasonable. I'll just say, "Well, that works for that family, but not for us."

Exactly. It's not unlike breastfeeding. When I talk about breastfeeding and the culture of shaming in our current parenting culture, I point out that I can't look at any of the 25 faces in front of me and tell you who was breastfed and who was bottle fed.

As the chance of becoming a professional athlete are infinitesimally small, I can't understand why parents ( who are SO busy just doing the basics like feeding, bathing and not losing their minds) add team/travel sports into the overloaded mix.

It's important to give children an opportunity to participate in a few things that they enjoy without over scheduling everyone and needing a small loan to afford the gear.

Citine, I used to be a little league coach for 5-7 year olds.  I can't tell you how many parents I had to speak to about the behavior you describe. No, your 5 year old can NOT be catcher in his tiny miniature catcher's gear and if you keep screaming at the children I am banning you from the park. Most of these kids are still fuzzy on where the bases are and are somewhat afraid of the ball.  Ease the h*ll up, father who is living out some warped fantasy through their child.

 on: Today at 09:34:49 pm 
Started by tdh1407 - Last post by helpful
Since I made my post with the ancient Riverfront Times article I have become FB friends with someone who works at Lindenwood. Friend reports that the crazy strong-arm president is long gone.
Yes, he passed away in 2006.

 on: Today at 09:33:11 pm 
Started by fiona - Last post by scout46

I had a similar reaction. I don't think I would necessarily want to permanently leave my entire family and all of my friendships  for a career. I'd rather do a different career and remain in the US. I didn't spend 35 years building relationships here just to move 5000 miles away and start from scratch. But that's me, and I have a lot of colleagues who would gladly do just that. I would actually say I'm probably in the minority among those I know. I guess I don't "love" this career enough.

I don't think people like you with established 35 year careers were the target audience, nor is anyone suggesting that someone like you should consider leaving. I think the target audience was people just starting out after getting their PhDs, who are having trouble getting any kind of decent foothold in the academic job market.  And of course, as mouseman points out, implicitly the target audience is white straight men etc.

My bet is "35 years" refers to life experience, not career length, in this case.   I read Scout46 as indicating valuing current friends and family over having a specific career if the choice has to be made.

Yes, this is what I meant. I am 35 years old.

Also, I don't live in the same city I grew up in and where my parents live, but I have found it way easier to see family and friends in other states now, as a US resident, than I did when I lived abroad for a period during my 20s. During that time I saw my parents once a year. I saw my friends then too, if it worked out. Of course I made new friends where I was living, but it's not the same as the people that have known me since I was a kid or teenager. I know that not everyone feels this way, though. I just personally find these relationships very important.

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