• October 31, 2014
October 31, 2014, 7:41:34 PM *
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Author Topic: The Vinhale Thread  (Read 24772 times)
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Whatever your problem is, it's probably my fault.

« Reply #840 on: October 20, 2014, 8:04:56 PM »

Inhale: AC caught and ate a large bug.

Vent: There was a large bug in my house.

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« Reply #841 on: October 27, 2014, 8:07:51 AM »

Vent: It's getting colder. Winter's a-comin'.

Inhale: The fall leaves are absolutely beautiful.

Vent: They can sometimes cover up rather large potholes that haven't yet been fixed.

Inhale: I'll just avoid the large piles of leaves this winter.

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« Reply #842 on: Yesterday at 10:45:15 AM »

Vent:  It's almost the end of Week 11.  How the $*%& did THAT happen?

Inhale:  It's almost the end of Week 11!  Only 5 more to go!  And the way my numbers of still-participating students are dropping, the end-of-term grading will be quick, if not easy/enjoyable.
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Whither Canada?

« Reply #843 on: Yesterday at 03:00:37 PM »

Vent: near the end of this morning's lovely walk in the park, I rolled my non-trick ankle badly.

Inhale: I was with a friend and could lean on his arm until things steadied.  Still twingy but only a sprain.

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