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Author Topic: deciding whether to write a book  (Read 5451 times)
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« on: April 13, 2012, 6:01:07 pm »

Hi all,

I've been approached by a publisher to submit a book proposal based on some of my current research in political communication. My PhD is in a discipline much more journal-oriented than book-oriented, but now I'm on the TT in a Humanities/Communication dept.

My question is, how do I decide whether to spend time writing a book or to save that endeavor for after tenure? I've passed my 3rd year review ahead of schedule and have a decent mix of first- and second-authored papers on my CV and under review. If I do decide to write a book, what's the relationship between its content and journal articles I submit along the way?

My department is small enough that no one was able to answer my "which publishers are best for media and political communication" question, so I'm interested in hearing about which presses are best for that/those subfields as well.

Thank you for your thoughts!
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« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2012, 6:45:54 pm »

Which presses are best?  Take a look at, say, your dissertation bibliography and look at what presses predominate among the good books.

I'm not in communications, but I'd say: Go for it!

In, say, a five or six chapter book, it is desirable to have one or two chapters (or partial chapters) in print in journals.  It indicates to publishers that some of your work has already been found worthy by peers, andmay create some interest in the book. 

Assuming your book would be largely based on your dissertation, I strongly recommend William Germano's From Dissertation to Book
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