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Author Topic: Managing long-term depression and its affect upon work  (Read 3467481 times)
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Last winter I came up with an idea that helped me get through the endless cold and snowy days, and I'm doing it again this year.  I came up with two lists:  one of activities that help me relax or cheer me up  when I'm blue or anxious (reading, exercise, movies, etc.), and one of all the things that make me happy (good memories, favorite novels or shows).  The "fun things to do" list keeps me from going stir crazy (or staring at walls) when the weather is terrible.  The list of things that make me happy helps me remember there are some things I enjoy on those days when it all seems icky.  It's funny, but I easily forget these things when I'm tired or blue.

Sending supportive thoughts and hugs. 

Drbt, sympathy on the chills.  I get that, too.  I agree it's a good idea to get started with the shrinks.  I hope you find someone good soon.
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