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 on: Today at 01:32:15 pm 
Started by dr_alcott - Last post by tinyzombie
Telling someone to "knock it off" certainly makes it seem like you don't care about their feelings, and also like you have a problem with that person having those feelings at all.

 on: Today at 01:26:00 pm 
Started by merce - Last post by merce
Or don't "build an adjunct pool."  Just don't.  Bad, bad, bad and will someday kill academia.  Probably soon.

Sorry pal. This place doesn't use professors hardly at all. They live off of adjuncts here but no one bothered keeping up the pool in my section so now they have yanked a person off the street with no degree, no experience teaching anything anywhere, not a single class in the subject or related subjects...etc... So, I'm aiming to build a pool of people with qualifications of some sort.

 on: Today at 01:19:22 pm 
Started by summerhour2007 - Last post by larryc
OK, now I think my original post was entirely too kind--and dead-on correct.

 on: Today at 01:10:15 pm 
Started by voxprincipalis - Last post by dr_alcott
Whoa. That's some invective right there.

 on: Today at 01:07:01 pm 
Started by merce - Last post by wahoo
Or don't "build an adjunct pool."  Just don't.  Bad, bad, bad and will someday kill academia.  Probably soon.

 on: Today at 01:00:14 pm 
Started by _touchedbyanoodle_ - Last post by runninggrad
And, I did it!  Ran the whole thing with the exception of one unexpected hill, was at my goal pace the whole way except for catching some speed when I saw the twelve mile maker, was not last.

There was a  gimmick at about 12.5 miles. At 12.4x  miles the evil race organisers put up a sign saying (small print) Gimmick. (Large print) 100m to go.  I was not impressed.

Congratulations! :)  And whoever thought of that gimmick should never be allowed near a race again.  That's just cruel!

That is not super slow. I would LOVE to be that fast.

I guess it is all relative.  Compared to my running friends (who all run 4:00 marathons or faster) I feel like a turtle!

 on: Today at 12:59:50 pm 
Started by prytania3 - Last post by woolfiac
Good afternoon, dragon_flower, phillygirl, and paddington! The non-cognitive stuff is being accomplished. The writing has yet to come.

Cook big dinner.

 on: Today at 12:52:30 pm 
Started by dr_alcott - Last post by caracal

Caracal, your tone here seems a little insensitive to me. I see what you're saying, but let this be a place where we can be honest about our reactions to Thursday's tragedy.

The fact that this shooting happened in a composition classroom, which is where I spend a good deal of my time, and the first victim was a composition professor, which is what I happen to be, has me more rattled that I perhaps rationally should be. But I'm not going to "knock it off." The anxiety that some of us feel in the wake of this is part of what makes us human; it's part of an empathetic response to this. That's not a bad place from which to start a rational discussion.

I wasn't asking for anyone to not feel their feelings. What disturbs me about a lot of the responses is the lack of interest in distinguishing between anxiety and reality. The posts I was responding to were not expressing a momentary reaction to events but a generalized terror that the posters seemed to believe was fully justified. We all have our anxieties, some more rational than others and I have no problem with people expressing them. It gets dangerous though when we start treating them as real and then make them real in the world.

 on: Today at 12:49:12 pm 
Started by summerhour2007 - Last post by summerhour2007
Conjugate gives no evidence that you are a good person, Mr. DvF, but says that, though you are being abrasive, you don't mean to be.  Only your contributions don't show you being abrasive; they show you being a d*ckhead:  despite the fact that, as I pointed out, this is a board where those who start a new topic are presumably ignorant, you quite gratuitously insulted my intelligence; you sounded contemptuous and snide because that is how you meant to sound.

Thinking that, rather than just disregard you altogether, I had better defend myself or else you and your ilk would derail the whole thread, I tried to shut you up with my parody of Donneóbut that brought out another viper, and the two of you slurped at each other's venom.  I decided to ignore you, and responded instead to people who really wanted to help.

Yet you just couldn't let the matter drop, could you?   I answered requests for some basic information, but rather than step in to help, you twisted my post to try to make me ridiculous again, didn't you? You insist on being a d*ckhead, don't you?

Very well, then.  I will do you the honor of presuming that, like me, you have some regard for literature; since you want to be a wit and attack me, and I want to throw the gauntlet down, let's revive the old practice of unsparing literary invective, shall we?  I challenge you to a duel, an exchange of invective, done in metered verse and rhymed.  If you do not feel up to the challenge, call for  a second; if none comes forth, then either show you have some honor and humility (and perhaps a sense of humor) and admit you have been bested, or leave me alone. 

Here is my shot.

The Earl of Summerhour His Libel Against A Phallokephalic Knave Who,
Wanting All Reason and Measure, Proves His Strength Against the Feeble

I wish I were a man again,
Sighed drooping Damn Von Clanagan
I need a working plan again,
Moaned leaking Damn Von Planagan.

In cyberspace there is somewhere
Some clueless punk at work who pewls
And tongue-tied pines the livelong day;
Iíll drown him in his sorry pools
Iíll make his sorrow my sweet air,
His pain my manhoodís clay!

That's how I'll stuff my ham again,
Yapped strutting Damn Von Blamagan.
That way Iíll be a man again,
Brayed preening Damn Von Slamagan!

But from his belly came a snort,
His bowels cried out, Abort! Abort!
Abort those undead things that squat
Where thought would stand in living minds!
And lo! Right through the hegemonic rot
There ran the ghouls whose plump behinds

Would drop, each time they moved a pace,
Green stools, all spiked with writhing hairs,
That moved at once to Damnís wan face
Where swarming, fat, and filled with pus
They moved good Damn to put on airs
And say with glee, My Balls R Us!
The millipedes that churning feed
Inside my motherís itching quim
Will suck my manhood till I seed
Her rotten field in fighting trim!
What howls! What snorts! Unholy bliss
Makes us immortal with its piss!

His mother opeíd her rancid slitó
Proud Damn burping oozed inside.
He dipped to snag that thorn, her clit,
She wobbled right against his grain,
And soon they sounded, hitting stride,
Like sneakers squishing in the rain.

And when his writhing seed made quick
That house of maggots, rats, and buttons,
His mother chopped off Damnís limp prick
And eat it with her mutton.
She boiled his tongue and heart for stew,
His eyes for tiramisu.

Dismembered in her tummyís vat
UnDamn became a fecaloma
Argus-eyed and patched with tongues;
And from its holes a new aroma
Issued through her wormy twat
Since costive she was thus unbunged

Who slowly, grossly, yowling shat
That granite dung from twixt her thighs.
The eyes that blinked, the tongues that flapped,
Seemed to the wretch the perfect prize,
The perfect truth, the perfect life!
And beaming full she took a knife

And from each tongue she sliced the tips
In lieu of foreskin donít you see
Since that coprolith, prickless quite,
Would need some sign it was a he.
She pressed the dung babe to her lips
Then raised it to the fecal light:

The world will have a clan again
Or my nameís not Murde Flanagan!
Iíve made me my new man again
Iíll name him D** von Flanagan!

I stand ready, sir, for your volley.

 on: Today at 12:47:44 pm 
Started by merce - Last post by aandsdean
You can't ask (well, you shouldn't ask, as it creates a presumption of discrimination) about citizenship status, but you certainly can ask if a candidate is authorized to work in the U.S.

Your dean should know better.

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