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 on: Yesterday at 08:56:58 pm 
Started by reverist - Last post by vkw10
OP, you might also consider whether you really want a degree or a connection to a university with library access, student rates for concerts, invitations to campus lectures, and such. If the university connection would meet many of your needs, check on the master's programs near you. My university offers an extremely flexible master's program for working adults. It's aimed at people who need a degree to get promoted or to change career paths, but it's also popular with people who want to fulfill personal goals without running afoul of rules on maximum hours for non-degree students.

 on: Yesterday at 08:42:16 pm 
Started by citit - Last post by imadeit
Fall! I will choose a Fall sabbatical because the first break I will have after returning to the job in Jan. will be SUMMER break. That is better than taking the Spring off, working in the Fall and then having the first break be the shorter, dark and depressing winter break. I think about what comes after the return to work.

 on: Yesterday at 08:35:35 pm 
Started by hegemony - Last post by imadeit

Yes, I think you should pick up the phone and call the editor. Email even but at least make the case. It couldn't hurt and will take some of the heat off your colleague/save him from having to be in the editor's line of fire. Six weeks is enough time to chase down that reviewer and ask for the review back.

 on: Yesterday at 08:30:26 pm 
Started by neutralname - Last post by archman
Higher Ed is Higher Ed. It doesn't matter what kind of college course it is. It's college. We assess on academic aptitudes, not on effort or interest. Sometimes that core definition becomes muddled or forgotten. Hopefully not ever with professional educators.

 on: Yesterday at 08:26:50 pm 
Started by fiona - Last post by egjwho
I did it. I womansplained. I interrupted a male colleague in a meeting and re-explained (modified) what he was saying -- What xxx means is--. Then he corrected me after the meeting saying that's not what he meant. But at least I'm on the relevant committee and he's not, also I did research (google) on the topic.

Equality! Admittedly, this is an example of what I like to think of as equality in the "wrong direction" like that men aren't allowed to have body hair now either. :) ditto marriage "equality" (shouldn't marriage have been abolished by now? It's de-humanizing really).

 on: Yesterday at 08:26:20 pm 
Started by zedpark - Last post by saramago
I love love love to help my younger colleagues. Really, I am known for this. AND YET, this may be well be the last thing I'd want to do during a sabbatical. For me at least, a sabbatical is mostly about forgetting every single thing about my dept, university politics, etc. Importantly, those very issues are often quite central in mentoring a new colleague. So, if the mentoring has anything to do with navigating the dept, chair, program, etc, it might be a good idea to let your senior colleagues enjoy their year off from all that.
BUT that's me. Only your senior colleagues know what they want, Any way to find out without putting pressure on them??

 on: Yesterday at 08:22:22 pm 
Started by tuxedo_cat - Last post by tuxedo_cat
Yes, of course this is from McSweeney's.

Can't tell if it's *recent or not.  I wish Mallory Ortberg had a version of this.  It would be funnier and probably have fewer swear words.

*oh: it's from today

 on: Yesterday at 08:21:47 pm 
Started by prytania3 - Last post by octoprof
I have been freezing all day. It is not cold here (not hot either). I think my body thermostat is just broken.

Answer B's email
303: 9more exam questions; email class
603: create final project, create last discussion, create last homework; email class
Lunch with J at noon in my office (brown bag)
Submission to workshop due
Email committee T about meeting

Still need to: Deploy the 303 exam into Bb properly; and set up the one student for extra time

Meetings (What am I forgetting?):
Monday at noon with J
Tuesday at 9 with Pr (Need I prep something?); office hours
Wednesday at 9 with K; noon faculty meeting; office hours
Thursday at 3:30 committee T meets; office hours
Friday writing group 1pm

The usual, the clinging, and the might bees:
  • Self:
    • bike/swim/walk
    • socialpostsupdates*4
  • Brain:
    • language study*3
    • knit
    • read
  • House:
    • cook/make grocery list/plan meals
    • daily clean/declutter tasks
  • Communicate
    • Read cards; Write Pat
    • Ask Kelsey about photos
    • Figure out timing for sending wols
    • Giro email; Email K again; Call L
    • Text Mama, Call Sue and E
  • 303:
    • Check that issue in example 4
    • post grades to date total in Bb
  • 603
    • Grading on Monday
  • Service 1: Ms 125 (decide what to do)
  • Service 1: First marketing attempt
  • Service 2: Meetings on 4/26. 4/27, and 5/5
  • Service 3: Choose a day for next meeting
  • Research 1: Hunt for that theory for T's project
  • Research 2: Need to send Max to another journal
  • Research 3: More progress on project H
  • Research 4: Write some ideas/notes on project P

 on: Yesterday at 08:20:22 pm 
Started by dr_alcott - Last post by mended_drum
Speaking of which...sort of.  It is that old question, again.

Dear Mended Drum,

When will a lovely man fall head over heels in love with me and will wonder why on earth no one has taken me up on my many offers? Will this happen in my lifetime, or must I content myself with forever longing til the day I die?

Here is the terrible truth:  it is when you stop longing that your true love appears.  The fact that your true love may turn out to be chocolate does not make the previous claim any less true.

 on: Yesterday at 07:59:55 pm 
Started by bbqb6591 - Last post by bbqb6591
I am in STEM. Blind or double blind review is not common. I prefer people to keep my papers confidential during the review process.

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