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 on: Today at 01:29:01 AM 
Started by fiona - Last post by fiona
Whine, discuss, dispute or add your own.


The Fiona

 on: Today at 12:41:06 AM 
Started by mountainguy - Last post by mystictechgal
I want to stand outside next to my front door and shout "I have candy! Come and get it!"  I know there are kids living around here but nobody came over.

Yeah. The weather tonight was perfect--for squelching trick-or-treating. After threatening all day it finally started raining just before the time started. By the time it was done a couple of hours later it was a mix of snow and rain. It was 70-something two or three days ago. Poor kids. The family I was pet sitting for gives out full-size bars; they're known for it. The bought concession size boxes of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers, Starburst, and M&M peanuts. They got home from their trip about a half-hour after time started, and they brought dinner home with them for me to share, so I was there throughout. I had one Princess before they got home. All-in-all we had maybe 12 kids--five groups, in all. One group was being driven around the neighborhood in a golf cart to keep them dry in between runs to the door. It was the poorest turnout in years.

 on: Today at 12:17:23 AM 
Started by see_wolf - Last post by vhagar
Middleton, Wisconsin

 on: Today at 12:14:39 AM 
Started by fiona - Last post by sowplz
The Amazon page is the best reading I've seen in a while:


 on: Today at 12:12:11 AM 
Started by _touchedbyanoodle_ - Last post by canyonwren3
I can't stand it.  I am going to try to run again tomorrow (dirt, slow, not far). I've been speedwalking 3-5 miles every night, which is lovely but not the same.  I get my heartrate up.  But not high enough.  My slowed down metabolism means that I'm inching back up to my miserable postdoc wt.  No!  no no no.

3 weeks out and it still hurts.  Not where the crack happened, but near my sternum.
Going to my regular Doc on Tues for annual exam.  She will Not Be Pleased.  I hate health care providers who don't get the cost/benefit analysis that goes into running injured vs. mental health.

 on: Today at 12:07:05 AM 
Started by zoelouise - Last post by larryc
Sweet day today. I overslept but still made my meeting. Talked with a bunch of super-smart women in contracts and financial about some of my ideas of how to generate money with public history projects and learned some good and encouraging things. This stuff is far more complicated than I thought but ti also turns out there are people who will take care of those complications for me. Met a  grad student who was in despair about her too-broad and undefined topic and turned her ideas into a tight outline that she can totally handle. Submitted a small grant that will make a big difference in one of my projects. Had a good happy hour with some colleagues. My chair told me that he knows I am at a stage where other universities will try and poach me but he hopes I will stay here. I have no idea why he thinks this but did not argue the premise. Got home to hand out candy to a stream of absolutely delightful little Halloween monsters. Now off to the hot tub with a book, headlamp, and glass of wine.

 on: Today at 12:06:15 AM 
Started by mountainguy - Last post by staplebacon
I want to stand outside next to my front door and shout "I have candy! Come and get it!"  I know there are kids living around here but nobody came over.

 on: Yesterday at 11:59:05 PM 
Started by larryc - Last post by larryc
I bring you Vermillion Pleasure Night. You don't want to know how I got there.

One episode and your mind will be altered forever.

OMG that is infinitely strange.

 on: Yesterday at 11:57:55 PM 
Started by mirrorcad - Last post by mirrorcad
For the health insurance, we have Tricare for retired military. It's not going anywhere for the rest of our lives. I'm pretty comfortable declining employer insurance and paying $40/month for our whole family- it's very good.

I have some updates. I have finished a campus visit at a research school, which is also hiring 2 candidates. I was the last one they brought in, and the chair basically told me at the end of my visit that she wants to make an offer to me. No gaurantees of course, but she's already talked to the committee members about me and she told me what to do when the Dean made me an offer. Not if, but when! So I'm jumping for joy that she sent all these strong signals.

This offer would be significantly more than the other- at least $10k more as it's a research school. If I do get an offer next week, I need to get my act together with knowing how to negotiate.

 on: Yesterday at 11:55:28 PM 
Started by discipleofdfw - Last post by larryc
"So, you guys are swingers, right?"

"What is the policy regarding alcohol in a professor's office? Weed?"

"Are you guys really this annoying or are you just putting on a show for this interview?"


"What is the very least someone could do here and still earn tenure? John--you look like the best person to answer!"

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