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 on: Yesterday at 10:42:05 pm 
Started by larryc - Last post by cc_alan

 on: Yesterday at 10:40:36 pm 
Started by donnaanna100 - Last post by helpful
Sounds like the best person to ask for a reference is your mentor. So ask them personally; don't go through channels.

Their "policy' sounds like they are trying to limit your potential employment opportunities. I don't know if it is illegal, but it sounds unethical.

 on: Yesterday at 10:38:17 pm 
Started by fiona - Last post by alleyoxenfree
Michele Obama was riveting.
Michele in 2024 is good with me.

In the meantime, Hilary should send her somewhere that would infuriate the GOP, like HHS or the Dept. of Ed.

Warren's genius: "Trump's whole campaign is just another late-night informercial: hand over your money, your jobs....."

 on: Yesterday at 10:24:09 pm 
Started by wolfpack - Last post by nogames
Ridiculous micromanagement.

Many faculty can't accomplish 1/10th of the work that they accomplish at home while at work.

 on: Yesterday at 10:19:57 pm 
Started by bibliothecula - Last post by tuxedo_cat
The swimmers have been pretty quiet these days. . . I am finally having a really good swimming summer.  During the past year I developed some lower back pain, my surgery-repaired rotator cuff started dislocating again (but wow, that surgery fix lasted for over 20 years, I can't complain), and the other shoulder started giving me trouble.  But after a couple months of more regular swimming, I feel so much stronger and restored right now.  My only additional fantasy is that it would be *so* lovely to have an outdoor pool to swim in (I miss California), but the pool I'm in right now has a very low summer fee so that's pretty nice.  How about the rest of you?

Also, I have a question about muscle cramps:  when I started doing laps again, I was having a miserable time with foot cramps.  Yes, I am trying to eat more bananas, but I'm also curious to know what people do to get rid of them once they've seized you in the pool like some watery demon.  I usually have to get out of the pool and walk around for at least 5 minutes, and sometimes even that doesn't work. 

Today I had a completely different problem:  terrible cramps up and down the tendons on the outside of my legs above the ankle. gah.  For that one I had to return to the locker room and run some hot water over them.  That sort of worked.  I've discovered that I am much more likely to get cramps if I *stop* doing laps and rest at the end of the lane.  So I've been trying to float on my back and just kick for about 25 m to rest a bit.  Any advice?  nifty diagnoses or remedies?

 on: Yesterday at 10:18:23 pm 
Started by melba_frilkins - Last post by lucy_
Sharing the Bed with a Parrot?

 on: Yesterday at 10:16:29 pm 
Started by fiona - Last post by geonerd
Sorry for the double post. I am listening on radio. I have a crush on Cory Booker now.

And Michelle Obama too.

 on: Yesterday at 10:00:42 pm 
Started by fiona - Last post by terpsichore
I'm going to watch the Democratic Convention.

The Repubs were too depressing, except for the "I Can't Believe This" moments, like Melania Trump's speech.

The Fiona

Let us know how it goes. I am thinking of hiding under a rock until election day, when I will venture out to vote.

Sorry for the double post. I am listening on radio. I have a crush on Cory Booker now.

 on: Yesterday at 09:54:19 pm 
Started by donnaanna100 - Last post by donnaanna100
Hello Forumites,

I have never been contacted directly and individually by the on campus faculty or administration.  I have never had the need to contact them either.  There is a chain of command and there is  department that you can call or email that addresses your questions and concerns.  If you have a curriculum or policy question, they get you an answer.

GCU is very structured and has a chain of command.  I was contacted by a recruiter who recruited me to teach after I had applied for a different teaching position.

The recruiter called me back and formally interviewed me.  The recruiter sent my credentials to the College Dean for approval.

I completed all my new hire paper work.

Then I was invited to a 3 week online training class.  I passed the online training class and was offered me my first class.  They assign a mentor to communicate and monitor you during your first class.  The mentor is your supervisor. 

If you pass the mentorship, you can be offered more classes.  There is a department called Faculty Scheduling and they have Faculty Schedulers who schedule online classes.   

When you have a question, you can fill out a ticket or ask a Faculty Specialist in the Faculty Training and Development department.  They get back to you with an answer. 

If a student is at-risk, you complete an Early Alert ticket that is sent to the Student Service Advisor.

If you have problems with technology, you call the Tech Support Hotline and they help you with the issue.  They complete a ticket.


 on: Yesterday at 09:30:02 pm 
Started by pigu9823 - Last post by pigu9823
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