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 on: Today at 02:44:44 pm 
Started by fiona - Last post by wet_blanket
 Who orders a whole bottle of wine before the other person even arrives anyway?

Indeed.  In fairness, I have...but only with one friend, when we know what we're drinking and want to get on with it.  You know, so the wine can breathe while the other is in transit.

If I went on a date with you, I would wait! (I would try, anyways.)

I would have no issue with you getting the bottle before I arrived because I suspect you are decent company for at least as long as it takes for the wine to be drunk.

May your dates from now on always be with men who are lovely conversationalists.

Wouldn't that be nice! (wanders off to LHC...)

 on: Today at 02:41:25 pm 
Started by mathofsorts - Last post by mathofsorts
Thanks all of the comments. It is an odd thing to want to do sort of (especially the idea of being graded). I have tenure and can work on lots of different projects. I could use some grant money that I have to set-up or at least borrow access to a lab to do some things. But what I don't have is time to immerse myself in the broader studies that comes with a Ph.D. This might be pointless, but I know a lot about my field that I don't use and would never need to mention to collaborators even if it helps orient my thinking. So pursuing very specific research lines, with collaborators makes it harder to get the breadth that I am looking for. My grant runs have been fine lately, so I am not overly concerned with funding (ok, I am always worried about funding, but not overly much).

There was an NSF cross-training program that paid for training in a different discipline if it was warranted (is this a Ph.D.? no idea) and I know someone who did this. It paid for release and some housing at a different institution. But it is no longer in existence.

Ok, I thought about the M.D. Ph.D. route but my spouse said she would leave me. Ph.D. seems to be ok with her though...

Also, I expect my promotion to go smoothly, so I have time to think about the long view. I sort of stumbled into my current field. I like it a lot, but there are a few things that I think I miss being aligned with the theory side quite so much.

I also think it is an interesting discussion in general. Why not go back for a Ph.D. I love school and have not had formal classes in ages - I just have to teach myself which sometimes gets tiresome.

 on: Today at 02:27:05 pm 
Started by 2pineapples - Last post by artalot
I, too, bribe students to complete the online course evaluations. I highly recommend it, if your uni allows it. My completion rates went from @30% to upwards of 90%, and my average scores went up across the board.
But, to return to the OP's question, if you didn't get a lot of guidance from your chair when you asked, my guess is that the eval scores are not a major component of review. No one here seems to care unless you're below a 3 or have lower than 20% completion rate.

 on: Today at 02:25:15 pm 
Started by spork - Last post by fiona
Huge profile of Paula Broadwell in the fashion & style section of the NYT:


As usual, the man prospers while the woman is scorned (though I do think she has a few loose screws, pun not intended).

Petraeus is second only to Nixon in rehabilitation....with Gingrich a runner up.

It should be noted that Paula Broadwell is in the fashion and style section. Why not in news or politics? Another way in which a woman is made unimportant.

The Fiona

 on: Today at 02:24:20 pm 
Started by zpost - Last post by octoprof
The more interactive the better. I teach accounting. I do not use discussion boards either (other than a meet-and-greet and find-a-study-buddy thread).

I do, however, make extensive use of video demonstrations (made by me). Students have consistently reported for the past six years that these videos are the most useful part of the online course. I make loads of them, demonstration different sorts of problem solving, and I try to keep them short and sweet. Obviously, occasionally exercises make them very long (process costing, for example, or a manufacturing budgeting exercise), but mostly I keep them under 20 minutes and even shorter if possible. I have been known to break them down into parts to keep the length short.

 on: Today at 02:14:08 pm 
Started by fishbrains - Last post by baleful_regards
ex_mo - I wondered if it was a stomach bug since oil/other fluid would (usually) only cause one  big puke - particularly if he's only gotten the amount on a nut/bolt.

I don't know if I've told this story here, but I tell my students this one - I only had to administer ipecac once in my many years of being with infants/toddlers.  Most of them I'd trained to open their mouths as soon as I firmly said "SPIT IT OUT" with hand outheld. I wasn't shy about finger sweeping your mouth.

One little girl - a fiesty  one - was about 15  months old and was holding my hand for a walk. I had her hand in my left, another toddler in my right hand and was carrying one in a backpack. We were walking along - me narrating all the things of interest...when she swooped down ( hand still in mine) picked up a little white mushroom/fungus and popped it in her mouth.  I drop down - can't find the mushroom in her mouth - she must have swallowed it. I have to pick up two toddlers ( about 20 pounds apiece and one on my back of about 15 pounds) and RUN for the center.  Poison center is called - they advise ipecac. I call her Mom ( this was an onsite child care) to let her know what has happened and that I am about to give her daughter ipecac. Mom comes in just as the vomiting commences and I am poking through the effluvia to see if I can find the mushroom.

No big - it happens. Little girl was fine, mom was upset but understanding. I mean I had her hand in mine, right?

Following week, the SAME thing happens. Little white puffy mushroom/fungus, popped it in her mouth - same run back to center, same call to mom. Mom is now FURIOUS. How could I not prevent this? I am deeply apologetic, but I had my hand in her daughter's hand!- she just really fast.

Fast forward through the weekend when Mom comes in on Monday to report that she had the exact same thing happen to her over the weekend and is really sorry for yelling at me since it all unfolded exactly as I'd described.

Thankfully the kid finally got the message that popping puffball fungus in her mouth wasn't a good idea and stopped. It was summer and short of having her hands in mittens ( which I wasn't doing) I wasn't sure what else to do.

I also had a moment when a group of one year olds got very quiet as I was changing their peers diaper. I found them huddled in the corner around a bic pen that they'd opened and were busy smearing ink all over their faces.

 on: Today at 02:11:24 pm 
Started by tuxedo_cat - Last post by citrine
O dear. Glad she revealed herself.

Cleo got herself trapped in the linen closet one time when I was visiting. Everyone was worried that she'd gotten out. One of my friends went out in the yard and shook the treat bag to see if she'd come running and two raccoons popped up instead. Finally after searching the house three times she began meowing from behind the closed door.

 on: Today at 02:05:09 pm 
Started by kaysixteen - Last post by nebo113
I'm still bewildered by his attack on Latina female governor of New Mexico,  just because she didn't dance attendance on him.  Was that calculated on his part, or another indication of "loose cannon"?

 on: Today at 01:49:56 pm 
Started by zpost - Last post by baphd1996
Have you taken an on-line course?  I think I got my best tips from having taken courses on-line before I taught on-line.  I knew what I liked and what I didn't.  I found that being able to communicate with the instructor was key.

 on: Today at 01:47:48 pm 
Started by baphd1996 - Last post by baphd1996
I had 2 ghost students who requested an extension (one less than 30 minutes before the course ended).  One of the requirements to be eligible for an extension is that 1/2 the required work must be done.  They turned in just enough garbage the last week of class to get over the 50% limit.  Unfortunately they didn't read the next requirement for eligibility, that they be passing the course.  I love when policy works for me.

No extension for you!

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