National University of Singapore

Historic collection of evolutionist Wallace goes online

NSU Wallace article photo

Wallace Online is the world's first comprehensive historic collection of Wallace's works.

National University of Singapore

  • Growing "green" electronics

    NUS engineers have developed a breakthrough fabrication approach, a first for “transparent” conductors used in solar cells.

University of Roehampton

  • Experts study parkour orang-utans

    No doubt orangutans move around in a very different way to humans, but when it comes to climbing or jumping, people adopt some of the similar methods as their great ape cousins, a new study has found.

The University of Hong Kong

  • Madagascar’s Menagerie Floated From Africa

    Madagascar is home to a ‘bizarre’ repository of creatures, many found nowhere else on Earth. But how they arrived on the island has baffled scientists for centuries. Now, new research seems to confirm the theory that they rafted there.