St. George's University

Research on Canine Heartworm Awareness Appears in Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science

DVM Student Publishes Heartworm Research

Scientific journal reports results of student’s collaboration with Grenadian animal society aimed at reducing canine parasitic disease in canines.

St. George's University

University of Dayton

  • Radar Love

    The University of Dayton has opened a research laboratory that features the most precise radars in the world. 

University of North Texas

The University of Scranton

University of Nottingham

Texas Tech University

  • Aiming to Become the next National Research University.

    Texas Tech has set a course to become a major national research university, as in 2012 it became the first university to qualify for National Research University Funding from the state of Texas. Research expenditures and enrollment are at record levels, and new Vice President for Research Robert V. Duncan talks about his goals.

  • From Here, It’s Possible

IE University

  • The Strategic Role of English in Higher Education

    IE University collaborated with British Council in organizing the conference “The Role of English in Higher Education: Issues, Policy and Practice” from 18-20 November, 2013. The aim of the conference was to foment the implementation of initiatives contributing to successful English Medium Instruction (EMI) delivery, as well as looking at the obstacles preventing it.

Metropolitan State University of Denver

  • Comic books help teach

    Christina Angel says comics enhance students’ reading ability and artistic skills when used in an interactive, standards-based format.

National University of Singapore

University of Roehampton

  • Get Paid: Roehampton research helps small businesses

    The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Experian, the Forum of Private Business and the Institute of Credit Management (ICM), have jointly published a new guide to ensuring prompt payment, aimed at owners and managers of small businesses.

Victoria University of Wellington

  • Saving the billion-dollar kiwifruit industry

    Victoria University of Wellington researcher Dr David Ackerley is working to combat the PSA disease that has ravaged New Zealand’s $1 billion kiwifruit industry.

    Victoria University of Wellington researcher Dr David Ackerley is working to combat the PSA disease that has ravaged New Zealand’s $1 billion kiwifruit industry.

  • Research to help hearing loss

Vanderbilt University

  • Post transplant baby a miracle

    Traditionally, women who have undergone transplants are not encouraged to have children because of the associated risks to the mother and baby during the pregnancy. But Heidi Schaefer, M.D., a Vanderbilt nephrologist, said it is time to rethink the possibility of childbirth after transplant.

The University of Hong Kong

  • A New Application for an Old Drug

    The threat of a new influenza pandemic has emerged as one of the leading health concerns of the 21st century. But while pharmaceutical companies race to develop a successful vaccine, scholars at HKU are employing a distinctly Chinese approach to the problem.

Higher Colleges of Technology

  • Educational Technology

    Educational Technology at the Higher Colleges of Technology is driven by the principal that technology helps to engage students in learning process. Students across 16 HCT campuses learn in a technologically sophisticated educational environment that encourages the development of independent and life-long learning skills, necessary to succeed in a fast changing world.