University of Florida

Professors Lead Two Ambitious Research Initiatives in Physics

UFlorida Professor

As a high school student in his native Mexico, one of Jacobo Konigsberg’s favorite classes was philosophy. He loved the age-old mysteries surrounding the nature of matter, time and space at the heart of cosmology and metaphysics. David Reitze had a different obsession: astronomy. From his parents’ home in Florida’s Pompano Beach, he scoured the heavens with a series of ever-more-sophisticated homemade telescopes. His largest and best measured four feet in length, with a headlight-sized mirror and the zany appearance of a ray gun.

University of Dayton

  • A New Record

    The University of Dayton has set a new all-time enrollment record.

St. George's University

University of North Texas

The University of Scranton

Metropolitan State University of Denver

  • Turning rocks into dollars

    Assistant Professor Uwe Richard Kackstaetter raises money by selling $40 kits at the campus bookstore.

University of Roehampton

The University of Warwick

Audencia Nantes

Amity University

  • Faculty and Research at Amity

    A faculty credited with filing 150 patents in just a year, apart from 150 books, 1000 researcher papers and 250 ongoing research projects.

University of Florida

  • Researchers Forging New Trails to Cancer Treatments

    David Ostrov fancies himself a molecular mountaineer of sorts. It’s an apt description for a scientist who is just as comfortable scaling the world’s tallest peaks as he is staring down some of the most challenging questions in science.