Audencia Nantes

The Myth of Collaboration at the Top


Though most CEOs talk about teamwork, they usually make key decisions on their own. This can cause problems for leadership succession as well as for the wellbeing of managers.

University of Dayton

  • Big Ideas

    Want to be a tech innovator? The University of Dayton is one of the top schools in the country.

St. George's University

University of North Texas

The University of Scranton

Metropolitan State University of Denver

  • Turning rocks into dollars

    Assistant Professor Uwe Richard Kackstaetter raises money by selling $40 kits at the campus bookstore.

University of Roehampton

The University of Warwick

Audencia Nantes

  • Designers Need Management, Too

    Good design can transform a company’s products and its performance. However, when product designers are kept unaware of financial and business considerations, optimal design solutions are difficult to achieve – nor is it good for business.

Amity University

  • Faculty and Research at Amity

    A faculty credited with filing 150 patents in just a year, apart from 150 books, 1000 researcher papers and 250 ongoing research projects.

University of Florida

  • Professors Lead Research Initiatives

    As a high school student in his native Mexico, one of Jacobo Konigsberg’s favorite classes was philosophy. He loved the age-old mysteries surrounding the nature of matter, time and space at the heart of cosmology and metaphysics. David Reitze had a different obsession: astronomy. From his parents’ home in Florida’s Pompano Beach, he scoured the heavens with a series of ever-more-sophisticated homemade telescopes. His largest and best measured four feet in length, with a headlight-sized mirror and the zany appearance of a ray gun.

  • Researchers Forging New Trails to Cancer Treatments