Griffith University

Griffith Accolades and Awards

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Griffith staff, students and graduates have been the recipients a number of significant awards including; 2014 Australian University Teacher of the Year, 2014 Australasian Junior Doctor of the Year and 2014 Australian Young Lawyer.

Griffith University

  • Creative Arts in Action

    Griffith is also home to the Queensland Conservatorium and the Queensland College of Art where students learn to excel in a vibrant creative precinct on Brisbane’s South Bank co-located with the state's leading performance organisations and venues.

The University of Warwick

  • Building a More United Nations

    In the inaugural David VandeLinde lecture in New York, Warwick alumna Baroness Amos spelt out her vision for the future of the United Nations.

University of Dayton

Higher Colleges of Technology

  • Education Without Borders

    Every second year, hundreds of tertiary students from all over the world and from all walks of life gather in the United Arab Emirates for one purpose – to exchange ideas on how to make the world a better place.

    The platform for such intensive thinking, discussion and knowledge sharing is Education Without Borders (EWB) – one of the flagship conferences of the Higher Colleges of Technology.