A green light to greatness

The choice of 36,000 students

#1 The choice of 36,000 students

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The choice of 36,000 students, the University of North Texas is a student-focused public research university and the flagship of the UNT System.

The 25th largest public university in the nation

#2 The 25th largest public university in the nation

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As the 25th largest public university in the nation, UNT offers 97 bachelor's, 82 master's and 35 doctoral degree programs, many nationally and internationally recognized.

A growing international population

#3 A growing international population

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UNT offers an environment that welcomes and respects internationalism, collaboration and diversity. About 2,500 international students represent 132 countries.

A rigorous academic experience

#4 A rigorous academic experience

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Honors classes offer a supportive environment in which students are encouraged to grow intellectually. About 1,650 students are enrolled in UNT's Honors College.

Esteemed faculty

#5 Esteemed faculty

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UNT has nearly 1,100 full-time faculty with 80 percent of them holding the highest degrees in their fields.

Hub of research and innovation

#6 Hub of research and innovation

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The College of Engineering has a collection of three high-powered microscopes, extremely rare among public universities, for atomic and nanoscale imaging.

A growing, thriving campus

#7 A growing, thriving campus

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UNT’s Business Leadership Building, certified LEED Gold for sustainability, features cloud computing and a securities trading room.

Award-winning programs in design

#8 Award-winning programs in design

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UNT’s College of Visual Arts and Design produces more artists and designers than any other institution in the South or Southwest.

Grammy-nominated jazz program

#9 Grammy-nominated jazz program

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The Grammy-nominated UNT jazz program, the first of its kind in the nation, is housed within one of the country's most respected comprehensive schools of music.

Leader in sustainability

#10 Leader in sustainability

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UNT’s Apogee Stadium is the first newly constructed college football stadium to earn LEED Platinum Certification.

More than 8,500 graduates each year

#11 More than 8,500 graduates each year

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With more than 8,500 graduates each year, UNT’s living alumni network is nearly 350,000 members.

University of North Texas

#12 University of North Texas

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A green light to greatness.