Training global business leaders with compassion.

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Audencia Nantes School of Management combines internationally-leading research in management theory with best management practice. The dynamic education experience our graduates receive is grounded in the values they will need to guide tomorrow’s business community.

  • Life in Nantes—one of Audencia's greatest assets

    See why Nantes has the best quality of life in France.

  • Campus Life at Audencia

    Get an impression of activities, facilities, and daily life at Audencia.

  • Winter in Nantes

    Take a virtual tour of sparkling, snow-covered, magical scenes surrounding the Audencia campus.

  • Learning to Make Responsibility Their Business

    “Global responsibility” is taking on new meaning in a globalized world. Audencia helps MBA students from the US find out how.

  • CEOs Pay Lip-Service to Teamwork

    Though most CEOs talk about teamwork, they usually make key decisions on their own. This can cause problems for leadership succession as well as for the wellbeing of managers.

  • The Business of Art

    Audencia Nantes, a leader in art management education, is partnering with France’s oldest and most prestigious school of art.

  • Designers Need Management, Too

    Good design can transform a company’s products and its performance. However, when product designers are kept unaware of financial and business considerations, optimal design solutions are difficult to achieve – nor is it good for business.

  • Global Responsibility Starts at Home

    Responsible business management education is a growing trend among business schools. André Sobczak, Audencia’s new Director of Research, explains how the concept is driving the school’s research agenda, resulting in closer relationships with the greater business community.

  • Travelling the World from the Classroom

    Rigel Barlow is the only American in his MBA program. As he attends his first classes at Audencia, he also looks forward to learning from his fellow students, who come from more than 15 different countries.

  • Une Yanqui Professeur en France

    Judy Frels left her job in Washington, D.C., to work at Audencia Nantes in France. How has the adventure worked out?

  • Good Research on Bad Business Decisions

    Profitable business operations may hide activities that add no benefit to the bottom line. Audencia professor Emmanuel Dion turned to his students to test why this might happen.

  • You Won’t Believe This...

    Gossip plays a role in every workplace, but this form of communication is under-studied, says Audencia’s Grant Michelson.

  • Responsibility as a Competitive Edge

    NGOs and other groups that take a critical view of business activities may not expect a warm welcome at all business schools, but that is what they receive at Audencia Nantes. Meeting with such groups is a key part of degree courses for students at Audencia.

  • From Brazil to France: A Student Profile

    Business schools around the world are teaching degree programs in English to enable local students to gain fluency in this important “global” language—and to attract the best international students.

  • Learning from Crisis

    Managing or avoiding crises is one of the primary tasks for senior managers at all organizations, yet the academic literature on decision-making in times of crisis is not yet well developed.

  • Thoughts from a New Dean

    The following interview was conducted three weeks after Frank Vidal took up the position as Dean and Director General of Audencia Nantes School of Management.