Would-Be U. of Southern Maine Chief Backs Out of Post Over Casino Dispute

The man slated to become the next president of the University of Southern Maine has backed out of the post, saying he must stay on as acting president of Stockton University to deal with a controversy there, The Bangor Daily News reports.

Harvey Kesselman, who was tapped in March to lead the Portland campus, said in a written statement that “the tremendous sense of obligation I have to Stockton University” had prompted him to reconsider taking the new job. The New Jersey university’s plan to tur…


Yale’s Former President Got $8.5-Million Bonus on His Way Out

Yale University gave its departing president, Richard C. Levin, an $8.5-million bonus after he left the job, at the end of the 2012-13 academic year, The Wall Street Journal reports. The bonus was noted in Yale’s most recent federal tax return, which was filed on Friday.

Mr. Levin, who was Yale’s president for 20 years, declined through a university spokesman to comment to the newspaper. Now chief executive of Coursera, he earned nearly $1.4 million in total compensation from Yale in the 2012 calendar year, according to a Chronicle analysis.

Unprecedented payment highlights the increasingly lucrative compensation packages for heads of top universities Yale University made a special $8.5 million payment to former president Richard C. Levin, an unprecedented lump-sum payout highlighting the increasingly lucrative compensation for leaders at the nation’s top universities.

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Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College Will Go Fully Coeducational

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, a women’s institution in Indiana, announced on Tuesday that it would admit men to its undergraduate program for the first time, the Associated Press reported.

The Roman Catholic college already enrolls men in its online and graduate programs. The college said its board voted this month to go fully coeducational. It will begin accepting applications from men as commuter students immediately, for admission in the fall of 2015. The college said it expected to enroll…


U. of Kentucky Overhauls Body-Donation Program After Audit Finds Problems

The University of Kentucky on Tuesday said it was overhauling a program for handling bodies donated to science after an audit found problems with the program’s administration, the Lexington Herald-Leader reported.

The newspaper published an article in January describing significant backlogs that were preventing the remains of people who had donated their bodies from being buried.

“I want to apologize on behalf of the entire UK community for the failings we have uncovered in this important progra…


U. of Virginia President, Who Beat Back Coup in 2012, Has Contract Extended

The University of Virginia’s Board of Visitors has extended the contract of Teresa A. Sullivan, the president who beat back board members’ effort to oust her in 2012, The Daily Progress reports.

According to the terms of the extension, Ms. Sullivan can be removed from the post no earlier than October 31, 2017. If she is still in office then, her contract may be extended through 2019. She will also receive a $15,000 raise for the coming fiscal year, and $25,000 the next year. Ms. Sullivan’s curre…


U.S. Senator’s Bill Would Make Public 4-Year Colleges Free for All

Bernard Sanders, the independent senator from Vermont and long-shot candidate for the Democratic Party’s 2016 presidential nomination, introduced a bill on Tuesday that would make attending all four-year public colleges free. The College for All Act, the cost of which would be split between the federal government and the states, has virtually no chance of passing the Republican-controlled Congress.

The bill proposes a tax on transactions in the financial sector to offset its estimated $470-billi…


Columbia Student Carries Symbolic Mattress at Graduation Ceremony

Emma Sulkowicz, the Columbia University student who has protested the campus administration’s decision to exonerate a peer she had accused of rape, on Tuesday walked across the stage at her graduation ceremony carrying the mattress that is part of her anti-sexual-assault art project, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Ms. Sulkowicz has gained widespread attention for the art project, in which she vowed to carry the mattress as long as she and the student she accused attended the same institution….


U.S. Delays Requirement on Tuition Breaks for Veterans

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs announced last week that it was pushing back the deadline for states to comply with a law that requires public colleges to charge veterans lower in-state tuition rates, regardless of their state of residency.

President Obama signed the legislation, known as the Veterans’ Access to Care Through Choice, Accountability, and Transparency Act of 2014, into law last summer. The measure was set to take effect on July 1, but the department said in a news release t…


Former Athletic Director Wins $140,000 in Lawsuit Against Alabama State U.

An Alabama judge has awarded a former athletic director at Alabama State University more than $140,000 in his wrongful-termination lawsuit against the university, the Montgomery Advertiser reported.

The decision in favor of the former athletic director, Stacy Danley, comes six months after the historically black institution’s Board of Trustees rejected a settlement offer that would have seen Mr. Danley return to his position for the remainder of his contract. Mr. Danley was fired in 2012. A la…


Israel-Boycott Debate Spurs Fight Over Definition of ‘Anti-Semitism’

Allegations of anti-Semitism leveled at advocates of economic sanctions against Israel have spurred a fight over how colleges should define speech that victimizes Jewish students. Some Jewish groups want colleges to use a definition of anti-Semitism crafted by the U.S. State Department, but many critics of Israel argue that the State Department’s definition is too expansive and covers statements about Israel that should be considered fair game.

More than 100 faculty members at the University of …