That Time Donald Trump Started a ‘University’ (and an Amazing Blog)

Donald Trump, the celebrity billionaire whose bid for the Republican presidential nomination has been a source of mild to major annoyance for, well, most people, is hardly overseeing his first bid to educate the American public. To say so would be to forget Trump University, the virtual, for-profit “college” he started in 2005.

Speaking to the times, the endeavor relied on the sale (at hundreds of dollars a pop) of CDs and DVDs while relieving students of burdensome higher-ed staples such as tes…


U. of California Will Increase Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour

The University of California system will raise its minimum wage for direct and contract employees to $15 an hour over the next three years, it announced on Wednesday. The plan, unveiled at a meeting of the Board of Regents, will place the system’s minimum wage well above the state’s minimum wage, which is $9 an hour.

“Through its education, research, and public-service missions, the University of California’s students, faculty, and staff have made us into a world-renowned institution,” said the …


Wright State Leaders Speak Out on Secret Investigation of Administrators

Leaders at Wright State University have now acknowledged that something was amiss when the provost and three other administrators at the Ohio institution were placed on leave more than two months ago, the Dayton Daily News reports. The university’s president, David R. Hopkins, and its Board of Trustees’ chairman, Michael Bridges, released a video on Monday informing students and faculty members that Wright State was conducting “internal investigations and reviews into certain administrative practices.”

The provost, Sundaram Narayanan, was placed on paid leave in early May, along with Ryan Fendley, Mr. Narayanan’s senior adviser; Gwen Mattison, chief general counsel; and Phani Kidambi, a professor who leads the university’s International Gateway program.

The newspaper reported last month that the employees draw a combined annual salary of nearly $900,000.

Staff Writer Wright State University President David Hopkins and Board of Trustees Chairman Michael Bridges released a video Monday addressing a secretive investigation that has left WSU’s second in command and three other administrators on paid leave for months.

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Student-Loan Servicer Is Ordered to Pay Back $16 Million to Borrowers

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has ordered a private student-loan servicer to refund nearly $16 million to borrowers after the federal agency found evidence of illegal practices. According to a consent order filed by the bureau, Discover Bank overstated in billing statements the minimum amount borrowers had to pay, engaged in illegal collecting practices, and did not provide necessary tax information to borrowers.

“Discover created student-debt stress for borrowers by inflating their b…


Professor Is Out Following Investigation Into Anti-Gay Facebook Post

A business professor at an Ontario college no longer has his job after administrators investigated reports that he had made an anti-gay remark on Facebook. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reports St. Lawrence College announced Tuesday on Twitter that it had investigated claims against Rick Coupland and that he no longer works at the college:


Psychologist Implicated in APA’s Torture Report Resigns Academic Post

A former official at the American Psychological Association who was implicated in the controversy over the organization’s support for torture has resigned as provost and senior vice president for academic affairs at Alliant International University.

The resignation of Russ Newman comes in the wake of an independent investigation, commissioned by the APA, that found that officials there coordinated with the Department of Defense to make sure psychologists could participate in often-brutal interro…


After Years of Fighting, Point Park U. Will Let Professors Unionize

More than a decade after its faculty voted to unionize, Point Park University has dropped its opposition to the effort, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports. The college had previously argued that full-time faculty members had enough say in governance to disqualify them from unionizing, under the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling National Labor Relations Board v. Yeshiva University.

The college’s president, Paul Hennigan, said on Monday that his administration had “no interest in having a fight …


Moody’s Upgrades Higher Ed’s Outlook From ‘Negative’ to ‘Stable’

Moody’s Investors Service has upgraded its outlook for the higher-education sector from “negative” to “stable,” citing expected increases in state funding and federal research funding. Higher education had been assigned a “negative” outlook since January 2013.

“Our outlook revision to stable reflects our view that aggregate operating revenue growth for four-year colleges and universities will stabilize at a post-recession level of just above 3 percent over the next 12-18 months, providing some p…


Towson U. Can’t Bar From Football a Student Who Collapsed in Practice

A Towson University student whose heart stopped and liver failed after he collapsed during football practice cannot be barred from rejoining the team, a judge ruled on Friday. The Baltimore Sun reports that a U.S. district judge ruled in favor of Gavin Class, whom the college prohibited from rejoining the team because of his earlier injuries.

Mr. Class collapsed during a practice in 2013, and his body reached a temperature of 108 degrees. He barely survived the incident, needing a liver transpla…


Boston College Is Penalized for Retaliating Against Bipolar Professor

Boston College must award a chemistry professor $125,000 and back pay for illegally retaliating against him after he completed a medical leave, a state agency has ruled. The Boston Globe reports that a hearing officer with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination found this month that the college had not honored its promise to welcome back William Armstrong, who is bipolar, from medical leave, and instead barred him from department meetings.

The officer, Betty E. Waxman, acknowledged …