Bills in N.C. Legislature Could Affect How and Where Students Vote

Republican legislators have proposed several changes in state election laws that could affect student voting, including a measure that would strip parents of a tax exemption of up to $2,500 for a dependent child if that child registers to vote anywhere but at home. Other proposals would shorten the state’s early-voting period and do away with same-day registration and Sunday voting. Democrats objected that the measures had been designed to discourage students from voting, but Republican leaders said the intent was to save money and prevent voter fraud.

State Sen. Bill Cook, Republican of Beaufort, said college students should vote at home and can easily mail an absentee ballot. “College students in general skew the elections in local areas,” he said. “And they haven’t paid property taxes or done anything someone living there would do. So this is an attempt to make them pick a location … and level the playing field.”

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