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Taking academe a little less seriously.


Watch Students Freak Out When Beyoncé Shows Up on U. of Southern Calif. Campus

If you ever want to make a bunch of college students lose their minds, start a rumor that Beyoncé is using the campus gym. Then make it come true.

Such was the case at the University of Southern California on Monday, when Queen Bey was photographed literally hundreds of times walking from the gym (where, talk has it, she was rehearsing for the Super Bowl halftime show) to what I can only assume was an armored truck with Secret Service protection.

See the pandemonium for yourself:


You Won the Powerball. How Many of Higher Ed’s Problems Can You Solve?

If you missed the Great Lottery Craze of 2016, news broke overnight that three Powerball winning tickets for the $1.568-billion prize were sold to some very lucky people. We’re assuming you didn’t buy one of those tickets (shouldn’t you be shopping for a private island?), but let’s assume that you did and wanted to use all of that money in higher education. Which, if any, of the following problems could you fix single-handedly?

Note: For the sake of discussion, let’s assume you take the lump-sum…


Hoverboards: Fun, Mildly Dangerous, and Now Banned on Campus

If you’ve never heard of hoverboards, the rare techno-toy that is actually less cool than the image it projects, here’s a video of people trying to ride them but falling off. Hoverboards are essentially smaller Segways, without the awkward podium but with several documented hazards. Dozens of fires and injuries associated with the motorized scooters have prompted retailers like Amazon to scale back sales, and New York City has banned them in public places.

Amusing and mildly dangerous? Sounds li…


Instructors, What’s the Oddest Thing You’ve Seen a Student Looking At in Class?

Behold a viral tweet, purporting to show an email from a professor to a student:

Personally, I don’t think his choice of photo is all that weird. Take a trip through any college student’s browser history (God help you), and I think you’d find some good Google Image searches.

In the age of screens, classroom distractions are manifest, and puppy photos are just one of many. We asked instructor…


In Televised Slight, Bates College Eyes a Chance to Court Lisa Simpson

The Simpsons (still on the air!) took a higher-ed potshot on Sunday, as it has from time to time over the past 25 years (remember Homer’s brief stint at Springfield University?). The butt of the joke this time around was Bates College:


But rather than lick its wounds over the slight, the college decided to own the joke. On Monday it posted the above re-creation on its Facebook page, attaching an encouraging message for Lisa, who has often agonized over her college choice.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 4.41.50 PM

Cute gesture, and a f…


Get Your Ph.D. Without the Hassle, Thanks to Stephen Colbert

Haven’t you always wanted a Ph.D. from Princeton — er, Prancetown University?

Thanks to a project by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, you can now earn the precious credential through “Stephen Colbert’s Totally Legitimate Online PhD Program.” Read the instructions below to see how streamlined online education has become!

Complete Stephen’s online PhD program by proving you can click on the word Print. Congratulations, Doctor.

Among the participating universities:





If you’re worried about th…


Hillary Clinton Was Pitched on Creating Her Own University

We’ve told you about Trump University. But Hillary Rodham Clinton University?

As an Inside Higher Ed reporter, Michael Stratford, pointed out on Twitter on Tuesday, an email released as part of the State Department’s latest disclosure of Mrs. Clinton’s digital correspondence shows she was briefly pitched on the idea of “HRC University.” The source of the proposal: Roy Spence, a notable Texas adman and longtime associate of the Clintons.

HRC University’s proposed mission statement? “To empower pe…


Filling Out That McSweeney’s Faculty-Meeting Bingo Ballot? Send It to Us

If, in these hectic first days of the semester, you’ve been spending your time on Twitter, you’ve probably seen the funny “First Faculty Meeting of the Year Bingo,” written by Lisa Nikolidakis for McSweeney’s. If you haven’t, go there for a good laugh.

Catharsis achieved. The bingo ballot certainly sounds like an accurate portrayal of higher-ed rhetoric, but is it? There’s only one way to find out: By asking our audience of faculty members to print out the lovely McSweeney’s ballot, take it to t…


IT Nerds at One College Built a Giant Wheel and Rolled Around in It

Mike Campadore had an idea. A dream, you might say.

And when Mr. Campadore, a systems administrator at George Fox University, had collected 38 iMac boxes (storing them in the back of an engineering classroom), he knew it was time to make that dream come true. According to a blog on the Oregon university’s website, the project — called the “iWheel” — actually took only 36 boxes, but who’s counting? Watch the delightful result below: