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Taking academe a little less seriously.


How Not to Handle Nerves About Teaching

Teaching a college course can surely give an inexperienced instructor butterflies. But one University of Pittsburgh graduate student’s strategy for coping with that stress didn’t work out so well.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Nancy Bruni, a Pitt graduate student, got nervous about teaching a class in March, and allegedly made bomb threats to avoid it.

A criminal complaint filed by the campus police said Ms. Bruni claimed to be anxious and depressed. She also told the police that her …


Humans vs. Zombies Game Continues on Campus, Despite Killjoys

Napa Valley College officials are the latest to interfere with a popular campus-based game of tag called Humans vs. Zombies. More than 600 campuses in the United States play some version of the game, which originated at Goucher College.

To win, zombie players try to “infect” or tag the humans, thereby turning them into zombies, and the humans must protect one another from being tagged. Sometimes the teams also have missions to complete. In some iterations, the tags are tracked with person-specif…


Emory & Henry College Sets the Bar for New Logo Low. Very Low.

Sometimes we spend hours diligently scouring the Internet and checking in with sources to find Tweed items that will entertain, inspire, or horrify Chronicle readers. Sometimes universities are kind enough to send them directly to our inboxes. Today’s example is an email from Emory & Henry College, featuring a tantalizing hint of a new logo, scheduled to be revealed on Thursday:



There are also images on the college’s Facebook page showing “rejected” versions: 301580_10151431546693138_215625244_n

734303_10151432494193138_909516416_nWe can only assume this campaign…


Nebraska Chancellor’s YouTube Series Has Tips on Harlem Shake and Zombies

Ever wanted to see a university chancellor do the Harlem Shake? Then I’m afraid today isn’t your day. The University of Nebraska at Lincoln’s chancellor, Harvey Perlman, isn’t quite ready to try it:



He will, however, give YOLO a shot. (Spoiler alert: He’s not very good at it.)


According to the Lincoln Journal Star, campus officials haven’t quite admitted that the university-produced videos are part of a recruiting effort:

“Nothing sinister,” Perlman responded to an email query. “I am jus…


Penn Admissions Officer Loses Job After Mocking Applicants on Facebook

5092887641_2aa9ed8bacIn case you needed more proof that Facebook postings do not count as “private” interactions, The Daily Pennsylvanian reports that the University of Pennsylvania recently fired Nadirah Farah Foley, an employee in its admissions office, after she shared—and mocked—excerpts of students’ application essays on her Facebook page.

According to the newspaper, Ms. Foley’s posts included quotations from essays as well as disdainful asides:

In one essay, a student had written about his “long and deep” …


Ex-Student Thanks Lehigh U. for Free Tuition With $1.3-Million Suit Over Grade

If Megan Thode is grateful that she received free tuition from Lehigh University because she’s the daughter of a Lehigh finance professor, she sure has a funny way of showing it.

Ms. Thode is suing the Pennsylvania institution for $1.3-million over a C-plus she received in a graduate counseling course.

According to The Morning Call, a newspaper in Allentown, Pa., the former student argues that the C-plus derailed her dream of becoming a state-licensed counselor. That grade wasn’t high enough f…


‘Racist Ragers’ and the Party Papers

The Kappa Sigma fraternity’s chapter at Duke University set off a flood of criticism last week for inviting students to a party titled “Asia Prime,” which featured conical hats, sumo loincloths, and an invitation written in a stereotypical accent. The fraternity changed the party’s name to “International Relations” when a backlash erupted. But the event went on as planned, and students gathered on Wednesday in protest:


Tuition Increases, Then and Now

In 1978, Tufts University’s president, Jean Mayer, apologized for the “difficult burden” that a tuition increase of $350 would place on students and their families. In a letter sent to students’ parents almost exactly 35 years ago, Mr. Mayer explained that expenses were continuing to rise, and that “every possible avenue of restraining costs” had already been explored.

Any parent with a child in college now will probably find the letter, recently obtained by The Chronicle, strikingly familiar, a…


East Carolina U. Fights With Cisco Over Marketing Slogan

A North Carolina university and a major technology company are tangled up in a court battle over which one of them has the right to turn an existential statement into a dull marketing slogan.

According to Reuters, East Carolina University is suing Cisco Systems Inc. over the company’s use of what the university says is its registered trademark, “Tomorrow Starts Here,” a phrase that plays prominently in the company’s new marketing campaign.

Here is a video of one of Cisco’s new advertisements, …