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This Is How Students Cheat in MOOCs

Researchers at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have identified a way students are cheating to earn credit in MOOCs. The method is the subject of a working paper, “Detecting and Preventing ‘Multiple-Account’ Cheating in Massive Open Online Courses,” published online on Monday.

According to the researchers, some students are creating at least two accounts in a MOOC — one or more with which to purposely fail assignments in order to discover the correct answers, wh…


1 in 5 Harvard Graduates Cheated in Studies, Survey Finds

The Harvard Crimson, Harvard University’s student newspaper, last week published the results of its annual survey of the graduating senior class. And while the students surveyed are, as of last week, no longer students, the survey’s findings survive as an interesting peek into life at the vaunted Ivy League institution.

For instance, roughly 20 percent of the students surveyed said they had cheated in their studies while at Harvard. Among other things, the survey also found that:

  • Seventy-four p…

Dartmouth Accuses 64 Students of Cheating in Popular Course

Dartmouth College has accused 64 students of cheating in a “Sports, Ethics, and Religion” course taught last fall, the Valley News reports. Randall Balmer, chairman of the religion department, discovered in October that absent students in his class were passing their clickers to classmates who were present to answer in-class questions on their behalf.

Mr. Balmer told the newspaper that most of the students involved had been suspended for a semester. In the fall he counted 43 students who handed …


Former Football Player Sues U. of North Carolina Over Sham Courses

A former football player at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has filed a federal lawsuit against the university, saying it failed to provide him and other athletes with a quality education by steering them toward sham classes that never met and had no instruction, the Associated Press reports.

In the lawsuit, which was filed in U.S. District Court in Charlotte, N.C., the former player, Michael McAdoo, says that the university promised him a good education but ultimately guided him…


3 Questions Left Unanswered by Chapel Hill’s Academic-Fraud Report

After the latest report of academic fraud at the University of North Carolina flagship was released on Wednesday, administrators said that, disturbing as the findings were, the campus’s four-year nightmare might finally end.

“I believe we now know all that we are able to know about what happened and how it happened,” said the system’s president, Thomas W. Ross, according to an account in The Daily Tar Heel.

But the 136-page report, the result of an investigation led by a former federal prosecuto…


3 Key Findings in Chapel Hill’s Academic-Fraud Investigation

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on Wednesday announced the findings of a long-awaited, independent investigation into academic fraud in its department of African and Afro-American studies. The comprehensive, 136-page report tells a gripping narrative full of new revelations in the prolonged scandal. The findings take aim at a number of people at Chapel Hill who have previously been implicated in the scandal but who have denied any knowledge of or role in the alleged fraud.

Here a…


Notre Dame Football Players Are Questioned in Academic-Fraud Inquiry

The University of Notre Dame said Friday that it had begun an investigation into suspected academic fraud involving several students, including four members of its football team.

Notre Dame officials said that a member of the university’s academic staff had raised suspicions that students had submitted papers and homework that were written for them by others. Notre Dame said it had informed the NCAA because of potential rules violations, and said the four players would be held out of practices …


Student Attitudes Toward ‘Study Drugs’ Vary Depending on Use

Report: “Prevalence and Student Perceptions of Prescription Stimulant Misuse at an Ivy League College”

Authors: Natalie Colaneri, research assistant in developmental and behavioral pediatrics at Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York; Majnu John, biostatistician at ZHH Psychiatry Research; and Andrew Adesman, chief of developmental and behavioral pediatrics at Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York

Organization: Pediatric Academic Societies



Florida Students Who Bought Stolen Exams Seek to Avoid Felony Charges

Nine students at Florida International University who were accused of purchasing stolen tests in an examination-theft ring last semester are going through the institution’s disciplinary process and are working with the university to avoid criminal charges, the student-media outlet reported.

According to the Faculty Senate, seven informal investigations of academic misconduct have been completed, and all of those students accepted academic penalties. They agreed to take an F in the give…


Blinkered and Boxed, Students Fight Cheating

When you think about it, it’s surprising that blinders aren’t a more popular weapon in the fight against cheating. A set of screens that keeps eyes forward—and billow conspicuously when a student turns his head—seems like a cheaper solution, certainly, than paying a proctor to watch a student’s eyeballs on a Webcam. Nevertheless, people are talking about students at Thailand’s Kasetsart University, who fashioned some homemade blinders:

1185355_713599938665725_560462889_nThe hats, which were made out of computer paper, have gone v…