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Student Debt in Mind, Education Dept. Renegotiates Loan Servicers’ Contracts

The U.S. Department of Education on Friday announced it had renegotiated its contracts with federal student-loan servicers, giving them more incentives to keep borrowers from defaulting on their loans.

President Obama announced plans to renegotiate the contracts in June, but Friday’s announcement provides more detail. For example, customer-satisfaction surveys will now play a larger role in how the servicers are evaluated, according to a statement from the department.

Student-loan servicers have…


‘Yes Means Yes’ Bill Clears California Legislature

California lawmakers gave final approval on Thursday to a bill that would require colleges to adopt a “yes means yes” standard for defining sexual consent in investigations of sexual-assault allegations, the Bay Area News Group reported.

If the measure, Senate Bill 967, is signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown, all public and private colleges that receive state student-aid money would have to agree that silence or lack of resistance does not imply a green light for sex, and that drunkenness is not…


George Washington U. Speaks Out on Sex Assaults After Furor Over Ex-Chief’s Remarks

George Washington University on Thursday released a statement calling sexual assault “repugnant and unacceptable” after a former president of the institution, Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, drew sharp criticism over remarks he made about the subject on a radio show.

Mr. Trachtenberg served as the university’s president from 1988 to 2007 and is a professor of public service. He appeared this week on The Diane Rehm Show, a National Public Radio program, as part of a panel that discussed fraternities, …


Campus-Banking Costs Can Add Up, Report Warns

Report: “Campus Banking Products: College Students Face Hurdles to Accessing Clear Information and Accounts That Meet Their Needs”

Publication: Consumer Reports

Summary: Consumer Reports reviewed campus banking products offered by nine financial companies to compare their terms and calculate their costs.

It found that while some products offered simple, low-cost fee structures and convenient access to funds, others charged high or multiple usage fees that could add up to hundreds of dollars for …


College Freshmen Never Age (and 3 More Surprising Things About the Passage of Time)

You are getting older. You are older now than you were at the moment this page first loaded. And now you’re even older! Ha. You can’t stem the tide of time.

Such is the immutable law that underlies the Beloit Mindset List, an annual production of Beloit College that seeks to unpack the minds of college freshmen by reminding us, for example, that they were in kindergarten on 9/11. Or that Hong Kong has, for them, always been part of China.

Feel ancient yet? I don’t, but I’m 23.

Every year, you wi…


Michigan State U. Cancels Performance by Rapper Wiz Khalifa

Michigan State University has canceled a planned concert featuring the rapper Wiz Khalifa, citing a “review of recent events and assessment of campus concerns,” according to a statement on the university’s website.

One man was shot and killed backstage after a concert in which Wiz Khalifa performed on Friday night in California.

The university’s statement does not cite that incident as the reason for canceling the show, which was to have been held on September 13.

According to the statement, all…


U.S. Senator Asks California Colleges to Voluntarily Adopt Her Sex-Assault Bill

Sen. Barbara Boxer wrote a letter on Tuesday asking California higher-education leaders to voluntarily carry out the provisions of a bill she introduced last month aimed at preventing sexual assault on college campuses.

The Survivor Outreach and Support Campus Act, introduced by Senator Boxer and another California Democrat, Rep. Susan Davis, would require all federally funded colleges to appoint a victim’s advocate charged with supporting survivors of campus sexual assault in a myriad of ways. …


Plane Crash Claims Lives of 4 Students at Case Western Reserve U.

Four undergraduates at Case Western Reserve University were killed in a plane crash on Monday night, according to a statement from the university. William Felten, 20, and Lucas Marcelli, 20, were second-year students, while John Hill, 18, and Abraham Pishevar, 18, were in their first year.

Mr. Felten was piloting the single-engine Cessna 172, which experienced engine trouble shortly after taking off from Cuyahoga County Airport, northeast of Cleveland, at about 10 p.m. on Monday, The Plain Deale…


Affirmative-Action Policy Is Found to Reduce Achievement Gaps

Affirmative-action policies can help motivate underrepresented minority students before they apply to college and, as a result, can help narrow achievement gaps across demographic groups, concludes a report released on Monday by the National Bureau of Economic Research.

The report concerns an experiment in which students in the fifth through eighth grades competed for cash prizes and were paid according to their relative performance on a national mathematics examination. The study was designed t…


Interest-Rate Cap on Loans Is Now Automatic for Qualifying Service Members

The Department of Education on Monday made it easier for members of the armed forces to pay lower interest rates on their federal student loans. Service members who qualify for a cap on their interest rates under the Higher Education Opportunity Act have had to request that the benefit be applied to their loans. But the department’s new guidance directs student-loan servicers to consult a government database and automatically apply the cap for qualifying borrowers.