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Charges Are Dropped Against 5 Accused of Rape at William Paterson U.

A grand jury has declined to indict five William Paterson University of New Jersey students who were accused of raping and kidnapping another student on the institution’s campus last fall, the news outlet reported. All charges against the five men have been dropped.

Speaking after the decision by the grand jury, in Passaic County, N.J., a lawyer for one of the five men complained about the university’s treatment of the accused students. They were expelled without being given a …


Dartmouth Will Ban Hard Liquor on the Campus, President Says

Dartmouth College’s president on Thursday proposed that hard liquor be banned at campus parties, among other steps to curb what he called “harmful behaviors,” The New York Times reports. Philip J. Hanlon’s proposal is the latest effort in the college’s longstanding battle with its legendary fraternity culture.

In a speech, President Hanlon proposed that hard liquor be banned at all events open to the public, whether they are sponsored by Dartmouth or by student groups. He also said the college w…


Cal State Students Will Get More Say Over Campus ‘Success Fees’

The trustees of California State University voted on Wednesday to give students more say over the “success fees” some campuses tack onto their tuition bills, The Sacramento Bee reports. Critics have accused institutions of using the controversial fees, which are now in place on 12 of the system’s 23 campuses and can run to several hundred dollars a semester, to circumvent a tuition freeze that Cal State and the University of California agreed to in 2012 in exchange for increased state support.


University Can Deny a Medical Degree Over Lack of ‘Professionalism,’ Court Rules

A federal appeals court has ruled that Case Western Reserve University can deny a student a medical degree if it determines the student lacks “professionalism,” The Plain Dealer reported.

The student at the center of the case, Amir A. Al-Dabagh, had completed all of the requirements to receive his degree. But the university said it would expel him after learning about character issues that came up during his college years, including a conviction for driving under the influence.

A federal judge s…


Former Vanderbilt Football Players Are Convicted of 2013 Campus Rape

Two former football players at Vanderbilt University have been found guilty of all charges for their roles in a 2013 campus rape, the Associated Press reports. Cory Batey, 21, was convicted on seven counts of rape and sexual battery, and Brandon Vandenburg, 21, was convicted on nine counts of rape, sexual battery, tampering with evidence, and unlawful photography.

Prosecutors said Mr. Vandenburg brought an unconscious woman back to his dormitory room, where she was assaulted while he took video….


Amid Political Pressure, Obama Drops Plan to Curb College-Savings Plans

President Obama has backed away from his proposal to roll back tax breaks for 529 college-savings plans amid mounting political pressure, The New York Times reports. The proposal was slated to be a piece of Mr. Obama’s budget plan for the 2016 fiscal year, due on Monday.

Under the initial proposal, 529 plans would be scaled back in favor of expanding the American Opportunity Tax Credit, out of a desire to better channel the benefits to lower-income families. The popular college-savings plans mos…


Columnist’s Son’s Encounter With Yale Police Sparks Allegations of Racial Profiling

Yale University’s police force is facing allegations of racial profiling after a columnist for The New York Times wrote in a column on Monday that his son, a Yale student, had been questioned at gunpoint because he fit the description of a burglary suspect.

Charles M. Blow began tweeting about his son’s encounter on Saturday:


28 Universities to Participate in AAU’s Sexual-Assault Survey

Only 27 of the Association of American Universities’ member institutions will participate in the organization’s much-publicized survey on campus sexual assault, according to a news release from the association. They will be joined by one non-member, Dartmouth College, in administering the survey, which will begin in April.

The participants represent less than half of the AAU’s members, some of whom have said they would not participate because they planned their own surveys, among other reasons. …


2 New Documentaries Shine Light on Campus Sexual Assault

Two new documentaries about students’ efforts to raise awareness about campus sexual assault are being shown this week, The Huffington Post reports.

The Hunting Ground follows, among others, the former University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill students Andrea Pino and Annie Clark, who are prominent advocates for federal intervention on campuses that fail survivors of sexual assault. The film, by the Academy Award-nominated director Kirby Dick, is set to be shown on Friday at the Sundance Fil…


Obama Calls on Firms to Expand Apprenticeships and Workers’ Tuition Benefits

Speaking at Boise State University on Wednesday, a day after his State of the Union address, President Obama repeated his call for employers to expand registered apprenticeships and tuition-benefit programs for workers.

Following the speech, the White House released a list of 30 companies that have committed to expanding on-the-job training, including CVS and UPS, and said that it would make more than $50-billion a year in existing federal funds available to help more employers start and sustain…