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Vanderbilt Releases More Information on Elusive Red-Tape Study

Vanderbilt University has released more information about its noted red-tape study, which for months has been trumpeted by some observers as evidence of smothering government regulation in higher education. The Chronicle has repeatedly requested access to the study, which asserts the university spent roughly $150 million to comply with regulations in 2013-14.

The information, released on Friday, takes the form of a fact sheet, a PowerPoint presentation, and a summary that reiterate key points re…


U. of Oregon Graduate Student Admits to Falsifying Data for 4 Papers

A graduate student at the University of Oregon has admitted to faking the data behind four scientific papers, the blog Retraction Watch reports. David E. Anderson told the blog he had made an “error in judgment” in falsifying the data.

His former supervisor, the brain researcher Edward Awh, who now works at the University of Chicago, has requested that the papers be retracted.

“I take full responsibility for my actions, as they do not reflect the integrity of research conducted in the lab of Dr….


UC-San Diego Wins Suit Against USC Over Control of Alzheimer’s Project

The University of California at San Diego has prevailed in an unusual lawsuit against the University of Southern California over control of a major project to study Alzheimer’s disease, the Los Angeles Times reported.

San Diego accused Paul S. Aisen, who resigned his position there in June, and the other defendants of improperly conspiring to transfer the Alzheimer’s study to Southern California, which is Dr. Aisen’s new employer. The defendants argued that it was commonplace for departing resea…


Psychologist Implicated in APA’s Torture Report Resigns Academic Post

A former official at the American Psychological Association who was implicated in the controversy over the organization’s support for torture has resigned as provost and senior vice president for academic affairs at Alliant International University.

The resignation of Russ Newman comes in the wake of an independent investigation, commissioned by the APA, that found that officials there coordinated with the Department of Defense to make sure psychologists could participate in often-brutal interro…


Days After Leak of Damning Report, 3 APA Officials Announce Departures

[Updated (7/14/2015, 3:10 p.m.) with reactions to the announcement.]

The American Psychological Association announced on Tuesday that three of its longtime senior leaders would leave their posts. Their departures come in the wake of an independent investigation that found that APA officials worked closely with the Department of Defense to ensure that the association’s ethics policy permitted psychologists to participate in the military’s often-brutal interrogation program during the George W. Bu…


House Passes Bill That Would Add $8.75 Billion to NIH Budget

The U.S. House of Representatives passed bipartisan legislation on Friday that would increase the National Institutes of Health’s budget by $8.75 billion over the next five years, The New York Times and The Washington Post reported on Friday.

The health-care bill, called 21st Century Cures (HR 6), is intended to hasten the development of new drugs and medical devices. If passed by the Senate and signed by President Obama, the legislation would break a budgetary logjam that has kept research spen…


Psychological Association’s Board Urges Ban on Members’ Role in Military Interrogations

The American Psychological Association's headquarters, in Washington, D.C. (Creative Commons-licensed photo by Wikimedia user Oakstreetstudio.)The Board of Directors of the American Psychological Association has recommended that the organization ban psychologists from taking part in interrogations conducted by the military or intelligence services, a prohibition long sought by critics of the APA’s involvement with a Central Intelligence Agency program, widely viewed as practicing torture, under the administration of President George W. Bush.

That is the most striking recommendation in an internal document obtained by The Chronicle. It …


Psychological Association Helped Justify Torture Program, Bombshell Report Says

A new report commissioned by the American Psychological Association says some of its leaders helped improperly shield the George W. Bush administration’s post-9/11 interrogation program from criticism that it engaged in torture, The New York Times reports. The 542-page report describes an ethically problematic relationship between the association and the Central Intelligence Agency and the Department of Defense. Among the findings:

  • Top officials at the association sought to keep its guidelines …

One California University Sues Another Over Poaching of Prominent Researcher

The University of California at San Diego has sued the University of Southern California and a researcher it lured away, accusing them of conspiring to take federal funding and research data from the San Diego campus, the Los Angeles Times reports.

At the center of the lawsuit is Paul Aisen, the lead researcher on a prominent project to study Alzheimer’s disease. He left San Diego last month to lead a new Alzheimer’s institute at USC. The lawsuit alleges that he and eight colleagues who also lef…


After High-Profile Retraction, ‘Science’ Releases New Transparency Guidelines

The journal Science has released a new set of comprehensive guidelines for publishing research studies in an effort to make them more transparent, The New York Times reports. The release comes after the high-profile retraction of a study that purported to measure the ease with which individuals changed their opinions on the issue of gay marriage.

But Maria McNutt, the publication’s editor in chief, told the Times that the new guidelines wouldn’t have prevented the graduate-student co-author of t…