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Bentley U. Finds Former Professor Wrote 2 Papers With False Data

Bentley University has found that James E. Hunton, a former accounting professor at the Massachusetts institution, falsified data for two scholarly papers he wrote, The Boston Globe reports.

As a result, “Dr. Hunton’s entire body of work while at Bentley is subject to a further review in collaboration with the publishers of those articles,” wrote Michael J. Page, the university’s provost, in a statement accompanying a report.

In 2012 an accounting journal retracted one of Mr. Hunton’s articles, …


Pot Researcher at U. of Arizona Fights to Get Her Job Back

A medical doctor at the University of Arizona who was dismissed last month is appealing the university’s decision, according to The Arizona Republic. Suzanne Sisley, who studies the effects of marijuana on post-traumatic stress disorder, is asking to be reinstated as an assistant professor in the department of psychiatry, assistant director of the university’s telemedicine program, and researcher. She says she was questioned by university officials over an attempt to recall State Sen. Kimberly Y…


AIDS-Research Community Mourns Losses in Air Disaster

Among the victims of Thursday’s Malaysia Airlines disaster were passengers traveling to an AIDS-research conference in Australia. One victim was Joep Lange, head of the department of global health at the University of Amsterdam and one of the field’s most prominent members. People in the community have been reacting to the loss on social media and in the news media.

  • Vox ran a piece detailing Mr. Lange’s importance to the community.
  • BuzzFeed published a poignant piece that mentioned other promi…

AIDS Researchers Were Among the Passengers on Downed Malaysian Jet

[Updated (7/18/2014, 2:10 p.m.) with news that an Indiana University student was also among the passengers.]

Among the passengers on a Malaysia Airlines jet that was shot down over Ukraine on Thursday were nearly 100 people traveling to an AIDS-research conference in Australia, President Obama said on Friday. And one member of that group was Joep Lange, a leading researcher, medical professor at the University of Amsterdam, and former president of the International AIDS Society, which is hosting…


33 Ethicists Defend Facebook’s Controversial Mood Study

A group of bioethicists wrote in a column published on Wednesday that Facebook’s controversial study of mood manipulation was not unethical, and harsh criticism of it risks putting a chill on future research. The article was written by six ethicists, joined by 27 others.

The study, which was designed in part by Cornell University researchers and carried out by Facebook in 2012, made tweaks in the social network’s algorithm that determines what appears in a user’s timeline, in an effort to meas…


Taiwanese Minister Steps Down Over ‘Peer Review and Citation Ring’

Taiwan’s minister of education resigned on Monday after it was revealed that his name had appeared on at least five of the 60 articles retracted by a scientific journal as part of the fallout from what the publication called a “peer review and citation ring,” The Washington Post reported. The minister, Chiang Wei-ling, has said he was listed as a co-author on the articles without his knowledge.

On July 8 the Journal of Vibration and Control announced it had retracted the articles after it discov…


Court Orders $250 in Damages for Climate Scientist in Records Lawsuit

The Virginia Supreme Court has ordered that Michael E. Mann, a former professor at the University of Virginia, be paid $250 in damages by the group that sued to obtain his records, The Daily Progress reports. The court ruled in April that the records were proprietary to the university, and therefore were exempt from requests under the state’s open-records law.

The Energy and Environment Legal Institute, a conservative advocacy group formerly known as the American Tradition Institute, sought abou…


Former President of Colby College Will Lead Humanities Endowment

William D. Adams, who stepped down last month as president of Colby College, in Maine, will be the next chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities. The U.S. Senate voted to confirm his appointment on Wednesday, and he will begin his work as chairman in the coming days.

President Obama announced the appointment in April. Mr. Adams will succeed James A. Leach, who resigned as chairman last year.


NIH to Withhold $1.4-Million From Research Team Linked to Fraud Case

The National Institutes of Health has rescinded the nearly $1.4-million remaining in federal grant funds the agency had awarded to an Iowa State University research team partly on the basis of findings that a former team member later admitted were bogus, The Des Moines Register reported.

The former team member, Dong-Pyou Han, resigned from the university last year and now faces felony criminal charges in federal court. The university has agreed to reimburse the agency $496,000, the portion of th…


Journal That Published Facebook’s Study Raises Ethics Concerns

The editor in chief of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the journal that recently published Facebook’s controversial research on its manipulation of users’ news feeds, is raising concerns about how Facebook collected the data.

The study was conducted by the social-media giant and co-designed by researchers at Cornell University. It involved manipulating what users saw in their news feeds to measure how the changes would affect the mood of their own posts. The study has come u…