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Adjuncts Blame Workplace Disrespect for Job Dissatisfaction

Although nearly three-fourths of part-time college instructors said in a survey that they would rather be working full time, their chief source of job dissatisfaction was not their underemployment but a perceived lack of respect from their full-time colleagues and administrators, according to a new study.

The study, published this month in The Journal of Higher Education, found that adjuncts who involuntarily work only part time feel less satisfied in their jobs, and less respected by faculty me…


Most Minority Students at U. of Illinois Report Being Racially Stereotyped

More than half of minority students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign say they have been the object of racial stereotypes in the classroom, according to the results of a new survey conducted by a faculty group at the university.

The results were based on responses to an online survey of nearly 5,000 students of color, and focused on the prevalence of racial microaggressions, or subtle instances of racism carried out unintentionally. Among the findings:

  • Fifty-one percent of respo…

Utah Valley State President Draws Fire for Arguing Gay Marriage Causes Abortions

The president of Utah Valley University is taking criticism for signing an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court arguing that the legalization of same-sex marriage would cause 900,000 more abortions during the next 30 years.

Dozens of faculty members at the public college wrote a letter to the editor of The Salt Lake Tribune on Friday asserting that the president, Matthew S. Holland, had been wrong to include his title in his signature on the brief.

“All of us, including our university presiden…


College of DuPage Faculty Wants President Put on Leave

Faculty members at the College of DuPage voted unanimously on Thursday night to ask that the two-year college’s trustees put its president, Robert L. Breuder, on leave until federal and state authorities complete their investigations of the Illinois college, the Chicago Tribune reports.

“We are currently headed down a path that is destructive to this institution,” reads the Faculty Senate’s resolution. “Regardless of your allegiances to Dr. Breuder, it is time to act decisively. If evidence is f…


Ohio Lawmakers Abandon Threat to Faculty Unions

In the face of heavy resistance from Ohio’s faculty unions, state lawmakers have stripped a budget bill of proposed language that would have rendered a large share of public-university faculty members ineligible to bargain collectively.

As taken up by the state House of Representatives’ Finance Committee last week, the bill would have classified as supervisors or managers, and therefore ineligible for union representation, any public-university faculty members who “participate in decisions w…


Northwest Nazarene U. Puts Layoffs on Hold After Faculty Protest

Northwest Nazarene University, a Christian institution in Idaho, has put on hold a plan to lay off six employees, including a popular professor of theology whose pending removal had prompted protests and a faculty vote of no confidence in the university’s president, the Idaho Statesman reports.

The professor, Thomas Jay Oord, and the other affected faculty and staff members had been expected to leave Northwest Nazarene at the end of the academic year, as part of budget shifts announced by the u…


Thousands of Workers Were Denied NYU’s Protections on Abu Dhabi Project, Probe Finds

One-third of the work force used to build New York University’s campus in Abu Dhabi was not subject to the institution’s enhanced labor protections, an independent investigation has found. But the long-awaited results of the inquiry also state that the college’s commitment to the standards was “real, implemented in good faith, and, to a large measure, effective.”

The report, prepared by the investigative firm Nardello & Company, largely lays the blame on the developer overseeing the project and …


Adjunct Professors Demand $15,000 per Course in National Protests

Adjunct instructors joined low-wage workers on Wednesday in a national protest to demand higher pay. The Fight for 15 campaign — in which fast-food, retail, and health-care employees demand a $15 minimum wage and adjuncts demand $15,000 per course — was organized by the Service Employees International Union, which represents many part-time instructors.

Here are some scenes from the protests, as seen on Twitter:


Adjunct Instructors Are Called to Join Low-Wage Worker Protests

Adjunct instructors at dozens of colleges around the nation are expected on Wednesday to join low-wage worker protests being organized by the Service Employees International Union.

Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, and Seattle are among the cities where adjuncts are expected to join low-wage workers in other industries to protest for better wages as part of the SEIU’s “Fight for 15” campaign.

While the construction, health-care, restaurant, and retail employees involve…


Study Suggests Sexist Hiring Doesn’t Explain Dearth of Women in Science

Sexist hiring practices are commonly blamed for the underrepresentation of women in many fields of academic science, but new research suggests that such an assumption is wrong. In the research, published on Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, male and female faculty members in four fields under study preferred to hire female applicants, by a two-to-one ratio, over male applicants with identical qualifications and life situations (single, married, divorced).

The study,