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U. of Michigan Settles Lawsuit Filed by Dismissed Graduate Student

The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor will pay $165,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by Jennifer Dibbern, a graduate student who was dismissed from the university’s engineering program in 2011, the Associated Press reported on Wednesday. Half of the money will go to her lawyers, according to documents obtained by the AP.

The university settled with Ms. Dibbern before a trial, scheduled for June, and after many of her claims had been dismissed by a judge, the AP reported. Ms. Dibbern, who was a do…


Charges Are Dropped Against Yale Worker Who Purposely Broke Window Depicting Slavery

Prosecutors have dropped charges against the Yale University worker who smashed a stained-glass window at the university’s Calhoun College with images of slaves, the Associated Press reported on Tuesday.

In June, Corey Menafee, a dining-services worker, smashed the window with a broomstick, saying he was tired of seeing pictures of slaves in the dining hall. After Mr. Menafee was charged with felony criminal mischief and misdemeanor reckless endangerment, the university asked prosecutors to drop…


Smithsonian Institution Is Hiring a Beer Scholar

Beer and history lovers, it’s time to polish up your résumé because the Smithsonian is hiring.

The Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History plans to hire a historian for its American Brewing History Initiative. The historian will lead field and archival research for a new project on American brewing history with an emphasis on craft brewing.

The gig requires an advanced degree in American brewing, business, food, culture, or other, similar specialties in history.

A successfu…


Adams State U. Settles Lawsuit With Professor Who Was Banned From Campus

Adams State University, in Alamosa, Colo., will lift a campus ban on Danny Ledonne, a former mass-communications professor, and pay $100,000 to settle a lawsuit brought on his behalf by the American Civil Liberties Union, The Denver Post reported on Monday.

After the university did not renew his contract, in 2015, Mr. Ledonne created a website on which he accused Adams State of violating Colorado law by making untimely payments to adjunct faculty members. Subsequently, Beverlee McClure, presiden…


Everybody’s Talking About Plagiarism. What Is It, Exactly?

Plagiarism has long been one of the cardinal sins of academe. But on Tuesday it was on the lips of people nationwide, thanks to a seemingly unlikely source: the Republican National Convention.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump’s wife, Melania Trump, gave a speech that appeared to plagiarize parts of the speech Michelle Obama delivered when her husband was first nominated, at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, in Denver.

Academics, some of whom deal with plagia…


Indiana Governor, Trump’s VP Choice, Backed Controversial ‘Religious Freedom’ Law

Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana, whom Donald J. Trump named on Friday as his vice-presidential running mate, may be best known in academe for his support of a controversial “religious freedom” law last year that critics said amounted to a license to discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans.

Advocates of the law, formally the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, argued that it was intended only to protect religious liberty. But colleges and universities across Indiana, both…


3 Professors at U. of Texas at Austin Sue to Block Campus-Carry Law

Three faculty members at the University of Texas at Austin filed a lawsuit against the university and the state on Wednesday that asks a federal judge to block the state’s “campus carry” law before students return to the campus next month, The Texas Tribune reports.

Under the law, which was approved last year and takes effect on August 1, public universities will be required to allow holders of concealed-handgun licenses to carry their weapons inside most buildings and classrooms, with only limi…


U. of Northern Colorado Admits Bias-Response Team Violated Free Speech

The University of Northern Colorado’s president has acknowledged that campus officials made mistakes after two state senators criticized the actions of the institution’s bias-response team, which handles bias-related incidents, according to The Tribune, in Greeley, Colo.

The newspaper had raised questions about the team, saying that it had responded to complaints in ways that trampled on people’s free-speech rights. State Sen. John Cooke, a Republican, wrote a letter to the president, Kay Norton…


U. of South Florida Fires Official After Investigation Into Hiring Process

The University of South Florida has fired the director of its communications school, Samuel Bradley, for hiding an investigation into his inappropriate relationships with students at his previous job, the Tampa Bay Times reported on Thursday.

An independent report commissioned by the university also found that employees had made several lapses in hiring Mr. Bradley, including not conducting a background check and not advertising the position he was initially hired for in a hasty attempt to fill …


Fellow Philosophers Criticize Yale Scholar for Alleged Sexual Harassment

More than 200 philosophers across the country have signed an open letter criticizing a Yale University professor who was accused of sexual harassment, BuzzFeed reported on Monday.

The professor, Thomas Pogge, was accused in a federal civil-rights complaint of sexually harassing students.

The letter says the behavior described by Mr. Pogge’s accusers “violates the norms of appropriate professional conduct.” The signers say that “based on the information that has been made public, we strongly cond…