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Which Marvel Superhero Could Run a University?

Marvel Comics this week announced a new slate of superhero movies to be released over the next several years. You’ve got plenty of time to decide which ones you’ll see, so in the meantime let’s address the question on everyone’s mind: Which Marvel character would make the best college president? Let’s limit the search to all nonmutants who have starred or will star in a Marvel movie.

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Right off the bat, you can count out Robert B. Banner, otherwise known as the Hulk. While Mr. Banner has three P…


Amid Uproar Over Arrests, Greensboro Chancellor Announces Retirement

The chancellor of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Linda P. Brady, announced on Monday that she would retire next year, but said her decision was not related to faculty protests over the firings and arrests of three former employees, the News & Record reports.

Last month three university-relations employees were fired for using state-owned cameras in a freelance photography business, according to the university. They have each been charged with felonies. In recent days faculty mem…


College President Is Put on Leave After Alleged Alcohol-Related Misconduct

The president of Williston State College, Raymond Nadolny, has been placed on administrative leave following allegations of misconduct involving alcohol, the Williston Herald reports.

The North Dakota college said the allegations were being investigated by an outside group. Mr. Nadolny, who was hired in 2009, has been cooperating with the investigation, the college said.

“It was time that Ray get disconnected from the campus, allowing him to work on issues of his health and well-being,” said Lar…


Controversial President of William Peace U. to Step Down Next Year

Debra M. Townsley will retire next June at the end of her five-year term as president of William Peace University after seeing the former women’s college through a period of transformational change, the institution announced on Monday. In the university’s statement, Ms. Townsley described herself as “a change agent” who had carried out the mission she was hired to do, and said she was now “ready to pass the baton to the next leader.” She said she had been offered but had declined a contract exte…


Former President of Hocking College Says He Was Forced Out

The surprisingly amicable retirement of Ron J. Erickson as Hocking College’s president was a facade, he said this past weekend. The former president, who had sparred with the Ohio college’s trustees in the past and who resigned on October 2, wrote in a letter to the Athens Messenger that he had been forced out by the board.

“The actual reason I was removed is this: I attempted to eliminate a hostile work environment for a black employee of Hocking College, through the termination of the employee…


U. of Illinois Chancellor Corrects ‘Serious Errors’ in 2006 Paper

Phyllis M. Wise, chancellor of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, has made a significant correction to a paper, published in 2006, that presents non-original work as original, the blog Retraction Watch reports.

According to a correction in the journal Neuroscience, Ms. Wise’s paper contained “a number of serious errors” and was “written in a way that misleads the readers to think that it is an original article.” The article, “Estrogen Therapy: Does It Help or Hurt the Adult and Agin…


Christian-College Group Settles Suit by President Who Was Fired Abruptly

The Council for Christian Colleges and Universities has reached a settlement with a former president, Edward O. Blews Jr., who sued the group after he was unexpectedly ousted, in October 2013.

Among other things, Mr. Blews alleged in the lawsuit that the council did not have grounds to dismiss him, and that the way it handled the dismissal violated the terms of his contract.

According to a news release from the council, both sides agreed to keep the terms of the settlement confidential. But the …


Harvard Steps Up Security After Email Threatens Students

[Updated, 10/5/2014, 7:57 p.m.] The Harvard University Police Department has increased its weekend presence on the campus after an email threat was sent on Friday to hundreds of people affiliated with the university, including students, and was forwarded to the Harvard Crimson. But a second email, sent on Saturday from the same “” address, issued an apology, saying the first was sent by mistake.

The Crimson said the first email’s racist tone appeared to be directed at Asian students bu…


Cornell U. Names First Female President

Cornell University has named the provost of the University of Southern California as its 13th president, according to a news release on its website. Elizabeth Garrett will be Cornell’s first female president when she takes office, on July 1, 2015.

Ms. Garrett has been Southern California’s provost since 2010. She is also a professor of law, political science, finance and business economics, and public policy.

Cornell’s current president, David J. Skorton, announced in March that he would leave t…


Rutgers Athletics Director Reportedly Made Off-Color Sandusky Joke

Rutgers University’s athletics director, Julie Hermann, apologized last week for fans who wore T-shirts making light of the Jerry Sandusky sex-abuse scandal at Pennsylvania State University. But she apparently made her own off-color joke about the scandal during a staff meeting last fall, according to NJ Advance Media.

According to sources quoted in the news group’s report, the comment occurred as Ms. Hermann talked with a small group of staff members about “reaching out and touching the donors”…