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Moderate Your Drinking to Reduce Rape, College Chief Tells Students

The president of Eckerd College, in Florida, is catching heat from students after he wrote in an email that they should drink less alcohol as a way of preventing sexual assault, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

Donald R. Eastman III wrote on Sunday that students could help mitigate sexual assault on the campus in two ways:

1. By limiting your own consumption of alcohol, and encouraging your friends to do the same. Socrates included wine at his Symposium, but he did not get drunk.

2. You can be thoug…


After Boston U. Skips a City Council Hearing, Its President Gets a Subpoena

Boston’s City Council took the rare step of issuing a subpoena on Monday that summons Boston University’s president to appear at a hearing next month, The Boston Globe reported.

The chairman of the council’s education committee said he had requested the subpoena because the university had failed to send a representative to a hearing last month on employee and student diversity at colleges in the city. “We gave Boston University every opportunity to attend and to accommodate their schedule, and…


President of Lincoln U. (Pa.) Resigns Amid Criticism of Remarks on Rape

The president of Lincoln University of Pennsylvania, who has been under fire for weeks for comments he made about campus rape, resigned on Monday, The Philadelphia Tribune reports.

Robert R. Jennings told an audience in September that women should not put themselves in situations that could lead to sexual assault. The remarks, a portion of which were posted on YouTube, were blasted by parents as placing the blame for sexual violence on rape survivors.

Mr. Jennings, who had been president since J…


How UVa’s President Changed Her Tune on Sexual Assault

The University of Virginia’s initial response last week to an article in Rolling Stone magazine detailing a student’s rape in a fraternity house was slammed by critics as insufficient. While the college’s president, Teresa A. Sullivan, wrote a letter promising a review of the student’s claims, the lead investigator chosen to conduct the review was an alumnus of the fraternity in question. The state’s attorney general nixed the choice.

A group of faculty members signed a letter in response to Ms….


Chicago State U.’s Interim Provost Is Cleared of Plagiarism Charges

Chicago State University’s interim provost, Angela Henderson, has been cleared of allegations that she plagiarized her dissertation, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

An independent hearing officer hired by the University of Illinois at Chicago, where Ms. Henderson had earned her Ph.D. in nursing, found that problems with her bibliography did not constitute plagiarism.

Ms. Henderson sued the University of Illinois at Chicago in July for publicly discussing her academic history. In December a Chicag…


U. of Illinois Taps SUNY’s Research Chief as Next President

Timothy L. Killeen, a researcher in geophysics who has been leading the State University of New York’s research foundation for two years, will be the next president of the University of Illinois, the system announced on Wednesday.

Mr. Killeen will earn a $600,000 starting salary and up to $100,000 each year in performance incentives, The News-Gazette reports. He will succeed Robert A. Easter, who will retire next year after three years as president. The appointment is subject to the approval of…


College Chief Apologizes to Woman Who Says 2 Football Players Raped Her

The president of Oregon State University has apologized to a woman who says she was sexually assaulted by two of the college’s football players in 1998, The Oregonian reports.

The newspaper published a column on Friday about Brenda Tracy, who says she was gang-raped by the Oregon State players and two other men. She did not cooperate with a police investigation, and the district attorney’s office dropped the case.

Edward J. Ray, president of Oregon State, wrote in an email to the campus on Mond…


President of Lincoln U., in Pa., Faces Review for Remarks About Women

The Board of Trustees of Lincoln University, in Pennsylvania, decided on Saturday to conduct an internal review of the university’s president, Robert R. Jennings, who has been under fire for comments about women and sexual assaults, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. The board’s chairwoman, Kimberly Lloyd, said after a closed two-hour session that the board had “reviewed the actions of the president” and would refer the matter to an executive committee.

Mr. Jennings had no comment about the bo…


President of Lincoln U. (Pa.) Apologizes for ‘Choice of Words’ on Campus Rape

The president of Lincoln University in Pennsylvania has apologized for comments he made in September urging women not to put themselves in situations where they might be sexually assaulted, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports. Parents of students have criticized the remarks, made at an all-women’s convocation, as placing the blame for the crimes on survivors.

“My message was intended to emphasize personal responsibility and mutual respect,” wrote the president, Robert R. Jennings, in a statement o…


7 Fired Faculty Members Return to Work at Seminary in New York

The Episcopal seminary in New York that fired eight of its 10 faculty members in late September has hired seven of them back, The New York Times reports.

The Board of Trustees of the institution, the General Theological Seminary, dismissed the professors soon after they walked off the job and said they could not continue working unless the board replaced the seminary’s dean and president, the Very Rev. Kurt H. Dunkle. On their website, the faculty members complained that the dean had told them “…