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Why Is Dartmouth Still Boiling Over a Protest That Happened 2 Weeks Ago?

On November 12 a large group of protesters at Dartmouth College finished a night of demonstrations about racism by entering a campus library, disrupting students at work there, and loudly chanting “black lives matter.”

Twelve days later the college is still responding to the protest. On Monday it released its third statement in less than two weeks in response to the demonstration, with the president, Philip J. Hanlon, condemning “reports of vulgar epithets, personal insults, and intimidating act…


U. of Louisville Administrator Is on Leave After Alleged Improper Reimbursement

The director of alumni relations at the University of Louisville has been placed on administrative leave while the institution investigates allegations that she used institutional money to fund personal trips when she worked at the University of Georgia.

The Courier-Journal reports that an audit at Georgia found Deborah Dietzler signed up for marathons, then arranged meetings or events with alumni near the marathons so the university would reimburse her travel costs.

In a statement, Louisville s…


On 2 Campuses Where Heads Rolled, Opposition to Protests Reverberates

[Updated (11/17/2015, 3:11 p.m.) with more detail about the opposition at Claremont McKenna.]

Amid national protests of racism on campuses in the past week, three prominent academic leaders have resigned: the University of Missouri system’s president, Timothy M. Wolfe; the Missouri flagship’s chancellor, R. Bowen Loftin; and Claremont McKenna College’s dean of students, Mary Spellman.

On both campuses, protesters are now beginning to feel a backlash.

At Missouri a poll of state residents conduct…


Students Are Protesting Racism on College Campuses. What Are Their Demands?

A week ago Monday morning, the University of Missouri system’s president, Timothy M. Wolfe, resigned under pressure from student activists who alleged he hadn’t done enough to deal with racism at the flagship campus, in Columbia. The ouster made waves nationally, and drew attention to movements centered on similar complaints on campuses across the country.

Many existed before the tension at Missouri boiled over, but they’ve all drawn fresh attention in the past week. Here’s a brief look at some …


Brown U.’s President Promises Investigation of Officer’s Altercation With Visiting Student

Brown University’s president has apologized for and promised a full investigation of an altercation early Saturday in which a visiting Dartmouth student says he was forcefully detained by one of Brown’s public-safety officers, the Providence Journal reports.

The Dartmouth student was at Brown to attend a conference of Latino students. According to The Brown Daily Herald, a student newspaper, the visiting student said the incident occurred about 12:30 a.m. Saturday after he criticized how securi…


Missouri Football Coach Who Supported Protests Will Retire

Gary Pinkel, head coach of the University of Missouri’s football team, whose endorsement of players’ protests of racism helped draw national attention to the flagship campus, is resigning at the end of the year for health reasons. According to a statement from the university, Mr. Pinkel received a diagnosis of non-Hodgkin lymphoma in May and decided late last month that he would retire at the end of the year.

“I still feel good physically, but I decided that I want to focus on enjoying my remain…


Interim President of U. of Missouri Is Veteran Official With Roots in Civil Rights

The interim president of the University of Missouri system is a Mizzou alumnus who took part in civil-rights protests a half-century ago, as a student, and later served 30 years in leadership positions at the university before retiring in August. The system’s new leader, Mike Middleton, 68, was appointed by the Board of Curators on Thursday, effective immediately.

He takes office after one of the most tumultuous weeks in the university’s history, in which a hunger strike, a threatened boycott by…


College President Apologizes for Handling of Ex-Trustee’s Sudden Hire

Oakland University’s president has apologized for how he handled the creation of a new leadership position that was filled immediately by a former trustee, The Oakland Press reports.

Last month the Michigan university’s Board of Trustees voted to hire Scott Kunselman, a former safety chief at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles who had recently stepped down as a trustee, to fill the new position of chief operating officer. The public university’s faculty union cried foul over the appointment, which did no…


U. of Illinois Fires Athletic Director After Full Report of Former Coach’s Misconduct

The University of Illinois fired its athletic director on Monday, the same day it released a report detailing misconduct by a former football coach, Tim Beckman, the Chicago Tribune reports.

“Mike Thomas has done a good job of leading through recent challenges,” the university’s interim chancellor, Barbara Wilson, said in a written statement. “Decisions such as these are always difficult, but we have to focus on the best interests of our student-athletes. I believe this decision allows everyone …


U. of Missouri President and Chancellor Resign Amid Mounting Protests Over Racism

[Last updated (11/9/2015, 5:40 p.m.) with news that R. Bowen Loftin would also resign.]

A week after a graduate student, Jonathan Butler, said he wouldn’t eat until Timothy M. Wolfe, president of the University of Missouri system, resigned, Mr. Wolfe announced on Monday he would step down.

The flagship campus’s chancellor, R. Bowen Loftin, announced late Monday afternoon that he too would step down from his post. Specifically, he said he would be making the transition to a new, research-focused …