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What’s happening abroad—and how it affects U.S. colleges.


Anthropology Group Narrowly Rejects Resolution on Israel Boycott

Members of the American Anthropological Association have narrowly voted to reject a resolution calling for a boycott of Israeli academic institutions, Inside Higher Ed has reported.

Fifty-one perfect of the association’s members voted on the resolution, with 2,423 members opposing it and 2,384 supporting it. Last fall a much smaller group of members voted at the association’s annual meeting to support the resolution.

The association said in a news release that its board had approved a series of …


Thousands Mark Tiananmen Anniversary in Hong Kong, Minus Student Groups

The Associated Press is reporting that student groups dropped out of this year’s vigil in Hong Kong marking the 27th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, in which Chinese government troops killed hundreds of pro-democracy demonstrators, including students, in Beijing.

The vigil, which organizers said attracted 125,000 this year, annually commemorates the June 4, 1989, crackdown by the Chinese military against a student-led reform movement. The Hong Kong student groups that participated …


U. of Iowa Cheating Investigation Focuses on Chinese Companies

The University of Iowa suspects that about 30 Chinese students paid Chinese companies to take their online examinations for them, Reuters reported on Wednesday.

Last week Iowa began investigations after ProctorU, the company that Iowa uses to verify online courses, found potential inconsistencies in students’ identities for one or more exams.

According to Reuters, three of the Chinese students suspected of cheating admitted to the news service that they had hired Chinese-run groups to take tests…


Justice Dept. Changes Counterespionage Tactics After Wrongful Arrest of Temple U. Professor

The U.S. Justice Department has announced a new national-security protocol meant to prevent cases like those that have misidentified Chinese-Americans as spies, The New York Times reports.

Last September the department dropped such charges against Xi Xiaoxing, a Temple University physicist who was accused in May 2015 of selling secrets to his native China.

Mr. Xi was at least the fifth Chinese-American arrested and wrongfully suspected of economic espionage in a little more than a year.

Now, acc…


Scholars Sue American Studies Association Over Boycott of Israel

[Updated (4/20/2016, 2:57 p.m.) with a statement from the association.]

Four professors have sued the American Studies Association over its boycott of Israel’s academic institutions, saying the move exceeds the scope of the organization’s charter, according to a news release issued by the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law.

The association’s 2013 vote to approve the boycott, in protest of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians, provoked a backlash from scholars who said it posed a s…


Bus Crash Kills at Least 13 University Exchange Students in Spain

A bus carrying university exchange students crashed on a highway in the Catalonia region of northeastern Spain on Sunday, killing at least 13 passengers and injuring 34 others, the Associated Press reported.

Most of the passengers were participants in the Erasmus exchange program, which serves students across the European Union, and they represented more than 20 countries, authorities said. The identities and nationalities of those who were killed or injured had not been released as of Sunday e…


New Federal Rule Will Avert Deportation for Thousands of Students

Foreign students in science and technology will be able to extend their stay in the United States, under a new rule to be published by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security this week. The regulation will be welcome relief to some 34,000 students — as well as to colleges and employers — who could have been forced to leave the country this spring because of a legal challenge to a program, Optional Practical Training, that allows them to work in the United States after graduation.

All internatio…


Vanderbilt Graduate Student Is Killed on Trip to Israel

A Vanderbilt University graduate student was stabbed to death on Tuesday in Israel in an attack by a Palestinian man who was then shot dead, according to the New York Daily News.

The student, 29-year-old Taylor Force, was in Jaffa, Israel, on a trip sponsored by the university’s Owen Graduate School of Management. His wife was seriously injured in the assault, The Times of Israel reported. Ten other people were injured, five critically, by the assailant.

In a public message, Vanderbilt’s chancel…


British Prime Minister Criticizes Oxford for Low Enrollment of Disadvantaged Students

The University of Oxford is pushing back against Prime Minister David Cameron’s assertion that the British university isn’t enrolling a diverse-enough student body.

Over the weekend, The Guardian reported, Mr. Cameron said there were “huge discrepancies” in the offers extended to students from disadvantaged backgrounds, and pledged to enact legislation that would “shine a spotlight” on the university’s admissions decisions.

The university responded by saying that any inequality observed in highe…


U. of Virginia Student Is Arrested in North Korea for ‘Hostile Act’

North Korea says it has detained a University of Virginia student for committing a “hostile act” and wanting to “destroy the country’s unity,” Reuters reports.

Young Pioneer Tours, a China-based tour group that organized the trip the student was on, confirmed to Reuters that Otto F. Warmbier had been detained in Pyongyang’s airport before a flight back to China on January 2.

This isn’t the first time North Korea has detained a student from an American university. Last year a South Korean student…