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Anonymous Website Takes Aim at Paine College’s President

An anonymous website that has publicized a myriad of allegations against Paine College’s president is seeking his removal from office, The Augusta Chronicle reported.

The so-called Paine Project claims to be a “collaboration of persons who have an interest and a stake in the prosperity of Paine College,” including current and former students and faculty and staff members. Its website asserts that the historically black college’s president, George C. Bradley, and his wife have led the Georg…


U. of Iowa Scholar Will Get New Trial in Promotion-Bias Case

A federal appeals court has granted a new trial to a University of Iowa scholar who accused the institution of discriminating against her because of her conservative views, The Des Moines Register reported.

The scholar, Teresa R. Wagner, had asserted in a lawsuit that a former dean of Iowa’s law school refused to promote her because of her political beliefs and her work with conservative groups. In 2012 a jury found that Ms. Wagner’s First Amendment rights had not been violated, but deadlocked o…


Colleges Must Make ‘Good-Faith Effort’ on Clery Act Compliance, U.S. Says

The U.S. Department of Education said on Monday that colleges must make a “good-faith effort” to comply with changes in the campus-crime reporting law known as the Clery Act before the department issues final rules outlining how colleges should work to prevent crimes such as sexual assault and domestic violence.

When Congress renewed the Violence Against Women Act last year, the Clery Act was amended to require colleges to collect statistics on incidents of domestic violence, dating violence, se…


Both Sides Find Reason to Cheer in Ruling on Transgender Student’s Suit

Both parties in a transgender student’s lawsuit against California Baptist University claimed a partial victory last week, after a judge ruled that the institution could exclude the student from on-campus classes but not from other campus services that are open to the public.

Domaine Javier, who identifies as female, was expelled from the university after revealing on a reality television show that she is biologically male. The university said she had been expelled for fraud. She now studies at Riverside City College.

Ms. Javier sued the university, citing a California law that bars discrimination on the basis of factors such as race, gender identity, and gender expression.

A judge found that the law in question applied to an organization’s business operations—such as the university’s counseling center and its library—but not its on-campus classes, according to The Press Enterprise. The judge ordered the university to pay the student $4,000 in damages and awarded her legal fees.

“CBU is pleased that the court recognized that California Baptist University is a private Christian university and is not a business establishment under the Unruh Act,” said James McDonald, an attorney for Fisher & Phillips who is representing the university. “The court also ruled that the plaintiff did not have a valid breach-of-contract claim.”

Paul Southwick, an attorney for Javier, said in an interview that the part of the ruling that favored his client provided protection for other transgender people.

“Today is a great day for transgender Californians. Today, the court recognized that transgender people are not frauds and that any business that treats them that way is in violation of the state’s anti-discrimination statute. … That is a really strong statement from the court,” Southwick said.

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Christian College Wins U.S. Exemption in Dispute With Transgender Student

The U.S. Department of Education has granted George Fox University, a Christian college in Newberg, Ore., a religious exemption from the federal gender-equity law known as Title IX in a housing dispute with a transgender student, according to PQ Monthly, an Oregon newspaper.

The student, Jayce Marcus, wanted to live on the campus with his friends but asserted that the university had denied him on-campus housing. He filed a bias complaint with the department under Title IX. But the department gra…


Maryland’s UMUC Considers Restructuring as Enrollments Fall

The University of Maryland University College, a major player in the online-education market, is considering ideas for a restructuring amid declining enrollments, The Washington Post reported.

Javier Miyares, the university’s president, has formed an advisory group to consider restructuring proposals. One of those ideas would involve transforming the institution into a “not-for-profit business entity” affiliated with the University System of Maryland, of which it is currently a full-fledge…


USC and Scripps Research Inst. Drop Partnership Talks After Outcry

The University of Southern California and the Scripps Research Institute have abandoned talks about a possible partnership, after faculty members at the institute assailed the idea, the San Diego Union Tribune reported.

News of the possible partnership emerged last month. Michael A. Marletta, the institute’s president, was reportedly exploring a deal in which USC would pay the financially strapped institute $15-million a year for 40 years. But faculty members sharply criticized Mr. Marletta, …


State Labor Board Approves Union for Non-Tenure-Track Faculty at U. of Illinois

The Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board has approved efforts by non-tenure-track faculty members at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to form a union, said a news release from the Illinois Federation of Teachers. The unionization effort was led by Urbana-Champaign’s Campus Faculty Association, the Illinois Federation of Teachers, the American Federation of Teachers, and the American Association of University Professors.


House Sends Job-Training Legislation to Obama’s Desk

The U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday passed the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, a compromise bill that would reauthorize federal job-training programs. The measure was approved by a vote of 415 to 6, and it now heads to President Obama’s desk for his signature.

The legislation would reauthorize the Workforce Investment Act, which was enacted in 1998. Efforts to renew the measure had been stalled since it was due for reauthorization, in 2003, but in May members of Congress rea…


U. of Southern Maine President Will Leave Post for Job With System

Theodora J. Kalikow will step down this month as president of the University of Southern Maine to take a job with the University of Maine system as an acting vice chancellor who will work on a one-year community-engagement effort, the Portland Press Herald reported.

Ms. Kalikow’s new job will run through the end of next June, when her current contract expires. She has served as the Southern Maine campus’s interim president during a period of financial turmoil. In April she reversed course on a c…