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Judge Rejects Florida State’s Bid to Dismiss Suit by Ex-Quarterback’s Accuser

A federal judge has denied Florida State University’s motion to dismiss a Title IX lawsuit brought by a former student who leveled a rape accusation at a star quarterback for the Seminoles, USA Today reported.

The plaintiff in the case, Erica Kinsman, sued the university in January. She accused the Florida State quarterback, Jameis Winston, who is now a rookie with the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers, of assaulting her in December 2012. Mr. Winston was not charged criminally in connection with the allegations, and was found not responsible for sexual misconduct after a student disciplinary hearing.

Judge Mark E. Walker of the U.S. District Court in Tallahassee, Fla., on Monday rejected the university’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit. He had previously scheduled a trial date in the case for next year.

“In sum, FSU offers a different take on some of the facts in the complaint and additional facts that are not in the complaint in an attempt to show its efforts to respond were diligent and genuine, or at least not ‘clearly unreasonable’ under Title IX,” Walker wrote in his motion. “This Court does not resolve such factual disputes on a motion to dismiss.

“Viewed in the light most favorable to Ms. Kinsman, the complaint plausibly alleges deliberate indifference during this period that effectively denied her the ability to attend FSU.”

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Pasadena College Is Told to Restore Winter Term and Compensate Faculty

California’s Public Employment Relations Board has issued a preliminary decision stating that Pasadena City College acted illegally in canceling its winter session three years ago, and ordering the two-year institution to compensate faculty members for losses caused by that change, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The ending of Pasadena City’s winter session was one point of controversy during the bumpy tenure as president of Mark W. Rocha, who clashed repeatedly with faculty members and left his position last year.

The college must compensate professors for losses brought on by the elimination of the winter session plus 7 percent interest, according to the ruling. It’s not yet clear how much the decision could ultimately cost the college. The president of Pasadena City’s Board of Trustees declined to comment on the ruling.

Faculty members have made several no-confidence votes against the college’s administration, and the previous president, Mark W. Rocha, left his position last August after threatening to sue the school after a trustee criticized him.

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Wheaton College (Ill.) Ends Student Health Insurance Over Contraceptive Rule

Wheaton College of Illinois will stop providing students with health insurance because of its objections to the Obama administration’s controversial rule on access to contraceptives, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Many other religious colleges have asserted that the contraceptive mandate violates their religious beliefs. The Obama administration’s attempts to compromise on the rule have so far failed to satisfy those institutions, several of which have filed lawsuits over the mandate.



Investigation Finds High Dropout Rates at Unaccredited Law Schools

Nearly nine out of 10 students who attend unaccredited law schools in California drop out within four years, according to an investigation by the Los Angeles Times.

The schools offer four-year programs, and their students are allowed to take the state bar examination, although the schools are not required to meet the same academic standards as those that are accredited nationally or by the state bar. Students at the unaccredited schools are generally not eligible for federal financial assistance…


UC-San Diego Wins Suit Against USC Over Control of Alzheimer’s Project

The University of California at San Diego has prevailed in an unusual lawsuit against the University of Southern California over control of a major project to study Alzheimer’s disease, the Los Angeles Times reported.

San Diego accused Paul S. Aisen, who resigned his position there in June, and the other defendants of improperly conspiring to transfer the Alzheimer’s study to Southern California, which is Dr. Aisen’s new employer. The defendants argued that it was commonplace for departing resea…


U. of Cincinnati Overhauls Police Patrols After Fatal Shooting by Officer

The University of Cincinnati’s president on Thursday announced changes in how the institution’s police force operates, following an officer’s fatal shooting of a black man during a traffic stop on Sunday, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

The officer, Ray Tensing, shot and killed Samuel Dubose, 43, during a traffic stop over a missing front license plate that took place about half a mile from the university’s main campus. Mr. Dubose’s family and others have staged protests calling for the releas…


Study Challenges Idea That Many Campus Rapists Are Serial Offenders

A study published on Monday in JAMA Pediatrics, a journal of the American Medical Association, has challenged the perception that most college men who commit rape are serial offenders.

A previous study, published in 2002, found that about 6 percent of men surveyed at the University of Massachusetts at Boston had acknowledged committing acts that met criteria for rape or attempted rape. That research attracted widespread attention in part because 63 percent of those who admitted to such behaviors…


Arizona State Professor Is Demoted After Plagiarism Inquiry

A history professor at Arizona State University who was founding director of a campus center for the study of race and democracy has been demoted following an inquiry into plagiarism accusations, The Arizona Republic reports.

The university found “significant issues” with the content of Matthew C. Whitaker’s recent book, Peace Be Still: Modern Black America From World War II to Barack Obama, after concerns were raised that he had plagiarized some of its material from websites and other texts.



Small For-Profit College Closes in California

Four-D College, a small for-profit institution that focused on training students for careers in health-care fields, said on Sunday that it would close its doors, effective immediately, the San Bernardino Sun reports.

Linda Smith, the president, said financial restrictions imposed by the U.S. Department of Education had taken a “wrecking ball” to the college’s cash flow. Four-D said in a message on its website that its accreditor had recently denied the renewal of its accreditation after question…


Bridgepoint’s Ashford U. Will Close Its Iowa Campus

The for-profit educator Bridgepoint Education Inc. announced on Thursday that the Clinton, Iowa, campus of its Ashford University would shut down next year. The company cited an “inability to meet campus enrollment requirements” as a major factor in the decision.

Bridgepoint bought the Iowa campus in 2005 from a small Roman Catholic college and maintained it even though the vast majority of Ashford’s students are enrolled online and Bridgepoint’s corporate headquarters are in San Diego. The …