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Wisconsin Governor Stirs a Debate Over What Professors Actually Do

Just what do university professors do all day?

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin has been hearing plenty on that topic since he remarked this week, during a discussion of his proposal to cut state appropriations for the University of Wisconsin system by $300-million over two years, that the universities “might be able to make savings just by asking faculty and staff to consider teaching one more class a semester.

The governor’s comment, writes the Journal Sentinel, a newspaper in Milwaukee, bares…


Charges Are Dropped Against 5 Accused of Rape at William Paterson U.

A grand jury has declined to indict five William Paterson University of New Jersey students who were accused of raping and kidnapping another student on the institution’s campus last fall, the news outlet reported. All charges against the five men have been dropped.

Speaking after the decision by the grand jury, in Passaic County, N.J., a lawyer for one of the five men complained about the university’s treatment of the accused students. They were expelled without being given a …


Cal State Students Will Get More Say Over Campus ‘Success Fees’

The trustees of California State University voted on Wednesday to give students more say over the “success fees” some campuses tack onto their tuition bills, The Sacramento Bee reports. Critics have accused institutions of using the controversial fees, which are now in place on 12 of the system’s 23 campuses and can run to several hundred dollars a semester, to circumvent a tuition freeze that Cal State and the University of California agreed to in 2012 in exchange for increased state support.


Critics Boo as College of DuPage Reaffirms President’s Buyout

Despite the boos of a sometimes-raucous crowd, the trustees of the College of DuPage reaffirmed on Wednesday a controversial $763,000 severance deal for the two-year institution’s president, Robert Breuder, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The Illinois college’s Board of Trustees first approved the buyout agreement last week, but it scheduled a special meeting this week to deal with concerns over a procedural error in the earlier vote. The board was not there to reconsider the buyout, the college’s lawyer, Kenneth Florey, said at the start of Wednesday’s meeting. Instead, it was “taking the high road and voting again.”

The unusual do-over vote, required because of a “procedural” error, comes six days after the board approved a $763,000 severance deal for President Robert Breuder, which sparked widespread criticism over the amount of the agreement and a lack of transparency at the publicly funded community college in Glen Ellyn.

That outrage continued Wednesday night as a standing-room-only, sometimes raucous crowd filled a larger meeting space, which a judge ordered the board to use. About 400 people, some of them standing on an overflow balcony, listened as students, faculty, residents and two state lawmakers asked the board to reconsider the severance agreement and the effect it was having on the college’s reputation. Many asked the board members to resign.

The board, however, decided to approve the deal. Trustee Kim Savage defended it, saying the remainder of Breuder’s contract, which goes until 2019, would have paid him $2-million. Instead, he will retire in May 2016.

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Community College’s Board Will Vote Again on President’s $760,000 Buyout

The Board of Trustees of the College of DuPage, a community college in Illinois, will vote again on the buyout deal it approved last week for the college’s president, Robert Breuder, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The agreement calls for Mr. Breuder to receive a lump-sum payout of $762,868 upon retiring in March 2016, three years before his contract is up.

On Monday the board announced that it would meet in a special session on Wednesday to “clarify a procedural motion” regarding its approval of the agreement, in an addendum to Mr. Breuder’s contract.

A college spokesman would not explain in more detail the purpose of Wednesday’s meeting, and the board’s chairwoman could not be reached for comment, but the board’s announcement suggests that there was a problem with how officials handled the agreement last week. The board approved it, 6 to 1, on Thursday without publicly releasing its terms until after the vote.

After approving a controversial severance package last week for College of DuPage President Robert Breuder, the school’s board of trustees announced Monday that it would meet Wednesday to deal with the contract once more, suggesting that there was a problem with how officials handled it initially.

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Egypt Can Dismiss Professors for Political Activities Under New Decree

University professors in Egypt can be dismissed for participating in on-campus political-party activities under a decree issued last week by the country’s president, Daily News Egypt reports. The decree, which amends a law that regulates university affairs, also allows professors to be dismissed for participating in violence or riots on campuses, or for bringing to a university facility any weapons, explosives, or other materials that can cause harm.

Hany El-Hosseiny, a professor at Cairo Univer…


Organizers End Fight Over Vote to Unionize Adjuncts at Pacific Lutheran U.

Weeks after the National Labor Relations Board handed contingent faculty members at Pacific Lutheran University a major victory in their bid to unionize, organizers announced on Wednesday that they had withdrawn their petition to the board to form a union. “This means the current union election is over, and the challenged votes will not be counted,” the organizers said in a statement emailed to reporters.

In a 3-to-2 decision in December, the NLRB rejected Pacific Lutheran’s argument that, as a …


Agency to Offer ‘Scorecard’ on College-Affiliated Debit Cards for Students

The federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released on Wednesday the draft of a “Safe Student Account Scorecard” that it says will help colleges in their negotiations with financial institutions regarding college-affiliated debit cards and other financial services. The scorecard will enable colleges to avoid partnerships with institutions that offer accounts “with tricks and traps,” the bureau said in a news release.

“Because of the influence schools may have on the financial products s…


9 Are Arrested at U. of Georgia in Protest of Ban on Immigrant Students

Nine students were arrested at the University of Georgia on Friday as they protested a policy that bars students who are in the country illegally from attending the most-selective campuses in the university system, The Red and Black reported.

According to the student newspaper, campus police officers were called to Moore College, which houses the university’s honors program, on Friday evening when about 50 protesters refused to leave the building after it closed at 5 p.m. Chief Jimmy Williamson …


Dalhousie U. Suspends 13 Dentistry Students Over Facebook Comments

Canada’s Dalhousie University announced on Monday that it had suspended 13 male dentistry students from clinical activities pending an investigation of misogynistic comments posted on Facebook, but the announcement did little to quell mounting controversy around the institution, The Globe and Mail reported.

An academic committee is considering further penalties, such as academic suspension or expulsion, and hundreds of protesters gathered outside an administration building on Dalhousie’s main ca…