U. of Wisconsin at Madison Faculty Votes No Confidence in System’s President and Regents

Professors at the University of Wisconsin at Madison have voted no confidence in the university system’s president, Raymond W. Cross, and its Board of Regents, the Faculty Senate announced Monday.

The symbolic vote is the latest volley in a long-running dispute over the state of tenure and shared governance in the system. Under an overhaul signed by Gov. Scott Walker last summer, the Wisconsin Legislature stripped tenure and shared-governance protections from state law, leaving it to the regent…


Judge Temporarily Blocks U. of Louisville’s Plan to Remove Confederate Monument

A judge in Jefferson County, Ky., issued a restraining order on Monday that for now has blocked the removal of a Confederate monument near the University of Louisville, The Courier-Journal reported.

Louisville’s mayor, Gregory E. Fischer, and the university’s president, James R. Ramsey, announced their plans on Friday to remove the monument.

Everett Corley, a Republican congressional candidate in a district that includes the university, sought the restraining order to stop Mr. Fischer and Mr. Ra…


Tennessee Campus-Carry Bill Becomes Law Without Governor’s Signature

[Updated (5/2/2016,9:20 p.m.) with additional information about the governor's position.]

A bill allowing staff and faculty members to carry guns on Tennessee’s public campuses has become a law without the governor’s signature, The Commercial Appeal reported on Monday.

Senate Bill 2376, approved by lawmakers last month, allows full-time college and university employees with handgun-carry permits to bring their guns to campus after they let law-enforcement agencies and campus security know. The b…


U. of California Regent Violated Ethics Policy but Kept Board Seat

A member of the University of California’s Board of Regents has been allowed to keep his seat despite an investigation’s conclusion that he had violated ethics standards by engaging in talks about a lucrative deal between the Los Angeles campus and his eye clinics, ProPublica reports.

The board member, William De La Peña, was chairman of the regents’ health-services committee when he violated ethics regulations by discussing an eye-center affiliation with UCLA. He continued informal discussions…


Suspended Professor Sues Marquette U. for Breach of Contract

A political-science professor at Marquette University who was suspended in January is suing the institution, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

In the lawsuit, John McAdams, an associate professor of political science, accuses Marquette of breach of contract, according to the newspaper. The suit, filed on behalf of Mr. McAdams by the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, also asserts that the university illegally suspended him after he published a controversial blog post on free speech.


Chicago State U. Lays Off One-Third of Staff

Emergency funds approved last week by Illinois lawmakers after public colleges had gone almost the whole academic year without state money did not avert layoffs at Chicago State University, which let go more than 300 employees on Friday, the Chicago Tribune reported. That number represents one-third of the university’s staff. No faculty positions were affected — in this round of cuts, Chicago State’s president, Thomas J. Calhoun Jr., told the Tribune.

Illinois’s state-budget impasse has hit Chi…


U.S. Publishes Details on Religious Colleges Seeking Title IX Waivers

The U.S. Department of Education published on Friday new documents that identify religious colleges that have sought and received exemptions from the federal gender-equity law known as Title IX.

Such waivers allow the colleges to receive federal funding without violating their religious beliefs. But the exemptions are controversial: Last year the Human Rights Campaign, an advocacy group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights, published a report stating that a growing number of instit…


College Chief Apologizes After Controversy Over Student’s Research Poster

The University of Maryland-Baltimore County’s president has apologized for the decision to move an undergraduate’s research poster, which featured a large image of the female reproductive anatomy, during an annual symposium.

The controversy arose during an event known as the Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Day, a showcase for student-led research projects. Near the entrance to the event was a student’s poster portraying “an artistic rendering of the female anatomy,” said Lisa Akc…


U. of New Hampshire Concedes It Shouldn’t Have Bought $17,000 Table

Its flashing LED-light display may make it look like a dance floor, but the University of New Hampshire’s flashy dining table is for culinary purposes only.

Still, that hasn’t stopped critics from walking all over the university’s $17,570 table, which it bought so dining-hall workers could showcase healthy cooking tips to students, The Boston Globe reported on Friday. It turns out that diners weren’t paying as much attention to the slicing and dicing as they were to the table itself.

Its price t…


U. of Louisville Will Remove Monument to Confederate Soldiers

A 121-year-old Confederate monument at the University of Louisville will be removed, its president, James R. Ramsey, and the Kentucky city’s mayor, Gregory E. Fischer, announced at a news conference on Friday morning, according to the Courier-Journal.

On Twitter, Mr. Ramsey said the removal of the statue was one of the recommendations of the university’s diversity committee.