2 Dead in Attack at Community College in Wyoming

Two people were killed Friday morning in an attack at Casper College, a community college in Casper, Wyo., the Casper Star-Tribune reported. Police officials said two people were dead at the collegeā€™s Wold Physical Science Center and another was dead at a different location in the city. The police arrived at the science center shortly after 9 a.m. local time, and the college was locked down. No suspects are at large, say the police. The victims have not been identified. TheĀ Star-Tribune article included a secondhand report that the attack involved a bow and arrow, but the local police chief ā€œwouldn’t identify what weapon or weapons were involved, although he said no firearms were used,ā€ the newspaper said. The police have lifted the lockdown, according to a message on the collegeā€™s Twitter account, though the college said in a later message that no one would be permitted to enter the science building until the police investigation had concluded.

Update (11/30/2012, 5:15 p.m.): The police said that one of those killed at the college was a faculty member and the other was the suspect, who committed suicide, the Star-Tribune reported. The motive for the killings was unclear.

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