Laureate Education Will File for Initial Public Offering and Adopt New Model

Laureate Education Inc., one of the largest for-profit education companies in the world, announced on Friday it would file for an initial public offering. The company also announced it had converted itself into a public-benefit corporation, a model that commits a company to providing public service as well as earning profits.

In a statement on Friday, Laureate said it would be the largest company to become a public-benefit corporation. “For a long time, we didn’t have an easy way to explain the …


Here Are the Best Videos of Arne Duncan Playing Basketball

Arne Duncan, who announced on Friday he was stepping down as education secretary, has been one of the leading voices on higher-education policy for nearly a decade. But much of America most likely knows him not for his views on student-loan servicing but for being the biggest basketball devotee in the U.S. cabinet.

Well, maybe the second-biggest.

Mr. Duncan and President Obama have played pickup basketball together since the 1990s, keeping up the habit throughout Mr. Obama’s presidency. And whil…


Education Secretary Arne Duncan Will Step Down in December

[Last updated (10/2/2015, 2:42 p.m.) with statements about Mr. Duncan's departure.]

Arne Duncan will step down as U.S. secretary of education in December, an Education Department official confirmed on Friday. The news was first reported by the Associated Press.

Mr. Duncan has been a mainstay of President Obama’s cabinet, serving as the White House’s top education official since Mr. Obama took office, in 2009.

In a letter to department staff members, obtained by The Chronicle, Mr. Duncan said he …


Campus Bookstore’s Management Apologizes for Selling ‘Inflate a Date’ Dolls

The organization that manages the bookstore at West Chester University of Pennsylvania has apologized for the sale of male and female “inflate a date” dolls, The Delaware County Daily Times reports. “It was insensitive and contrary to the mission and values of the West Chester University and Student Services, Inc.,” the organization’s director, Donna Snyder, said in an email to students.

Listed on the packaging of both the male and female “perfect specimens” were features like “non-talking,” though only the female doll promised “no headaches,” according to the newspaper.

By the time staff removed the remaining female dolls, there were only four left. The male version had sold out.

WEST CHESTER >> An apology letter was issued Monday from the director of West Chester University’s Sykes Student Services Inc. for the “inappropriate sale of a six-inch ‘inflate-a-date’ doll” at the campus bookstore. The inflatable female and male dolls, from Sensational Inflatables, say to “‘inflate for an instant date.”

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Controversial Official Steps Down From Native American Post at Dartmouth

The recently hired director of Dartmouth College’s Native American program has stepped down amid criticism of what she claimed as her ethnic background and tribal affiliation, reports the Valley News, a Vermont newspaper.

A spokeswoman for the Ivy League college told the News that “the distraction” surrounding the appointment of Susan Taffe Reed “prevents her from effectively serving in this role.” Still, the spokeswoman said, the situation “does not prevent her from contributing to Dartmouth in…


10 Are Dead, 7 Wounded, in Shooting at Community College in Oregon

[Updated (10/2/2015, 12:02 a.m.) with more details.]

Ten people died and seven more were wounded in a shooting spree on Thursday at Umpqua Community College, in Roseburg, Ore., law-enforcement officials said.

In a news conference on Thursday afternoon, Sheriff John Hanlin of Douglas County, Ore., said that three of the seven were critically injured, the Associated Press and other news outlets reported.

Federal authorities confirmed Thursday evening that the gunman, identified as 26-year-old Chri…


Group That Shaped Federal Student-Aid Policy Is Disbanded

Lost in the news of the demise of Perkins Loans on Thursday was another death: that of the Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance.

For nearly three decades, the committee had counseled Congress and the Education Department on student-aid issues. It played a major role in shaping federal student-aid policy, issuing reports that led to the creation and simplification of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and the development of two formulas to analyze the financial needs of lo…


Scientist Bars Countries That Let In Refugees From Using His Software

A German scientist has prohibited access to a widely used research tool he owns in European countries that he says are welcoming too many refugees, the magazine Science reports. Gangolf Jobb has pulled access to his Treefinder software, which lets researchers map species’ evolutionary ties, from scientists in Austria, Belgium, Britain, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

“Immigration to my country harms me, it harms my family, it harms my people,” Mr. Jobb wrote on his website…


In O’Bannon Case, Appeals Court Says NCAA Rules Violate Antitrust Laws

[Updated (9/30/2015, 12:04 p.m.) with more detail and analysis of the ruling.]

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit on Wednesday upheld the main thrust of a judge’s landmark decision last year declaring that NCAA rules violate federal antitrust law by restricting players’ ability to trade on their images. The decision also struck down part of  last year’s ruling, by Judge Claudia Wilken of the U.S. District Court in Oakland, Calif., which would have allowed foot…


Student-Loan Default Rates Drop Again in Latest Data, U.S. Says

The percentage of borrowers who defaulted on their student loans in the past three years has dropped again, from 13.7 percent in last year’s measurement to 11.8 percent this year. According to new data released on Wednesday by the U.S. Department of Education, the default rate for students who began repayment between October 1, 2011, and September 30, 2012, dropped among all sectors of higher education.

Here’s a breakdown, courtesy of the department:

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 9.55.08 AM

This is the second year colleges can face pe…