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Simple Journaling on Mac or iOS with Day One

An old, hand-written journalHere at ProfHacker, we frequently talk about how to get your writing done. After all, for many of us, writing is an important part of (keeping) our jobs. We’ve frequently discussed writing software like Scrivener or Google Docs; more recently Konrad covered Draft for collaborative writing and Adeline talked about using Gingko, which is a horizontal outline and writing tool. We’ve covered methods for getting your writing done, from Billie’s look at 750words.com and Erin’s personal Rule of 200 (wo…


Sometimes It’s the Little Things

microphone pillowSome of the challenges we face in our daily work are major, requiring considerable effort to resolve — and we feel a justifiable sense of accomplishment when we meet those challenges successfully.

Sometimes, though, there’s something very small that might help us or someone else do something a little better. I recently had occasion to try out the dictation feature in OSX (and was pleased to learn that Windows also has this capability), and was impressed with how well it works.

Shortly thereafter…


This month is #AcWriMo 2013

acwrimo1-01-300x114In 2011, Charlotte Frost of PHD2Published declared that November to be #AcBoWriMo (short for Academic Book Writing Month). And then, in 2012, Frost modified her declaration such that November became #AcWriMo (short for Academic Writing Month), which was be similar to #AcBoWriMo but with a “focus on ALL aspects of academic writing,” not just books.

Well, now that it’s November of 2013, Frost has announced that #AcWriMo is back. There are 6 basic rules:

  1. Decide on your goal.
  2. Declare it!
  3. Draft a st…

What’s Your Writing Fee?

writing[This is a guest post by Lee Skallerup Bessette, who teaches in the English department at Morehead State University. Her blog is College Ready Writing, and you can follow her on Twitter at @readywriting. --@JBJ]

Recently Brian Croxall wrote a really helpful piece on setting your fee when you are invited to speak. The comments, too, were really helpful, and I was struck by this particular comment by Curt Rice where he states: “I think so much work done by academics is invisible and uncompensate…


Write in a New Way with Gingko

gingko logo When I work with graduate or undergraduate students on their writing skills, I often ask them to tell me about their writing process, from the note-taking stage through pre-writing, writing, and final revision. I often ask whether they outline a paper before beginning to write, as that’s often a useful way to begin exploring how a particular writer thinks and organizes ideas. I don’t believe that all writers need to outline, nor that all outlines should be done in a certain way. Unfortunately, …


Open Thread Wednesday: Role Playing and Writing

Role_playing_gamers_(III)One of the most frequent issues writing instructors encounter is student inability to distinguish between argument and opinion. Much of incoming undergraduate writing is riddled with unsupported generalizations, value judgments and lack of evidence. When tasked with responding to a text, many students often react instinctively with unexamined assumptions, finding it difficult to step outside of their preconceived notions.

I’ve been recently inspired by how role-playing writing exercises helps …


What Would a Famous Writer Do?

typewriterThere is little doubt that large numbers of readers, who are often themselves also writers, are fascinated with the routines and rituals of famous writers and other artists. The Paris Review interviews are a long-running example of the Famous Writer Interview genre, which often include questions about a writer’s preferred work space, time of day, tools and methods, and other habits. The BBC has archived radio interviews covering similar territory and Maria Popova’s Brainpickings site often featu…


Call for Open Peer Review: Web Writing

A sign that reads Four years ago, ProfHacker’s own Kathleen Fitzpatrick posted the text of her new book, Planned Obsolescence, online. This act kicked off a radical experiment on the part of Fitzpatrick and NYU Press, which had the book under contract, to engage in an open peer review of the text. Thanks to the CommentPress theme for WordPress, readers would be able to write in the Internet’s margins and add commentary and suggestions to individual paragraphs or chapters of Kathleen’s book. When Planned Obsolesce…


From the Archives: Writing Practices and Tools

20130616-111453.jpgWe’re now well into summer, when many of us have ambitions of getting a fair amount of writing done. As seems to be not uncommon, a good number of the members of Team ProfHacker find regular writing both a pleasure and a challenge, so we’ve spilled a lot of digital ink on the subject. Here’s a rundown of past posts that may be of interest:

Getting into the writing habit

Trying to kick-start a summer writing habit? Check out Billie’s Writers’ Boot Camp: Summer Writing Edition 2012. Better yet, ch…


Break Out of Your Lack-of-Feedback Loop

MicrophoneDoes this ever happen to you? Let’s say you’re writing an article or a chapter. It’s taking longer than you anticipated. (No surprise there.) Your editor or your dissertation advisor, or maybe just your writing group, is expecting to read a draft, but you think it’s not ready. It’s incomplete, it’s tentative, it doesn’t adequately review the secondary literature, it doesn’t take into account a source you haven’t read yet. So you put off sending out your work. Then another opportunity comes aroun…