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Crowd-Sourcing Examinations

[Note: this post is adapted from part of a talk I recently gave to the NJEDge Annual Faculty Showcase.]

It’s no secret that we at ProfHacker like GoogleDocs. Ryan Cordell has used Google Docs to run a peer-review writing workshop, and George Williams has previously written about using GoogleDocs to take collaborative notes at conference sessions. Guest poster Thomas Burkholder wrote about using Google Forms. I have used all of these, and today I’m going to share yet another use: for compiling a…


Basecamp Announces Free Accounts for Teachers

Back in 2011, Heather wrote a great post about using the project management web service Basecamp for organizing student research. In 2012, however, Basecamp eliminated the option to maintain a free account, and their least expensive expensive paid plan is $20. That’s a perfectly understandable decision, of course, but for the individual teacher, the change might inspire a move to one of their competitors with free account options, such as Trello.

Well, if you’ve been holding back from using Bas…


Students Talking About Technology: ECAR 2013


The Educause Center for Analysis and Research (ECAR) has released the latest version of its annual report, ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology, 2013. I first started paying attention to ECAR about 5 or 6 years ago when I was at a school that participated in the survey. It’s a good study to participate in, because you get some more data points about how students use technology at your school–but even if your school doesn’t participate in the study, there are data poin…


How to See All Your Students More Easily

eyeEach fall, as I prepare for my classes, I often think back to my first semester teaching, now 20 years ago. As a graduate student, I was fortunate to receive some excellent pedagogical training as part of my preparation to teach introductory writing classes. Although much of the week-long training was focused on the methods and content we were expected to use, some of the lessons that still stand out in my mind were about the basic elements of teaching that transcend discipline and subject matte…


How to Have Two GV Numbers Connected with One Phone, and Why You Might Want To

ThiVoicemails isn’t the first post about Google Voice that we’ve run here at ProfHacker. Ryan’s written about it on at least three occasions. In one post, he explained how (in conjunction with FaceTime) he used it to keep in touch with his family while he was out of the country. He’s also used it to make long distance calls in places where cell coverage is poor.

The post that first got me intrigued about Google Voice, though, was Ryan’s introductory post on the service (can it really be three years ago a…


Basic Technology Advice for Students

Here at ProfHacker, we’ve covered many aspects of guiding students in their use of information and communication technologies for their courses.

For example, Ethan discussed electronic communications policies. Amy wrote about encouraging students’ problem-solving skills. Ryan covered digital etiquette in class. Jason offered 5 tips for dealing with gadgets in the classroom. And Billie provided advice regarding technology policies on course syllabi.

This semester, I’ve begun maintaining a list of…


Followup: Basecamp for Organizing Student Research

Moleskine Notebook

It has been over a year since I posted about my experience in using Basecamp for organizing student research. Since then, a couple of things have happened: I ran another summer’s worth of research for two students, and Basecamp has made some changes itself.  In this post, I will followup up about how Basecamp’s applicability to my need has changed.

First of all, Basecamp no longer offers a free version. (Pricing is available here.) In March of this year, the company announced a migration to a n…


Dealing with beginning-of-the-semester absences

Empty Chairs

“Dear professor, I’m sorry I won’t be able to attend any class sessions during the first week of the semester. I’ve got [insert official school function] going on.”

“Doc, My flight from [insert foreign country where the student lives] has been delayed and I will not arrive to the campus until [insert late date]. Sorry. ”

“I regret to inform you that I will not be in class the first two days because of [insert family event. I’ve personally gotten everything from Disney vacation to funeral to fam…


The Kids Are All Right: Understanding Student Veterans

Perspective of Honor[This is a guest post by Aimee L. Pozorski, an associate professor of English at Central Connecticut State University. The president of the Philip Roth Society, her book on Roth and Trauma is just out with Continuum. Her prior ProfHacker posts focus on responding to criticism and on creativity and academic research. Weirdly, she's not online at all.--@jbj]

The political imperative–absolutely universal in America today–that one “support the troops” has confusing corollaries. First, the requiremen…


Text Your Classes Easily with Remind101

can't even mouse without the phone ringing  [This is a guest post by Vanessa J. Alander, who teaches several sections of first-year composition and literature courses in the English Department at Plymouth State University. You can find her online at www.vanessaalander.com and more frequently on Twitter @mrsalander.--@jbj]

A constant struggle I have with students is their (in)ability to open and maintain lines of communication between the two of us. I quickly realized that students do not use their emails unless you specifically tell t…