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Wikipedia in Your Pocket – All Of Wiki and Wikihood

Cyclopaedia of Universal HistoryThere are a number of apps out there now which allow you to download a mostly complete copy of one or more languages of Wikipedia. I use an app called All of Wiki for my iPhone which costs about nine dollars. I’ve also tried another one simply called Encyclopedia. They are both troublesome to get up and running and I ultimately only settled on the former when I concluded that, in its current update, it sucked less. Downloads of full dumps of Wikipedia in a particular language sometimes fail and …


Turn Your Phone Into a Flashlight

Have you ever heard the unmistakeable clunk of something (possibly keys? or was it just some loose change?) falling out of your jacket pocket while you’re getting up to leave in a darkened movie theater? You can either wait until the house lights come totally up — which may still not be light enough to really see under the seats — (and you know you don’t want to just swipe your hand under there amidst the sticky soda residue, stale popcorn, and who-knows-what-else) — or you can pull out a flash…


Pinterest: A Social Catalog

A few weeks ago, a friend posted something to Facebook from a site I wasn’t familiar with: Pinterest. The post in question was a wonderful photograph of a wall of bookshelves filled to the rafters with various texts.  Like many academics, I love books; I love libraries, and I love photographs of both books and libraries, so I had to see where this photograph came from.

Enter Pinterest.  Pinterest is an electronic bulletin board that allows users to pin images from around the web onto one commun…


The iWork Suite on Your iPhone and iPod Touch


Last week, in advance of the WWDC keynote, Apple announced that its suite of mobile iWork products (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote), which had been available on the iPad since launch, would now be universal apps that work on the iPhone and iPod Touch as well. (To be precise: on the most recent two versions of each of those devices, when they are running iOS 4.2.8 or later.)

After the keynote, it’s now clear that these apps are designed to show off the way iC…


Communicating While Apart

Family in the Backyard As anyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook is probably aware, I bought an iPod Touch a couple of weeks ago, and I have been playing with a lot of the apps that ProfHacker has written about over the years.  I bought it because I am going to be on sabbatical next year and living away from my husband for three months while I am on a research fellowship.  When I was working on my PhD, cell phones were still charging by the minute, and we racked up $300 phone bills each month as I went…


Taking Notes with the Moleskine App

photograph of a red Moleskine notebook

Here at ProfHacker, we’re not afraid to embrace the latest technologies. But we’re also not afraid to resort to an analog tool if it’s what will help us get our work done faster. But if you can combine something new and shiny that looks old and retro, well, then you’ve definitely got (some of) us hooked. So a few weeks ago when I read that notebook maker Moleskine had released an app for iOS devices, I quickly staked my territory:

Tweet announcing that I would review the Moleskine app

I’ve used Moleskine notebooks for a number of years while takin…


Comic Life for the iPad

A few months ago, I wrote a ProfHacker post about Comic Life, a graphic illustrator program by Plasq.  Comic Life creates graphic illustrations using photographs that you can upload from your computer.  The program offers many templates, fonts, colors, sizes, and styles that can create any number of comic illustrations.  This Mac and PC program is very easy to use, inexpensive, and is an interesting addition to course work.  When I wrote the post in March, Plasq announced that they would hav…


Reading Adobe Digital Editions on your iOS Device

E-reader embedded in a print book

If you’re anything like me, you use your mobile devices to get a lot of reading done. I use Read It Later (yes, I’m mentioning it again) on my iPod Touch and iPad to time shift a lot of the interesting web pages that I find online throughout a day’s work. I’ve used both GoodReader (which Ethan has written about previously) and more recently iAnnotatePDF (Jason covered it) to read and annotate scholarly articles, as well as Word documents. And when I feel like it, I’ve got the Kindle app, iBooks…


The Redesigned Evernote iPhone App


Several of us at ProfHacker use Evernote (exhibit a, exhibit b, exhibit c), the popular external-brain software. It lets you put all a satisfyingly wide array of information all in one place, and makes it searchable, without a great deal of fuss. And in those earlier posts, we’ve talked a bit about it the iPhone/iPod app for Evernote, which, theoretically, is a big part of its appeal: use the camera, the microphone, or the keyboard to take notes in whatever format you find most appealing. There’…


Extending Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

Smartphones, whether you prefer a BlackBerry, an iPhone, or one of the many devices that run the Android operating system, have many wonderful features.  The battery life is generally not one of them.  I have gathered a few tip in hopes of helping you power through long days on campus, at the archive, or on the road:

Screen Brightness: Anytime the screen of your Smartphone is illuminated, it uses battery power. The brighter the screen, the greater the drain. Most Smartphones will allow you to ma…