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Like Evernote? Be Aware of Pricing Changes

hanging folders

Evernote is a fairly widely-used tool for corralling and then exploring information. There have been numerous posts about Evernote here at ProfHacker, such as Shawn Miller’s introduction to the tool, Kathleen Fitzpatrick’s testimonial as an Evernote convert, Amy’s account of teaching with it, and a variety of posts about using Evernote on your phone, with Markdown, or in web browsers.

There is a long tradition of speculating on Evernote’s business model–although it has a lot of users, most of …


A Quick Look at OneNote for iPad

Handwriting in OneNote for iPadBack on February 19, Microsoft brought handwriting to the iPad.

I’d been waiting for that for a long time. I love Evernote (as do several of my colleagues here at ProfHacker, as is clear from the number of posts in which it gets a mention). I’m so fond of it, in fact, that I’m a premium subscriber, so I’m not about to walk away from it anytime soon. It’s fantastic for keeping track of information I want to access later.

But for creating notes that are free-form, or for quickly jotting down ideas…


Strategies for Going Paperless

Papers to scanThe paperless life: it’s a dream for a lot of us here at ProfHacker, and we’ve certainly covered a fair number of paperless strategies for various aspects of academic life in this space before.

I’m not convinced a fully paperless life is possible; somehow, the stuff still keeps landing on my desk and in my mailbox (yes, I do still have mailboxes that collect paper mail, both at home and at work). I try, though, (a) not to generate paper and (b) to be sure that paper that comes my way doesn’t sta…


Evernote and Markdown: Two Tools that Work Great Together

Evernote and Sublime Text togetherSometimes, I come across ideas for posts quite by accident.

Early this afternoon (November 6), for instance, I was looking at the wiki that we use for scheduling our posts, trying to figure out my posting schedule for the next few weeks. I was also wondering whether I’d be able to post something for the week of November 10. We try to have our posts in by midnight on Thursday of the week before the post runs, and I was, quite frankly, drawing a blank on post ideas.

I’d pretty much concluded I’d h…


Using Evernote in the Classroom

Cat reading in Evernote on an iPadLast week, Jason asked readers how they work with their tablets. In the comments section, I noted that one of the ways I use it is for keeping my class notes. I keep those in Evernote.

(Yes, we’ve mentioned that app a few times in this space. I also use Evernote for storing information I might want to retrieve later; I recently reorganized my notebooks and notes after reading about Michael Hyatt’s setup, and I’ve found that approach really helpful).

Once my class notes are in Evernote, it’s very…


Open Thread Wednesday: What Software Do You Refuse to Update?

A comic titled, 'An update is available for your computer.' A Linux user says, 'Cool, more free stuff!' A Windows user says, 'Not Again!' And a Mac user says, 'Ooh, only $99!'

I’ll be honest: there’s not much I like more than a good software update. When I get a pop-up telling me that there’s a new version available, I tend to click “Install and restart” faster than our new puppy hops onto the table when my back is turned. My general feeling is that new versions of things I like will be even more likely to be likable. And for the most part, I tend to be right.

But there’s an exception. I’ve been a huge fan of the screenshot tool Skitch ever since Jason reviewed it in…


Digital lab notebooks: what works and what doesn’t?

Notebook collection
This year in the advanced physics course I teach, I wanted to broaden student exposure to lab notebook keeping methods. Students could keep lab notebooks on traditional carbon copy paper, or they could try out a different method, such as Evernote, as long as we kept in discussion about how it was working and how it wasn’t.

The result? Just one student out of twenty one consistently kept lab notes in Evernote. It seemed to work reasonably well, although I felt that the notes lacked the spontanei…


Evernote Reminders Helps You Stay Current With Your Notes

Tie a string around your finger . . .One of the best things about Evernote is its ability to store lots of different kinds of digital information. It is sometimes even praised as a digital junk drawer for its versatility. The problem with junk drawers, though, is that it’s easy to lose track of what’s in there. And there’s almost no point in storing something if it’s not easily-recalled at the right time.

Enter Reminders, a new feature (supported on Android, Windows Phone, iOS, and Mac OS X) that offers in-app and e-mailed notifica…


Evernote Webclipper Update

20130620-230910.jpgHere at ProfHacker, we’ve written a lot about favorite applications and services, including Evernote and GMail. We’ve also made note of several of our favorite browser extensions.

One of my personal favorites, Evernote’s webclipper, just got an update that makes it especially useful for anyone who uses GMail’s web interface regularly. Filing a message in Evernote used to mean forwarding it to the email address for the user’s Evernote account. If the message had attachments, it also meant dow…


Three Applications for Planning Classes

classroom[This is a guest post by Doug Ward, an associate professor of journalism at the University of Kansas, where he is teaching a research and digital literacy course he developed called Infomania. You can find him online at www.kuediting.com and www.journalismtech.com, and follow him on Twitter @kuediting.--@JBJ]

Planning a new class is a lot like starting a new research project: filled with the anticipation of discovery but also the trepidation of organizing material in a coherent way.

I’ve found…