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[Note: this post is adapted from part of a talk I recently gave to the NJEDge Annual Faculty Showcase.]

It’s no secret that we at ProfHacker like GoogleDocs. Ryan Cordell has used Google Docs to run a peer-review writing workshop, and George Williams has previously written about using GoogleDocs to take collaborative notes at conference sessions. Guest poster Thomas Burkholder wrote about using Google Forms. I have used all of these, and today I’m going to share yet another use: for compiling a…


Weekend Reading: April is the Cruelest Edition


Happy Friday ProfHackers! Here’s to hoping that your April is off to a better start than T. S. Eliot’s. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, now might be the time to double-down on your allergy meds and any other preventative measures that you can find. According to the Washington Post, the mid-Atlantic, may be facing “a tidal wave of pollen” thanks to the lengthy and quixotic winter that we’ve enjoyed.

A story broke earlier this week that Harvard had a trio of books bound in human skin. More…


Weekend Reading: Shall We Dance? Edition

Happy Friday ProfHackers, and happy March Madness for those of you enjoying the tournaments! If basketball isn’t your thing, you can still get in on the fun. This year Out of Print clothing has a Book Madness tournament–their bracket pits heroes vs villains so Moby Dick takes on Humbert Humbert; can Tom Buchanan best Lady MacBeth? Is Voldemort the big bad? Over Satan? For the hero team, can Bilbo Baggins beat Natty Bumpo? Does Scarlett O’Hare stand a chance against Katniss Everdeen? And what’s …


Weekend Reading: Pi(e) Edition


Happy Pi(e) Day, ProfHackers! If you are wondering about Pi Day, check out this piece on Slate.

Before you celebrate Pi(e) day too enthusiastically, however, you might check out this piece on Salon, which lists 5 reasons behind the obesity epidemic in the United States. Hint: none of them are french fries.

As many of you have undoubtedly already heard, Amazon announced yesterday that they will be raising the price of their Prime membership from $79 to $99 on April 17. GigaOM reports this news a…


Weekend Reading: Is it Spring Yet? Edition


Happy Friday ProfHackers!

Perhaps the biggest news of the week: The Getty Museum has opened up it’s digital content. Here’s the original announcement. Digital Trends reports on the announcement as well.

Also unveiled this week is a new project by our friends at the Roy Rosenweig Center for New Media: History of the National Mall. Here is the announcement and project description.

Earlier this week, the college board announced that in 2016 the SAT will get, in the words of a Miami Herald reporter…


Weekend Reading: In Like a Lion Edition


Happy Friday ProfHackers! And for those of you embarking on your Spring Break (gulp!)–ENJOY! For the rest of you, hang in there!

First things first: if you haven’t already updated your iWhatever, Do. It. Now. And then read this article from the NY Times about the security issues.

It’s Oscar Weekend. The 86th annual Academy Awards will air this weekend–Sunday. The Examiner has published this primer to get you up to speed on the nominees, the presenters, and more. This post on Buzzfeed ranks all …


Weekend Reading: Winter Doldrums Edition


TGIF ProfHackers!

This week saw the revisiting of an old favorite (at least for some of us), The Dead Poet’s Society. In the Atlantic, Kevin J. H. Dettmar argues that “Dead Poets’ Society is a Terrible Defense for the Humanities.” Film critic and Kelli Marshall disagrees, at least in part, in her “Defense of Dead Poets Society.” Flavorwire also takes up the cause arguing “Dead Poets’ Society Doesn’t Owe Academia Anything.”

The New Media Consortium recently released its annual report, which “aim…


Weekend Reading: Valentine Edition


Happy Valentine’s Day, ProfHackers! Or if you prefer to boycott the holiday, Flavorwire has posted its list of “13 Great Anti-Valentine’s Day Movies You Can Stream Right Now.” Choices include Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf and Closer. I would add Neil LaBute’s In the Company of Men to the list. For the romantics among us, Better Homes and Gardens ran a list of the “Top Romantic Movies for Valentine’s Day” including When Harry Met Sally and Somewhere in Time. Finally, on a related note, The New …


Weekend Reading: Opening Ceremonies edition


The 2014 Winter Olympics began this week. The Washington Post details the difficulties facing NBC and its affiliates in covering the events. The opening ceremony takes place Friday at 11:00AM (several hours before this post goes live), but it won’t be aired to American audiences until Friday night. Earlier this week, animal rights activists mobilized in an attempt to save stray dogs, as reported by CNN. Slate covers the rainbow Google doodle, “Google Joins Criticism of Sochi Olympics with Rainb…


Weekend Reading: Snowmaggedon SE Edition


It’s not news to remark on the wildly inconsistent weather patterns that have played across the United States (and much of the rest of the world) this winter. In the last week alone here in South Carolina–where I live–the temperature has fluctuated from 9°F up to 67°F and then back down again to the single digits. And like our neighbors to the south in Georgia and Alabama, snow has forced the cancellation of schools and the closure of roads.

The traffic snarls in Atlanta have become the stuff o…