Things I Learned From #SECMediaDays

I’m stuck in Washington this year, missing my regular trip to Hoover, Ala., site of the finest gathering of college-football writers this side of the BCS National Championship.

Twitter is no substitute for a firsthand serving of SEC Media Days (it’s there, after all, where you get to spot what car Nick Saban steps out of—a few years ago, it was a black Mercedes sedan—or the spit cup in his front console. Another year, his dog showed up in the interview room). But social media would have to suffice today, and it turned out these gems:

The SEC is King, we’re here to remind you. (Or, as Spencer Hall would say, “Remember: When the members of the SEC can agree on nothing else, they can always return to emptying the septic tank into the Big Ten’s bedroom window.”)

@dennisdoddcbs: [SEC Commissioner] Mike Slive dives right into brag bag noting 7 straight, Heisman, 6 of 10 in top 10 #SECMD2013

@Andy_Staples: [Will] Muschamp [Florida coach]: “We appreciate our friends from Ohio making sure we follow NCAA rules. They certainly know something about NCAA rules.”

Playoff talk is nice, but so is this nugget about other changes ahead.

@Andy_Staples: One thing to remember about the guys who put together the 4-team [playoff] is Slive, [Big Ten Commissioner Jim] Delany, probably [ACC Commissioner John] Swofford will be retired before contract ends.

@Andy_Staples: Essentially, you’re looking at a pretty big generational shift in the leadership of college sports in the next 5-10 years.

Who fills those big shoes?

@ParrishWalton: So @Andy_Staples doesn’t think Delany and Slive will groom their replacements? Because they most certainly will.

@Andy_Staples: @ParrishWalton Of course they will. Greg Sankey is probably the next SEC commish. But he’s his own guy when he hits that chair.

(If you don’t already, I highly recommend following Andy, a Sports Illustrated writer whose culinary advice is as good as his dishing on football.)

When Mike Slive talks, you should listen.

@dennisdoddcbs: Slive calls out NCAA re: stipend. Says conferences believe there is a “meaningful solution.” First step toward breaking away?

@dennisdoddcbs: “We have supported and continue to support NCAA….However we will continue to push for changes that are in the best interests of (players).

@jonsol: Slive: College sports requires “remarkable and innovative leadership to slash through our Gordian knot.”

Today was fine. Tomorrow: Johnny Football.

@Ivan_Maisel: The new BMOC & social media: how we got from Doak Walker to @JManziel2 & why it may turn out OK.

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