‘Just Another Day in the Suit’

Nick as Jonathan, the UConn mascot.

Arlington, Tex. — There are four UConn Husky mascots, all named Jonathan, and two of them are in service this weekend, as the university’s men’s and women’s teams are both in the Final Four.

The guy wearing the suit here is named Nick, a junior at the university, and he has no idea why the dog’s named Jonathan. (Apparently it has something to do with George Washington.)

Last year Nike redesigned the UConn logo, changing it from a solid white Husky to a sort of meaner-looking Siberian (the real Jonathan is actually not menacing). Nick wasn’t sure why they had changed the logo. But his supervisor, Toya Ambrose, said it was for branding reasons.

Nick drew the Final Four assignment in part because he’s really good with kids. There aren’t many kids here, unless you count the students, a whole bunch of whom are sitting behind the baskets.

When Nick came running out of the tunnel wearing the white fur, tail flapping behind him, the students all yelled his name.

“Jonathan!” they screamed. “Let’s go, Big Jon!”

Before he went out, I asked Nick if he was nervous. “No,” he said, straightening his headband and pulling on the big dog head. “It’s just another day in the suit.”

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