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At Meeting of Faculty Athletics Reps, 2 Coaches Hold Court

Grapevine, Tex. — “I find this funny,” Charli Turner Thorne said on Sunday, sitting before a packed ballroom of professors. “We’re in this room full of faculty, and the front row is pretty much empty.”

The Arizona State University women’s basketball coach smiled: “Maybe you’re scared of us.”

Coaches and professors don’t find themselves in the same room together all that often—especially with the coaches leading the conversation. But Thorne and Trent Johnson, the men’s basketball coach at Texas C…


Does Switching Athletics Conferences Lead to Academic Gains?

Colleges change their athletic-conference affiliation for all sorts of reasons, but it’s mostly to make more TV money and move up the perceived ladder of prestige. It’s rare to hear anyone talk about the academic impact.

But switching leagues, it turns out, often enhances an institution’s ability to attract and retain high-quality students. Those are among the findings from a paper to be presented on Tuesday at the annual meeting of the Association for Institutional Research.

In fact, many of th…