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NCAA Announces $100,000 in Research Grants

A year ago, the NCAA was taking heat over its canceling of the Scholarly Colloquium, a decision that some critics saw as a response to the unfavorable research that professors had presented about the association.

The association said it had pulled the plug on the conference and its associated scholarly publication, the Journal of Intercollegiate Sport, because of poor attendance, a lack of profitability of the journal, and a failure to influence public policy. The spending—which had totaled so…


5 Things to Watch at This Week’s NCAA Convention

The NCAA’s annual convention tips off on Wednesday in Grapevine, Tex. I reached out to a handful of people to see what they’re keeping an eye on at this year’s gathering. Here are five issues they flagged:

1. The $2,000 stipend. A year after colleges overturned an NCAA policy allowing institutions to provide up to $2,000 more to help full-scholarship athletes meet their full cost of attendance, there appears to be renewed energy in this debate.

NCAA leaders have floated three new proposals, and …


NCAA Withdraws Financial Support for Its Scholarly Colloquium

The NCAA on Monday pulled the plug on its Scholarly Colloquium, canceling financial support for future academic conferences and announcing plans to wind down its investment in the forum’s scholarly journal, following a sometimes-contentious six-year run.

The news—delivered by James L. Isch, the NCAA’s chief operating officer—came during a meeting of the colloquium’s Executive Board on Monday night, just hours before this year’s colloquium was set to begin, on Tuesday morning.

Citing poor attenda…


Will Anti-NCAA Rhetoric Kill Association’s Academic Conference?

In recent weeks, organizers of the NCAA’s Scholarly Colloquium got what some consider to be a brushback pitch: At least one top NCAA executive has not been happy with the tone of recent conferences and raised questions about whether the association would continue to back the event. (I write about the story in more detail here.)

On November 7, David K. Wiggins, a professor at George Mason University and chair of the colloquium’s Executive Board, sent an e-mail to fellow board members alerting the…