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NCAA President Criticizes Players’ Movement

Arlington, Tex. — A powerful group of college leaders lined up here on Sunday to counter the perception that their institutions are not doing enough to look out for big-time athletes.

On a stage shared by star players at this year’s Final Four, the group touted the many benefits for scholarship athletes and said a recent unionization effort by Northwestern University football players had no place in big-time college sports.

“The notion of using a union-employee model to address the challenges …


Gordon Gee Endorses Splintering of NCAA’s Top Level

Less than a week after college-sports leaders agreed on a preliminary plan to give the wealthiest NCAA conferences more autonomy while keeping Division I intact, E. Gordon Gee threw his support behind a different idea, suggesting that the 60 or so most-powerful athletics departments should form their own group.

Mr. Gee, president of West Virginia University, who has spent his career entrenched in big-time sports, said in an interview with The Chronicle that he would back a plan to create a fourt…


At NCAA’s Annual Convention, a Reduced Role for Its President

San Diego — Officially, it’s still his show. But Mark Emmert, the NCAA’s president, stayed in the background on Thursday as his association wrestled with its most significant shift in a generation.

Although NCAA officials said otherwise, it suggested to some people that he had ceded the spotlight after repeatedly failing to run things his way.

When he became president, in the fall of 2010, Mr. Emmert organized a summit of campus leaders to identify the biggest problems in college athletics. Mont…


‘They Want Us to Have a Voice, but They Put a Muzzle on Us’

San Diego — The proposed governance changes under discussion at this week’s NCAA convention would provide new powers to athletic directors and others who work closely with students. But the ideas would give little voice to the athletes themselves.

Melissa Minton, a member of the Division I Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, hopes to change that. On Wednesday, the opening day of the convention here, she spoke out in two forums and asked tough questions of Mark Emmert during a private meeting the…


NCAA Faces Continuing Opposition on Increasing Aid to Players

When Mark Emmert gathered together more than 50 college presidents nearly two years ago to discuss ideas for reforming big-time sports, the group came to a pretty clear consensus on the need to increase aid to athletes.

With big money flowing in from TV contracts, and increasing amounts going toward coaches’ salaries and facilities, the idea of allowing Division I colleges to direct up to $2,000 more a year to certain players seemed to make sense.

But after a series of failed attempts to carry o…


At Final Four, NCAA Faces Renewed Questions About Its Role

Atlanta — March Madness has long been one of the most anticipated events on the NCAA calendar, culminating in a weekend-long celebration enjoyed by thousands. But this year, the glow around the game is not as bright, a reflection of a mixed set of challenges the association faces.

This week, much of the buzz has centered around Mike Rice, the former men’s basketball coach at Rutgers University, who was fired on Wednesday after ESPN released a startling video of him kicking and berating players. …


Ohio State’s President Has Advice for Embattled NCAA Leader

Washington — Gordon Gee, who has arguably survived as many controversies as any college president, had a few words of advice on Sunday for Mark Emmert, the embattled NCAA leader.

“Stay the course,” the Ohio State University president urged his former colleague, who has faced criticism in recent weeks over ethical lapses by the NCAA’s enforcement staff and broader concerns about his management style.

“It’s a very fragile time right now for college athletics,” Mr. Gee said. “Mark is reaping the re…


Should the NCAA President Step Down?

Calls for Mark Emmert’s resignation have grown louder in the past 48 hours, following the release of a report that sharply criticized the association’s investigation of the University of Miami.

On Tuesday the NCAA delivered its long-awaited notice of allegations against the Hurricanes, charging the university with a lack of institutional control for reportedly allowing Nevin Shapiro, a longtime booster and convicted Ponzi-scheme operator, to run wild over its program.

Remarkably, some critics ar…


NCAA Acknowledges ‘Severe’ Missteps in Its U. of Miami Investigation

The NCAA on Wednesday acknowledged serious missteps in its investigation of the University of Miami and announced an external review of its enforcement processes to examine other potential lapses in its operations.

In a news conference, Mark Emmert, the association’s president, said the NCAA had identified a “very severe” issue of improper conduct in which former enforcement officials had improperly obtained information through a bankruptcy proceeding that did not involve the NCAA. The controver…


NCAA Leader’s Speech: ’32 Minutes of Nothing’

Grapevine, Tex. — “Thirty-two minutes of nothing.” That’s how Dennis Dodd, a columnist, described Mark Emmert’s comments on Thursday during his annual state-of-the-association address here at the NCAA convention.

At a time when the NCAA faces a rising number of legal disputes and questions over the appropriate use of its power, the association’s president used his pulpit to spin tangential stories about long-ago games and tell bad jokes about big-time conferences’ employing profess…