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Does Switching Athletics Conferences Lead to Academic Gains?

Colleges change their athletic-conference affiliation for all sorts of reasons, but it’s mostly to make more TV money and move up the perceived ladder of prestige. It’s rare to hear anyone talk about the academic impact.

But switching leagues, it turns out, often enhances an institution’s ability to attract and retain high-quality students. Those are among the findings from a paper to be presented on Tuesday at the annual meeting of the Association for Institutional Research.

In fact, many of th…


NCAA Weighs Controversial Penalties Against Coaches

The NCAA is considering strict new penalties against head coaches that would hold them increasingly accountable for the actions of their assistants, reports. Under the proposed penalties, head coaches could be suspended for 5 to 100 percent of games during a season based on the severity of their assistants’ violations.

Under current NCAA rules, head coaches are presumed to have knowledge of what goes on in their programs and can be held responsible for the actions of their assistants.