A Tale of Two Seats

Arlington, Tex. — Steve and Tammy Beasley are sitting in the second row here tonight, a few steps away from where their beloved Kentucky Wildcats are playing.

Robert and Ann Fondren are in the top row of the stadium, about a football field away.

Both couples flew in for the event. The Beasleys came from Louisiana, the Fondrens from Virginia.

Steve and Tammy Beasley, in the second row.

Steve and Tammy won their tickets because Steve’s Nissan dealership sold a whole bunch of cars. Their tickets came with access to a luxury suite, and didn’t cost the couple a penny.

Earlier this week, tickets near where Steve and Tammy are sitting were going for as much as $7,000 apiece. I asked Steve what he thought he could get for them.

“They’re priceless to me,” he said. He’s been a Big Blue fan since he was a kid, and this is his first Final Four. “I wouldn’t sell them.”

Robert and Ann Fondren, in the nosebleed row.

Robert and Ann got their seats through an NCAA ticket lottery, paying $200 each. Robert cheers for North Carolina, and Ann’s a George Mason fan. But tonight they’re just rooting for two good games.

Before they got to the stadium, Robert and Ann didn’t know they were in the top row. But Robert brought his binoculars just in case.

You can’t make out the players up this high—just a blue team and a white one, and a giant glare. But Robert and Ann could see the game just fine by looking at the scoreboard. It’s wider than the court and several stories high.

“It’s a very long way away,” said Ann. “Up here, it’s all about the screen.”

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