A Nervous Daughter Roots for Her Dad, the Coach

Arlington, Tex. — Of the more than 79,000 fans here tonight for the national-championship men’s basketball game, one appeared unusually nervous. She was bouncing up and down near a sushi stand on the lower level of A&T Stadium, looking like a misplaced Cameron Crazy, but without the face paint.

As the final minutes ticked away in the first half of the Kentucky-Connecticut game, I stood beside her eating my sushi while she was cheering for the Wildcats.

After the half ended, I asked her if she was a student at Kentucky.

“No, I live in Boston,” she said.

“So how’d you become a Kentucky fan?” I asked.

“My dad coaches,” she said.

“Oh, where does he coach?” I asked.


I asked her his name, and she said, “John.” Her name was Megan. Megan Calipari.

She said that she was too nervous to sit in the stands—that her seat was bad luck. She walked out of the stadium around the time the Wildcats had fallen behind by 15.

She told me that her mom was in Dallas. “She’s too nervous to be here,” she said.

She doesn’t remember how many Final Fours she’s been to. But apparently they don’t get any easier for one of the coach’s daughters.

She wasn’t sure where she was going to watch the second half, but said she was likely to start out in the stadium.

But, she added, “I probably won’t be there for long.”

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