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Organizations Have ‘Serious Concerns’ About the Teach Act

To the Editor:

It is unfortunate that Kyle Shachmut misconstrued the impact of the Teach Act (formally the Technology, Equality and Accessibility in College and Higher Education Act) and misrepresented the American Council on Education’s position on the legislation in his essay (“A New Obstacle for Students With Disabilities,” The Chronicle, September 12).

There are good reasons why ACE and 20 other higher-education organizations, representing nearly every college and university in the country, …

Search Firms Have Wider Networks Than Trustees or Faculty Members

To the Editor:

Milton Greenberg makes the point that “You Don’t Need a Search Firm to Hire a President” (The Chronicle, September 1). While a search firm is not a requirement for a presidential search, based on my experience as a former college president, a trustee of several colleges, and a long-term faculty member, I think a search firm can often help a college or university get a better president. The key advantage of using a search firm is that search firms are often likely to be able to en…

Friends Don’t Let Friends … Get in Trouble at Frat Parties

To the Editor:

We can put our heads in the sand and pretend that drinking on campus and sexual assaults are unrelated, but it would be a big mistake. While drinking is no excuse for sexual assault, it often brings out loutish, or worse, behavior in some people. This is when the intended victim should demonstrate good judgment. If someone accepts a car ride with a driver who is obviously drunk, we would shake our head and mutter, “What was he thinking by accepting that ride?” after an accident oc…

Goucher’s Video Applications Further ‘Inclusion and Social Justice’

To the Editor:

Goucher College launched the Goucher Video Application and was featured in an article in The Chronicle (“At Goucher College, Applicants Who Send Videos Need Not Send Grades,” September 4). Many high-school teachers, counselors, and others in education have welcomed our creative rethinking of the stressful college application process. Others have raised questions.

The traditional college admissions process is based on the premise that students who did well academically in high scho…

Facts Go Adrift in Article on New Book

To the Editor:

Your article on Aspiring Adults Adrift: Tentative Transitions of College Graduates (“Do Americans Expect Too Much From a College Degree?” The Chronicle September 2) begins: “In times like these, data points get wielded like cudgels. Student-loan debt tops $1-trillion. As many as half of recent graduates are out of work, earn trifling wages, or have jobs that don’t require college degrees. Clearly, such numbers suggest, college isn’t worthwhile.”

I hate to use a cudgel, but all o…

‘Presumed Guilty’ Is Offensive and Requires an Apology

To the Editor:

“Presumed Guilty” (The Chronicle, September 1) is offensive and spins the discussion of sexual assault on university campuses in a way that is not only inaccurate but also potentially dangerous. Andrea Milne makes a valid point in her blog post that calls for an apology in response to the publication of the article:

“For the sake of argument, let’s just assume that Joshua Strange and the other ‘Men Fighting Back’ are among the two or so percent of men falsely accused of assaultin…

Women Are as Responsible for Their Own Behavior as Men

To the Editor:

“Presumed Guilty” (The Chronicle, September 1) covers familiar territory. Eighteen years ago The Chronicle published “Handling of Date-Rape Case Leaves Brown U. Policies in Dispute” (October 11, 1996) about a Brown University student, Adam Lack, who had been accused of date rape by a drunken woman who allegedly had consented to everything that happened. After being expelled, Mr. Lack did eventually get his degree from Brown but died tragically at 33 in 2008, in a single-vehicle ac…

Bard’s Administration Interfered in Russian Venture

To the Editor:

I have read “A Missionary for the Liberal Arts” (The Chronicle,, August 29) with great amusement. The reason is that I originated and ran Bard’s program in St. Petersburg practically single-handedly (with President Leon Botstein’s occasional but critical contributions, mostly in provided the meager resources that we used back then to run the program in Russia) and I still keep the original documents and drafts from those days to prove this.

None of the founding documents back then…

When Women Demanded Equality, They Were Called Whiners

To the Editor:

In her letter to the editor (“Is That Whining Adjunct Someone We Want Teaching Our Young?” The Chronicle, August 25), Catherine Stukel bitterly chastised “whining” adjuncts who simply won’t just go somewhere else to find a “real job.”

I would like to point out that the arguments she advanced are exactly the same ones used when women began demanding equal opportunities in the workplace. We were called whiners, man-haters, lazy, complainers who lacked initiative and “executive func…